Flowering here and there...Digital Work in Progress

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Today was a nice lazy day, a #beautifulsunday, when I started some floral illustrationsAujourd'hui était une dimanche agréable de farniente où j'ai commencé quelques illustrations florales
and of which I will share some images with you, although it is far from finished, just a draft of a painting of which I have no idea of the final version for the moment ...😁et dont je vais partager quelques images avec vous, bien que ce soit loin d'être terminé, juste une ébauche d'un tableau dont je n'ai aucune idée de la version définitive pour l'instant ...😁


most of the time i don't know where i'm going, i don't have a precise idea but i'm going towards what i'm happy to do in the moment ... it's my only compass 😊la plupart de temps je ne sais pas où je vais, je n'ai pas d'idée précise mais je vais vers ce qu'il me fait plaisir de faire dans l'instant...c'est ma seule boussole 😊
I use a brush, and then I add another another, I feel attracted to a color, I want to add textures ...j'utilise un pinceau, et puis un autre, je me sens attirée vers une couleur, j'ai envie d'ajouter des textures...


I have learned in recent years to function at the inspiration of desire and to follow the pleasure and fun felt during creation ... nothing else is important or matters more!j'ai appris durant ces dernières années à fonctionner à l'inspiration du désir et à suivre le plaisir et l'amusement ressenti lors de la création...rien d'autre n'est important ou ne compte davantage !
It’s sort of my own specifications 😉C'est en quelque sorte mon propre cahier des charges 😉




I hope you had a sweet weekendJ'espère que vous avez passé un doux week-end
Here we had alternately sun, clouds and rain, as well as pleasant temperatures, it's a summer as I like them ... 😊 and a #sublimesunday for sure ! 😉Ici nous avons eu alternativement du soleil, des nuages et de la pluie, ainsi que des températures agréables, c'est un été comme je les aime...😊




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👋 Hi @barbara-orenya, I was flipping through the blockchain and stumbled on your work! You've been upvoted by Sketchbook / a community for design and creativity. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon.

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My darling my friends ratchild was murdered yesterday do you think I cold commission a fancy rat with you to send to her ? please let me know <3

ooh poor one... 😟 ..of course I can do that, let's reach on Discord

Art, in whatever form, is an expression of one's self. That's why there are no two paintings alike because a painter will always express his/her personal inspiration and perspective on the subject. Consequently, an artist doesn't paint to please anyone but himself/herself and yes, you got that spot on:

I have learned in recent years to function at the inspiration of desire and to follow the pleasure and fun felt during creation ... nothing else is important or matters more!

Therefore, it matters the least to an artist what people will say about his/her artwork. What did matter was the artist expressed with enjoyment his art piece.

Likewise, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Not all art is appreciated to the same degree but depends on what inspiration the artwork elicits from the viewer. And the ultimate joy is when the creation is appreciated and enjoyed by the viewer.

In this, I believe you have achieved both. You enjoyed what you painted, and I really like what you did. Magnifique!

thanks for this thoughtful comment @gems.and.cookies 😊 I agree that the pleasure is enhanced when the viewers also enjoy the painting..😉

👌 👍 👌

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 12 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you Pix and cheers ! 🍻

Hey @pixresteemer, here is a little bit of BEER from @barbara-orenya for you. Enjoy it!

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Hey @barbara-orenya, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Pretty art work and beautiful photography @barbar-orenya :D

thank%20you%20poussin.png much for your appreciation @cryptopie 😊

Beautiful creation.I love the color tones you used and all the drawing actually, greetings and kisses ...

thanks for your appreciation @sweetmonsters 😉

I know you mentioned flowers but somehow the 2nd and 3rd image have me thinking shells.

i totally agree with you on that, I also think to shells and water plants when I drew these..😉

You do come up with some gems they are always a delight to look at 👍

what wonderful flowers and details ... congratulations. I'm watching other works on your page. They are excellent.! I am a new member. it is a pleasure to follow you.