Splinterlands: SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR's Reaching Hard to be in the Competition

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Hello Splinterlands Fans

Time for the SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge.


I think Carrie was feeling Nostalgic as she choose SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR for this week's Battle Challenge. I remember this guy from the old days, when I used to use it. So here we are for the old times sake.

SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR is a common life monster. It has low melee attack with small health and low speed(like most of the common monsters). Apart from the Ginger Beard, its only redeemable quality is that it has Reach ability right from the Level-1.

I own only level 4 SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR. Like I said, I used to use it in earlier days, but with the advent of new Reach monsters with improved ability, I never looked back and upgraded it. The Beta version is currently trading at 0.017$/bcx and the Beta gold foil version is going at 0.48$/bcx. Alpha version is selling at 0.032$/bcx and Alpha Gold Foil is trading at 2.69$/bcx.

No offence, SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR was a nice monster in Reach ability genre in his day when limited number of Reach monsters were there, but now so with many others better Reach options(life + neutral+dragon ) available(costing same or less mana), it gets difficult to choose SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR (even for the battle challenge).



Favored Battle Rules

Since SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR is only 4 mana life monster with Reach ability, so it is best for Little League + Taking Sides battle rule set.

SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR can also work well in Equalizer, Rise of the Commons, Melee Mayhem, Weak Magic, Lost Magic, Armored Up, Up Close and Personal, Aim True and Super Sneak battle rules. Due to low speed it works even better is Reverse Speed battle rule.



Since SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR has reach ability right from the Level-1 so it is best suited at one down position.

In Melee Mayhem or Super Sneak battle rules it can be placed anywhere in back ranks.

How to Use

SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR can be complemented with abilities and positive buffs using summoners and monsters. e.g.

  • Giving increased melee attack by Inspire ability or summoners.

  • Adding extra shield from summoners or monsters is a nice play. Heal, Triage and Repair abilities can also be helpful.

  • Positive health attribute from Triumph ability monsters or Summoners to improve the low health.

  • Since SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR has by default low speed so having speed(positive/negetive) attributes from summoners or monsters is also advised.



The best way to take out SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR is by using Magic and Blast attacks. Ranged snipe attack with Piercing is also a good option.

Being inherently weak SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR can easily be killed by using Thorns ability tanks.

Since SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR has by default low speed so having speed(positive/negative as per battle rule) attributes from summoners or monsters can also greatly reduce the its efficacy.



This was a 44 mana battle with one battle rules, Taking Sides.

Life Challenge.png

Battle Link





158817836372645504 21.png
I decided to go with the Life Splinter since I wanted to surprise the enemy.

I choose to play with TYRUS PALADIUM since it is my most upgraded life Summoner. Due to high mana battle, CHANSEUS THE GREAT and THE PEAKRIDER could also be used (if available).


158817836372645504 15.png
Upfront, I placed my Taunt ability tank, SHIELDBEARER. Taunt ability tanks can really disturb enemy attack plans/strategy.

Since this was high mana battle so, I decided to use heavy taunt tank.


158817836372645504 16.png
On one down position, came the challenge monster SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR. There were other Reach option available in the form of LUMINOUS EAGLE but for the purpose of challenge I used SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR.


158817836372645504 17.png
Next, I placed a high mana legendary HIGH PRIEST DARIUS . It comes with descent health plus magic attack and but real gem is the Resurrect ability. Taunt ability tanks can certainly use Resurrect ability, since the face all the enemy might alone.


158817836372645504 18.png
Time to introduce a bit of Sneak into the battle. And when it comes to Sneak, no one does it is better than SILVERSHIELD ASSASSIN.

Double Sneak attack with poison, God, I love this killer. A match winner indeed.


158817836372645504 19.png
Time to support the tank with DIVINE HEALER. Due to Taunt the tank will be facing all the enemy wrath, so it certainly needs healing.


158817836372645504 20.png
On the very last, I placed the Snipe tank, SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF. This is my 1st time using SHERIFF. An awesome ranged tank if you ask me. I wish to upgrade it further to have Piercing and Protect abilities.



The battle went as planned. SHIELDBEARER did its job of standing its ground and kept the enemy busy. Also the Resurrect ability did came in handy. SILVERSHIELD WARRIOR did the job of Reach attacker petty well. SILVERSHIELD ASSASSIN went on with Poisonous Sneaky attacks to eat the enemy from the back. SHERRIFF's snip attack also took care of certain problems pretty well.


That will be all for today.
Take very good care of yourself and people close to you..
Until next time...


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Ho ho, that was a nice battle xabi!

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Thanks buddy.

Great use of the silvershield warrior. If you do end up leveling up, you get more abilities making it extra attractive to you. Thanks for sharing!

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