God Help Amy Coney Barrett!

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A short time ago, President Donald J. Trump selected the next person to be subjected to the "gauntlet" of the Senate confirmation process. May God help Amy Coney Barrett and her family, through what is coming!

Source: Wikipedia on Amy Coney Barrett.

Ohhh, and what is that @roleerob? Well, let's see ... Let's go with this opening statement from the (in)famous "Gray Lady," i.e. otherwise officially known as The New York Times. A favorite "mouthpiece" of the "progressive" Left, here is their opening statement:

"The president’s nomination of Judge Barrett, a favorite of conservatives, to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, will kick off a furious and unprecedented scramble to confirm her in the Senate before Election Day."

Ohhh, wonderful. 😌 It will be ...

"2020 Word of the Year" ...


Do you, dear reader, or does anyone else doubt that! Count on it!

If you can find any "boundaries," in the recent exploits of the "progressive" Left, which they are not prepared to cross, then be sure and "enlighten" me in the comments below. Good luck!

Back to the subject of this post, an outstanding example of an American who inspires some hope the "war" is not over - Amy Coney Barrett.


The Stakes

They could hardly be higher. Amy's nomination represents a 180° change of judicial philosopy from the recently passed Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has built her reputation on strictly interpreting the law as written. Most particularly, the ultimate law, the U. S. Constitution.

This is anathema to the "progressive" Left, who have been far too successful over the years in placing judges in power who "legislate from the bench." That is, they write their own law! And on the thinnest of flimsy legal arguments try to pretend it is somehow based on "precedent" ...

Amy is a 48-year old champion of what her self-confessed mentor, Justice Antonin Scalia , taught her about the law. How can one properly value the relationship of having a good mentor?

Scalia passed away in 2016. If she lives a normal life, Amy could be carrying on his incalculable legacy for another 30 or 40 years. The "progressive" Left is fully aware of this and grinding their teeth over what her nomination represents.


The Strategy

While I have opened this post with the implied likelihood the "progressive" Left will set all-time lows in their efforts to stop her nomination, I can only hope and pray that is, in fact, not the case.

We won't have long to wait to find out.

Here is a very brief outline of the top 3 angles, from which she is likely to be attacked:

  1. Her faith. They will strive mightily to try and demonstrate her faith makes her unfit for the office, as she will be incapable of upholding their "sacred" position claiming "the separation of church and state" is "guaranteed" by the Constitution. This is demonstrably false, but ... That "inconvenient truth" never even slows the "progressive" Left down ...

  2. Her view on the sanctity of life. There is no "right" which is more "sacred" to the "progressive Left, than a woman's "reproductive rights" to kill their children up to the time of their birth. Which has been legally upheld since the (in)famous Roe vs. Wade decision in 1973.

    If Barrett is confirmed, that law will almost certainly have the greatest probability of being overturned, since it was "created."

  3. Her strict interpretation of the law as written has reportedly put the "progressive" Left in great fear she will be a vote in favor of overturning the Affordable Care Act, i.e. "affectionately" known more popularly as "Obamacare."

Beyond all of those details, I personally believe the "progressive" Left has tremendous disdain for people who demonstrate they are unwavering and immovable in the face of all of their normal "tactics" to get others to fall in line.

The character of this woman really stands out, as an almost instant first impression. She will very likely be proven to be fearless in the face of whatever is attempted to bring her down ...


Having just watched her being presented to the American people by President Trump, I must say I was pleasantly surprised by the very impressive presentation she made. Not that I was not always in favor of her nomination. But some people just aren't "cut out" to deal with the tactics of the "progressive" Left very effectively.

For Amy Coney Barrett, I am a lot more settled now that she is what I call a "rock," in that she will prove to be a very formidable adversary for those who try to take her down. God bless her and her family through the coming weeks!

Beyond this, her nomination by President Trump seems like a masterful move "on the chess board" in favor of his reelection on November 3rd. His adversaries are forever making the foolish mistake of getting all caught up in what he says. And how he says it. They fail to credit him with what he has done, over and over and over ...

If he can get Amy Coney Barrett approved in the U. S. Senate and in so doing redefine the balance of power on the highest court in America for decades, he may well prove to have pulled off the most important success of his Presidency.

I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Hive Communities and add increasing value to our Hive blockchain! 👍 😊

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See, I wish they'd pick a "word of the year" that wasn't already the "word of the year" during about half of the Obama years. Every day brought a new article vying for the title of "most shoehorned repetitions of this word."
"Unprecedented obstructionism..."
"Unprecedented disrespect..."
"Unprecedented diplomatic success..."
And of course not one of them was true, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was that it played well, and so the press latched onto that word with the same zeal that they latched onto the word "gravitas" during their coverage of George W. Bush's running-mate pick in 2000. I presume they'll do the same this time around, because having a 25 cent term of emphasis that they can hammer into the dirt will cover up the fact that they haven't really got a bloody thing to say...

In any case, prayers for this woman and her family, for the time of trial they are about to go through for the "crime" of having been appointed to office by a man the media doesn't like.

Yes, it is, at least for me, an interesting choice of words @patriamreminisci. While making no claims to being some expert wordsmith, I do at least make an attempt to have some idea about the rich diversity of choices we typically have communicating in English. Most of the time, we have some choices to make to "fine tune" what we may wish to communicate ...

