Fire at the Beach

in The Man Cave2 months ago

After a day of walking from one end of the earth to the other, this guy needs to kick his feet up by the fire. The kids on the other hand, they threw on head lamps and started digging holes and connecting them with tunnels.


The fog was in pretty thick all day and the sea breeze was sure blowing. Not the weather we had hoped for but you gotta make the best of it. So that is why we found a spot in the sand that had big swells around it. Then dug a deeper hole to put the fire in. Set up some chairs and relaxed a bit. The kids thought it was going to be easy to haul the wood and chairs out there.... they soo found out. Lol.

When I get some time I will post up about our trip to the coast... when I find time that is... for now I gotta get back to that thing called work...


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