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Hello friends,
I had some sad things yesterday. It's about the picture I draw. I did not explain which picture I was drawing based on. And this was seen as an art crime for some hive users. This damaged my reputation. Of course, I did not copy and paste someone else's works and did not undertake it as my own. It was not nice to be seen like that. Anyways. I hope you forgive this situation. I'm just trying new things. And I get ideas from the painters I admire.

Oh no. This time is not a new trial. An abstract painting. I was not inspired by anyone. I was bored. And I did. Because I wasn't thinking about sharing anymore. But I corrected my mistake. Should I stop my own happiness? I do not know. I am happy to share it with you. And of course because I have seen your wonderful work. The subject is simple. I'll tell you if I was inspired by someone's work! I understand.


In the meantime, I reached some of my acrylic paints. My brush alone is only 2. They don't allow me for detail either. It will be difficult to find an open hobby market. But I will find myself a brush. So how did I do this?
Syrup spoon, broken credit card, an exhausted pen and plenty of toilet paper!

Someone stop me !. I hope you will like it
and give feedback.






It is ok, you are a good photographer, and I value that, you are not a good for nothing. What you did is wrong, and you know it, furthermore, lying to me about it and fabricating evidence is inexcusable.

But I forgive you, because you have something to offer, I really like your photographs.

Please don't repeat the mistake of taking credit for other artist's work again.

Tamam, sen iyi bir fotoğrafçısın ve buna değerim, hiçbir şey için iyi değilsin. Yaptığınız yanlış ve bilirsiniz, dahası, bana bunun hakkında yalan söylemek ve kanıt üretmek de kaçınılmazdır.

Ama seni affediyorum, çünkü sunabileceğin bir şey var, fotoğraflarını gerçekten seviyorum.

Lütfen diğer sanatçının çalışmaları için tekrar kredi alma hatasını tekrarlamayın.

thanks. if i am inspired by another artist's work from now on, i'm sure to mention that in my post.

I will take your word for it, don't let me down or it will be even less pretty next time.

an impossible mistake to repeat. my intention was not bad. therefore, I will point out such a situation next time. I hadn't thought it could be so important..

It get sort of lost in the debate on here but this is really good work. I love the unique interplay of the colors makes me want to paint.

Tempted to get into the conversation but everything has been said. We all make mistakes; I make tons; let's just start each day a new and try to foster a culture that respects photography as art while forgiving simple mistakes:)

I am afraid of colors, I dont understand them and cant see %90 of the shades. BUT THIS, this gives me brighter understanding of what can be done with them. Loved it ! I am inspired to use more colors on my own works from now on.

Is it just me, am I imagining things,? I am seeing a street in the painting. Someone emptying a bucket of water from the balcony And there is a little bridge on the left on top of the street. ^^

thank you for your kind comment. :)

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This is what artists do. We paint from studies of the Masters. This is how we learn about colours and textures and brushwork and mixing paint. I learned to paint by spending hours and days and years studying the works of the Artists I Love and trying to paint a copy of what they painted. This is how every great artist learned to paint. But only an Artist would know this. Just keep painting and drawing and sharing, .... that is all we can do.

Studies are fine and a normal part of artists development, but as Jaguar said, it needs to be stated that it's a study. Also in OCA studies of other artists work isn't allowed for anyone who sees this information.

On Hive we have to be a bit extra vigilant about enforcing rules on plagiarism and things like that because the incentive for people to do that is high. The community has a long history of people ripping off a ton of money by claiming others work.

I think what @artizm did was an honest mistake and welcome her to continue to share her work and just be mindful of the rules in the future.

This is NOT "what artists do", a real artist respects other artists and gives credit where credit is due.

What she did is 150% plagiarism, clear cut, because there is no mention of it being a study or any credit to the actual author of the work. She even went as far as to fabricate evidence of her having mentioned she was gonna do a study...

When you do a study, which as you say is very common in the art world, you mention its a study, and even more if you are gonna monetize it.
My assessment is backed by two of the most expert artists in the platform, @armandosodano and @midlet , and trust me, they know, and are Artists with a capital A.

This artist did not source original Photograph.... why do some artists get a pass on here and others get flagged to zero ? https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@feoluwart/2-practice-portrait

You are absolutely right and I have asked this many times too. I can't answer you.

Yeah ???? Every time I see a trending artist now I will ask them if they did their painting or drawing from their own photograph. Otherwise I want payment for finding them. I had a post get flagged from $30 to $1 because I could not find the original photo .... I have decided to give up on my Art and become a Plagiarism Bounty Hunter like Jaguar.... make a fortune here on Hive.