For me, the word "unprecedented," however, is challenging in this regard. There are not a lot of good choices for alternatives. Leaving us hearing it then, over and over and over ... And up until now, 2020 has been at "another level" in terms of opportunities to "beat that drum" ...

You, I, and our countrymen are days away from "October surprise season." I can hardly wait to find out what the "progressive" Left and their allies in the press have in store for us. And what the American people, still left with some free will in deciding who will "rule over us," choose to do, in response ...


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Dear @roleerob, Because I am Korean, I don't know much about America, but I want to tell you what I think.
Amy Coney Barrett appears to be a strong and attractive woman. She is much younger than the other US Supreme Court Justices.
It is interesting that she is a strict Catholic. As far as I know, Kennedy was the only American president who was a Catholic. In fact, even though Bill Clinton was a Protestant, his actions were not very respected.

By the way, @roleerob, are you an evangelical Christian in America? Is there the largest number of Baptists in America? I am a Presbyterian Christian.

I agree with the anti-abortion action in the Catholic Church. I object to the fact that some Protestants in the United States are in favor of abortion. When parents can't afford to raise children, I think they should rather send them for adoption.
I am against the act of aborting God-given life.

I also oppose the act of legalizing same-sex marriage by some Protestants.
I think it is right for the United States to do Christianization.

When Korea became a Japanese colony 110 years ago, Korean Christians prophesied: "The war between the United States, a Christian state and Japan, a polytheistic state, will be in the near future!" "Surely Jesus will free Korea from Japanese slavery!"

Given to us by our Founding Fathers in our Constitution, the power held by the Supreme Court in the "checks and balances" among our co-equal branches of government, it is hard to overstate the importance of a person like Amy Coney Barrett sitting in one of the 9 seats. Her adversaries know that full well and we will see what they have in store for her, in their attempts to bring her down.

Yes, not a fan of labels @goldgrifin007, but the independent church my family attends would most likely be identified as Evangelical. Yes, there are a large number of Baptists in America. Particularly in the Southeastern parts of the country and in Texas.

Agreed, adoption is infinitely to be preferred over abortion.


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Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

I'm actually missing the "precedented" times. Thank you for this run down, I am in the middle of a virtual conference atm, and your collection of information here is exactly what I needed in this liminal space.

Yes, agreed @cosmictriage! Wouldn't it be nice to return to normal? I wonder what it is going to take to see that happen? Seeing you are in the Seattle area, it is hard to imagine what you and many of our fellow citizens are going through in some of these areas. Thankfully, we live in a small town and it is very peaceful here.

unprecedented scramble to confirm her in the Senate before Election Day.

Which is in fact an accurate statement. Since there has never been a case of confirming a SCOTUS Justice this close to a Presidential election, it is, by definition, an unprecedented situation. Unprecedented is not a pejorative.

Okay @preparedwombat, we apparently don't view this the same way and that is fine. For the record, my use of the word unprecedented is tied in to several oped posts I have written in 2020, mostly related to COVID-19. Perhaps we can at least agree the events of 2020 are "unprecedented?" Certainly in our lifetimes?

"... there has never been a case of confirming a SCOTUS Justice this close to a Presidential election, it is, by definition, an unprecedented situation."

I don't know if that is true or not, but I will take you at your word, as that doesn't matter to me.

But for those for whom it is important, like yourself? Question for you: Say Clinton is the President and Schumer is the Majority Leader of the Senate. What would they do?

Say Clinton is the President and Schumer is the Majority Leader of the Senate. What would they do?

Probably feel in no rush to muddy the waters en route to a second term?

I doubt that Clinton would have been as incompetent as Trudeau has been, but even if she’d had been so incompetent as to allow a Canadian-style death rate, we’d be at 100k dead rather than 200k dead.

"Probably feel in no rush to muddy the waters en route to a second term?"

I appreciate the fact you ended your response with a question mark @preparedwombat. You and I can agree that, of course, we have no way of knowing. That said, I do not believe there is any question of what they would do. While God only knows what "the story" would be to cover their decision, it would be identical. For the same reasons ...

Thanks for stopping by and providing your perspective! 👋

Prayers for her and her family! This is a big game changer.

"This is a big game changer."

Yes @jlsplatts, it most definitely has that potential. First, she must be able to successfully get through the "gauntlet" of whatever her adversaries have in store.

If it resembles the “democratic” ran cities at this time.... God Speed good soldier.

It’s time to grab our popcorn and wait.

Exactly.... things are going to get vewy intewesting...

Yes @enforcer48, but it won't be long. At least to see what the "opening salvos" that her adversaries have prepared for her are going to be.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 24 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Help her what? Transform back into a man? Lol

Help her what? Transform back into a man? Lol

What? Are you trying to imply something? I have no idea what you are saying ...

Yes, not a fan of labels @goldgrifin007, but the independent church my family attends would most likely be identified as Evangelical. Yes, there are a large number of Baptists in America. Particularly in the Southeastern parts of the country and in Texas.

Senior @roleerob, What is the independent church?
Are there many Mormons in the Midwest and Rocky Mountains of America? I remember that many Mormons live in the Rocky Mountains, avoiding Christian persecution.
Do you think Mormons are a heresy of Christianity? I think Catholicism is Christianity, but Mormonism is heresy.

Mormons practice polygamy and use the Mormon Bible.

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