Double the Smoke... Preppin’ for Turkey day

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What’s better than having one Green Mountain pellet grill billowing smoke into the neighborhood Thanksgiving Day??...

2 GMG Grills

The plan is to put my 20 pound turkey in my Daniel Boone Green Mountain, then use my Brother-in-Law’s Davy Crockett Green Mountain to smoke some Sockeye Salmon fillets. Ya, those sockeye salmon I caught this summer.

0DDFDDD2D0A54FE695BC2C8CC2A1EB2B.jpegThawing out-getting ready for the 12 hour brine

The Turkey is going on the smoker around midnight and the salmon will start Smokin’ first thing in the morning for some salmon treats throughout the day. So I think I have a pretty good plan for the meat side... oh ya I have a spiral cut honey ham also.... so ya... ummm what’s for dessert??


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Omg, what I wouldn't do to go fishing and catch a big sockeye. Must be so fun hawling one in.
Years ago @thebigsweed and I traveled cross country. We were camping the whole trip. I asked him to buy me a new fishing pole because we knew we would be near lakes and rivers all along our trip.
Well, first time fishing I get the the new pole. I just stared at him, what is this? IT'S KIDS POLE. dope.

Went fishing, used this dumb pole and pulled in big cut throat trout that bent that pole in half, but I landed him and he was on the grill that night. Good eatin". I'll never forget that place, Cody, Wyoming, camping on the Shoshone River.

Come on now @farm-mom, that pole cost a buck three eighty.

Happy Thanksgiving, brotha! Smoking the bird is good way to go!

I'm on duty this week so won't be partaking of the cooking but maybe next year. Hoping

I don't get any calls when I am in a turkey coma. Lol

I have smoked a bird on my Green Mountain grill the past couple years and wow!! Smoke it at 185F for 8 hours then cook at 275f for another 4 hours or so. I think the key to a moist turkey is a good brine.

I am right there with ya, I hope no big power outages happen. I am not on standby but if we have a lot of issues then the couple guys on standby may need a hand...


Happy Thanksgiving splatts


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

That looks good.

We couldn't get imported turkeys this year because of some avian-flu. The local ones suck.

It looks like I'll be doing chicken or something.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dang flu!! Well I hope my plan works out as good as it sounds. I have to put that turkey on around midnight, it takes like 12-14 hours. Hopefully I will be able to get some naps in throughout the day. 😉

somethings are worth the effort and I hope your turketly is one of those things.

I bet it will be amazing.

Would three be legit...Or just crazy talk?

I am all about that crazy talk!!! The more smokers the better. I might even bust out the Little Chief tomorrow... with some Kahlua in my coffee who know what will happen.

Well, I figured as much but didn't want to overstep the boundaries between sanity and crazy-ass turkey day shenanigans around the multiple smokers. It seems I worried about said boundary-crossing needlessly. 😁

whoa whoa... me crazy??? Yep... that's affirmative... it gets crazy around this place. Who knows might even have a neighbor call me in for breaking the flu rules set forth by the Governor... Adolph Inslee of Washington state. 😉

Hmm, well if the Gestapo turn up I'm sure you'll know what to do...Let's hope it doesn't come to that though.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

😜😜 The Splatts house always has a great time... with me around what other choice do you have??? 😉

Lol, this I do not doubt fella. Not for a second. 🤣

I'll just assume my invite got lost in the mail, happens all the time. No hard feelings @splatts. Merry Turkey day. Enjoy that delicious sounding food, I expect pictures.

Due to the Flu that is going around, my governor Adolph Inslee says that gatherings over 10 people is dangerous.... let alone people from outta state. 😜😜 Inslee stoke your invite!!!

Oh ya!!! Check out this turkey in the brine!!!image.jpg
The Splatts Apple Brine
(I just made that up)

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Did you decide to just call that honey ham "dessert?"

I should have read this one first. I like the names of the two smokers. Now those guys were some real men.
I hesitated a moment before writting, real men, wondering in these crazy times if I was being political correct or if I may be offending someone. So I went with f--k it.

Enjoy your weekend !