I don't know but this is a very important point I only take care of the original or correct contents, but otherwise I can't do anything.
Be careful though that I will bring it back to discord because the rules must be the same for all users. Among other things, I voted both you and gric that you are good.

Are you also Likwid ?

On a more positive note .... I’m from Italy too.... Grandfather from Cosenza in Calabria

I have many relatives in Canada, Montreal and Ottawa, yes the Italian community is very large.

Awesome. Yeah. Lots of Italians over here. My Family name is a Borghese. You may have heard of this name. Pope Paul V etc.

yes It is also a famous cardinal collector and patron as grandson, Scipione collector of Caravaggio who made the portrait of his uncle. From Siena.

Yeah. I am an Artist.... if I do a copy of a Tom Thomson painting on my own blog ,as practice , and not in a Community I would say this is my study from a Tom Thomson Original Painting Shown here for comparison.

Wow.... I just went and looked at your blog. Where were you when all of my Photography and Art work was being stolen and posted in Weku.... By one of the Founders over there .... when I complained I was banned...... I know what it feels like to have my art stolen. It is brutal.

 last year (edited)

@offgridlife, It's a waste of time to argue with this pitiful blockchain parasite and her "expert" henchmen. As I already wrote earlier, it's not a fraud to find inspiration in other artists' works, that's happening all the time and it's part of the creative process. People like this self-proclaimed "plagiarism-expert" has no authority whatsoever to judge or patronize artists or enthusiasts. It's a parasite, incapable creating anything by herself. Consequently she found her niche in bullying other people (especially women for some reason) for "fraud". It's a pitiful individual lacking any sense of honour or decency.
I've seen her actions in the past on Steemit. Unfortunately some of the old parasites moved over to Hive as well so we'll have to deal with them.

Excuse me since you have called in expert henchmen, I have to make some clarifications.

I assure you that I don't work for any of what you call parasites, and therefore I don't take rewards for consultations and I don't want to make any controversy.

I only say that all art is an imitation or interpretation of the inner or outer world and it is perfectly normal to take inspiration from models.

Copying a model is always possible just mentioning the source, Nobody is Picasso or Leonardo. Since we present OUR artistic work and we have taken inspiration from an artistic current there is no need to mention the source. If, on the other hand, the painting is copied from a photo or another painting, it is STUDIO and just mentioning it, seriousness and honesty, as well as the ethical sense, are the bare minimum since we take money from our posts. Among other things, many photographs or works of art still have copyright rights would be a damage to the author, don't you think?
Then it can also happen that an artist does not know the rules of Hive and then just explain it to him.
Best wishes.

 last year (edited)

@armandosodano, first of all a copy of an artwork is one thing and reinterpretation is another. Yes, it's not a bad idea to mention the source of your inspiration or reinterpretation. But, who the hell is this person to make such damaging judgements with down votes of all subsequent posts for the "sinner"? This asshole even down-voted with her henchmen comments of people who disagree - just see @offgridlife's comment earlier here - down voted by 6 profiles because he dared to disagree! This kind of self-proclaimed art-police is an obscenity beyond measure, and whoever plays a part in this should be ashamed of themselves!

If you believe someone should mention a source then make a suggestion in a comment, don't play the police in a free network by using down-voting clubs! If you don't like someone's art for whatever reason there is no need to follow them. There is a much bigger REAL plagiarism, identity theft and corruption problem here than some enthusiasts reinterpreting art without mentioning their source properly!

She tried to cover her mistake by lying without any shame. What astonish me is to see a very talented artist like you defending that. So you would defend an "interpretation" of your work in another social media without mentioning that is yours?. Really?.

I can't believe that and sounds to me like a corporativism or a frienship very poorly understood.

You don't defend a friend if she is wrong you tell her the truth even when she don't like that.

You aren't making her any favour by defending a plagiarist work or a work without a needed reference to the original artist.

And @jaguar.force make here a very good job detecting fake artist that copy-paste to others. In fact is making you all, to the artists a very big favour by defending the originality of your works.

Unfortunately, there are also other problems above, such as friends who vote with tens of dollars shit, and I stress shit that even my poorest pupils would do.
And if we consider that quality and originality must be rewarded, then we are very far away, quality has become a chimera and originality is reduced to copying or interpreting a photograph or a painting by an author.

So let's try to safeguard what little remains above, mention the sources, the copyrights and the originality of the creation of a work (of art?)

What are we talking about?

By the way, your paintings are very original.

Hey @jaguar.force..... This artist did not source original Photograph.... why do some artists get a pass on here and others get flagged to zero ? https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@feoluwart/2-practice-portrait