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Do you ever wonder about "chance" dear reader? And whether there are ever any random coincidences or are all events in our lives for a reason?

Source: New Hive Community - The Man Cave

While I could write a lot about that, this afternoon I would just like to keep it simple and give you a great example of what would prompt me to ask these questions.


I find the writing of @joshman to be "straight up" and, while I may not agree with everything he (or anyone else) has to say, I like to read what is on his mind. In his post this morning, he talks reality about the future of the Hive blockchain. In my reply, I asked whether in future communities, some of the Hive blockchain's "sharp edges" might become a little more manageable.

I did so, having just read one of the best posts, written by @blocktrades, of my +2 years "in here" on the technical details behind the superiority of the Hive blockchain over alternative designs. In my reply, I asked if that superiority will provide an excellent foundation for new SMT-based communities, once that long-promised feature of this "virtual world" appears.

So ...

I had communities and what they represent for my investment in HIVE heavily "on my mind," when I resumed some browsing around, before heading out for the day.


Almost immediately, I saw this post from the passionate Hive blogger @ecoinstant. Enjoying the simple life and gardening myself, the title and image caught my eye.

Inside, he explained he was working in a "corner" of a new community - The Man Cave community. I had never heard of it. I don't know how many communities are linked to the Hive blockchain, but honestly I pass most of them by, as I normally have neither the interest and especially the time, to check them out.

But this one, I decided to check it out ... Sure glad I did!

Source: Creator skeeze on Pixabay

Am I the only red-blooded American male who feels there is an almost constant "drone" of noise about men this, men that, and men the other? All of which is almost never positive? The champions of Critical Theory have been devastatingly effective (another post for another time, maybe ...) in portraying men as oppressors in just about every way imaginable.

So ...

My first impressions were quickly favorable to the overall effort being made to create a little corner of the Hive blockchain for men. Men working with men was emphasized. Supporting points were well enough made that I quickly made some key decisions (while I am a lot of things, dear reader, indecisive is not one of them ...).

Needing to get on with my day, I went through several steps pretty quickly:

  • Followed the links provided by @ecoinstant to some of the community details. Glanced through a few of the posts and was favorably impressed by most of them. So, I subscribed to the The Man Cave community.

  • Checked into several of the posts of the @brofund account, after learning this account was a key support account for the community. In glancing through these, I learned about the BRO token and the commitment to its future.

  • As a result of the impressions left by some quick due diligence, made my first ever Hive Engine purchases of a new token - 20 BRO tokens. I did this utilizing the one other time I had made a Hive Engine purchase, as discussed in my LeoDex post, on my experience increasing my LEO token stake.

  • Note: For any inclined to do likewise and buy some BRO tokens, I would encourage you to read this post about using LeoDex to get HIVE moved into Hive Engine. The cost of doing so is considerably less - "a penny saved is a penny earned" ...

  • Joined the community's Discord server and, in the very limited time I had available, was quickly met by some warm engagement with @raymondspeaks, @simplifylife, and @goldstreet. This provided a great reinforcement of the decisions I had already made ... 👍

Source: Creator mohamed_hassan on Pixabay

So ...

What does the future hold for this new community? While encouraging "man stuff," how successful will they be in channeling men's energies into an overall positive direction? 🤷‍♂ Your "crystal ball" is likely at least as good as mine, dear reader.

Obviously I am optimistic and hopeful!


Interested in learning more? Here are some helpful links:

  • Follow the money: The market in Hive Engine for the BRO token. A check of my wallet and you will find confirmation of my purchase earlier of 20 BRO. Depending on how it goes, I may buy considerably more than that.

  • The most recent post of the @brofund account actively engaged in supporting those in the community. BRO token holders receive 50% of the @brofund account's curation rewards daily.

  • The Discord server for The Man Cave community. "Come on over" and check it out!

Source: The @brofund account image


So ... An "impulse buy" @roleerob? 😳 Yes! 😉 My only "defense" is a lot of confidence in my "gut instinct" and it seemed like a good idea in looking through all I saw about this new community earlier today.

Especially "in light" of the related exchanges I had engaged in earlier. Coincidence? "Meant to be?" You decide. I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Hive Communities and add increasing value to our Hive blockchain! 👍 😊

Hive Blogger @roleerob

🐝 🍯 🐝

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You get a 100% from me, and a reshare. I don't speak about it often because it usually causes arguments but these are the reasons that I absolutely created this community.

The media often leaves out the millions and millions of men that do good in the world. Are good fathers, brothers, sons. I want to put a good spotlight on that.

Very nice to find we are like-minded on this @brofund ...

"The media often leaves out the millions and millions of men that do good in the world. Are good fathers, brothers, sons. I want to put a good spotlight on that."

... as frankly I kind of stuck that in there on the hopes it might be true of your community. Didn't really have any solid indication that was a fact. Just a hope ...

Thank you for the support and I will do my small part to make your community a success!

P.S. For a variety of reasons, I am a part-timer. I will always be around and do keep up on engagement, but it may take me a bit at times.

Hey @roleerob I am so pleased that you did indeed give us a glance here in The Man Cave and I'm even more pleased you've joined us. I am quietly hoping that it might have been one of my posts you saw that persuaded you to join but if not I am not bitter! I think you will enjoy your time here at The Man Cave and you are so right there is far too much negativity around men and masculinity out there so let's all make sure The Man Cave helps to correct this unjust agenda. Pleased to meet you dear reader!

In finding this new community, very nice to have a little boost of encouragement for this day @goldstreet. Not sure about you, but encouragement seems to be in uhhh ... "short supply" these days. For a variety of reasons ...

Yes, I am sure I looked through some of your posts. As mentioned, I went through it all rather quickly, given my schedule for today. So, frankly I cannot say by account name which stood out. I certainly enjoyed the brief engagement with you in Discord. I hope you will be able to fully recover your strength and vitality, in the near future.

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post! 🙂 👍

I just found the community myself and added some tokens.

Seems like an interesting idea. I love seeing new communities...the more the merrier in my mind.

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Yes, @taskmaster4450le, it certainly seems to have an encouraging amount of energy around it today. Hopefully that will hold up over time. I will be buying more BRO tokens, in support, if so.

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post!

Welcome and many successes, very interesting the name of the community, I also celebrate your alliance to join forces and have better results in the near future.

Thank you for your well wishes @emiliocabrera> It was encouraging today to find this new community. This crazy world of ours is far too often a little short on encouragement ...

You and I can both hope together for a better tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post!

We can make a difference, friend, encouraging one another in a spirit of pleasing value to the hive. Thank you for giving your valuable attention to my comment. Count on my support too.

Welcome to The Man Cave.
Great to have you aboard.

It’s great to have a space for positive stories about men, gardening and DIY, etc

Yes @apshamilton ...

"... a space for positive stories about men ..."

... that was key to the decisions I made yesterday about the potential. You and I can both hope the Admins do what will likely be necessary to keep it "net positive." Ideally, "abundantly" net positive! 🙂 👍

Nice to know you are involved. I have only a little knowledge of you and your activities, but perhaps your legal expertise will provide some valuable support to helping this community reach its potential.

Thanks for stopping by and adding value to this post!

Indeed, the community is actually what drives the value! The more engaged we get as a community, the more attractive it will be to potential investors! Great to have you on board!

Thank you for the welcome @simplifylife! Yes, we agree that these communities are most likely foundational to the future success of these "virtual worlds." Certainly to profitable investments into the Hive blockchain.

For what it is worth, my own participation and support will be heavily dependent upon how well the community does in keeping it "net positive" for its members. Ideally, "abundantly" net positive! 👍

Thank you for stopping by and adding value to this post!

I got some tokens but i am earning nothing because all the big people scooped it all. Also i had to sell them because i accidentally lost 28 hive so i needed money in my account back. Might get some more soon once i earn more

? Not sure what this means @teenagecrypto ...

"... i am earning nothing because all the big people scooped it all."

... as what I read indicates the curation reward distribution will be based on the number of tokens you have (or had). Which is typical of any of them.

If you had to sell them, though, that will end your getting any earnings until you can save up and buy some more. Hope that will be in the near future for you!

Hey bud, dividend payments are being paid out now, I have had 2 and I'm only holding 5 Brocoin currently. Have you checked your wallet?

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So, tldr. You get more leo. Leo gets more expensive and more leo are burned. We all get a lambo.

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I don't mind the input @trumpman2 and I have no doubt you mean well. But you may wish to go to the post in which I attempted to do exactly this. In writing about my first LeoDex transaction, the LeoFinance UI failed me ...

In the comments of that post, you will find the exchange between @khaleelkazi and I, on the topic. If you would care to let me know, once this new UI is available (in case I miss this somehow ...), I will be happy to test it.

Good evening @trumpman2! Seems somewhere you had asked me to let you know if I ever successfully got a post published via I could not find it, so came here to this last interaction I could find between us.

Tonight, after "wrestling" with it about 45 minutes ...

Encountered after another earlier error message about removing some specific HTML code ...

I did finally manage to post from

To be frank, I had to "cheat" to get it done, as after removing enough HTML image code (which doesn't like, but PeakD handles just fine. As well as the specific HTML code encountered 1st ...), I went ahead and posted, then came back and overwrote the whole post in Edit mode in PeakD. With the original post code ...

Two bizarre aspects of this:

  1. In review mode, in, the post looked just fine. You'd think if there was some problem, the preview mode would display it!?

  2. Confirming #1, even after completely overwriting the code in PeakD, to put my desired code back, I can open the post in LeoFinance and it works just fine, as far as I can tell.

If I have erroneously remembered your request of me, feel free of course, to disregard this ... Thanks!

P.S. FYI @khaleelkazi

Hello dear brother, greetings from Venezuela.

Thank you for the information you provide and the details you give us about this project.

Greetings, it is a pleasure to hear from you.


Good morning @fucho80! Up before 🌄 and briefly "in here," it was nice to hear from you. I trust you and yours are well?

My activity is more part-time than ever "in here." In addition, I have removed all of the value I had built up on the Steem blockchain. While I had hoped to remain somewhat active there, in support of those with whom I had developed a rapport, the "vigilantes" riding around both blockchains made that impossible ...

Perhaps more precisely stated, unacceptable ...

Just reinforces for me a lot of the perspective I have slowly developed about these "virtual worlds," but I do still enjoy the interaction with others all over the world, in a time of increasing darkness and doubt ...

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