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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead. Not even 24 hours later, it is not difficult to predict the impact on the American elections of 2020. As bad as it is already and with hope it couldn't get any worse, no ... The process is going to another level!

Source: Wikipedia on Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Passed at age 87.
Source: Wikipedia on Amy Coney Barrett. The future? Age 48.

The body of this iconic liberal judge on our Supreme Court was barely cold and statements were already coming out about what the American people can expect.

Among them public statements have already been issued by President Trump that Ginsburg's replacement on the Supreme Court will be nominated. And by Senate Majority Leader McConnell that this person will receive a vote on the floor of the U. S. Senate before Election Day.

Not surprising at all, in "weighing the odds" of success statements similar to my post's title are already coming out about the difficulty factor.

How bad is it going to get?


Let's get my foundational statement for the rest of my post out of the way:

The coming confirmation process
will be all about the
balance of power
in America!

Likely for

Hyperbole? Overstated? Well, dear reader, at least for the moment, we are still free to have our own individual opinions. Given all that has unfolded, in the "unprecedented" year of 2020, this is mine ...

In support, I will say very succinctly the reelection of Donald J. Trump was already about the balance of power. This untimely (?) event just takes what is at stake to a whole new level.

Two Key Elements of the "Fight"

For now, especially for the benefit of my readers who may have little to no idea about "what it all means," I will focus on two aspects of the American political process which will almost certainly be referred to over and over (and over) ...

  1. "They (Republicans ...) Can't Do That!" #1 - related to even starting the replacement process in an election year. This will be the initial "battle cry," in an attempt to intimidate any spineless Republicans to waiver in their resolve to simply fulfill their civil duty.

  2. "They (Republicans ...) Can't Do That!" #2 - If #1 fails and every conceivable tactic to obstruct progress succeeds in delaying the final outcome past Election Day, then a binding vote could still be made in the so-called "lame duck" period between Election Day and when the newly President and members of Congress are sworn into power in late January.

The "law of the land" of the United States of America is the U. S. Constitution. Neither of these elements are prohibited in it. So ... The truth is the Republicans have the power to do both.

Do the Republicans
have the courage
do both?

If Trump and McConnell follow through on their public statements, the ensuing "war" to delay, confuse, intimidate, etc. the outcome is all but guaranteed to set a new "low" in America's political history. The previous "lows" of the confirmation process for Robert Bork (which failed ...) and for Brett Cavanaugh (which succeeded ...) will be "blown away" ...

But @roleerob? The fact it will be about nominating and confirming a woman? Rather than a man? Won't that help? No! Part of the new "low" will be the levels of hypocrisy reached ...

May God help the woman named and her family. For the average person, I don't think we have any idea of the courage of conviction which will be required for them to get through what is coming.

Source: Creator OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay


What is the Truth? We live in a time when it seems the answer is supposedly based upon our "news" having "talking heads" relentlessly telling us, from their "talking points" what it is.

And from there, how many people "we" can drive out into the streets to scream it out. And resort to violence and destruction, to emphasize the "righteousness" of their claims.

Bottom line answer: The Truth is whatever "we" say it is!

Bottom line question: Do "we the people" believe that?

"We" (collectively) don't have long to wait, to find out.

The "Influencers" of who "Wins"

For now, I will focus on exactly one "influencer." And I am not talking about "peaceful protesters," on either side, who are willing to "take to the streets" to make their voices heard.


I am talking about those who have been paid to lead in carrying out acts of violence and destruction (under the insidiously evil banner of "Violence as a Form of Protest" ...). And agitate and stir up "useful idiots" to follow their example.

Source 1: Website post on "Fires burn in Minneapolis as protesters are arrested for defying a curfew"
Source 2: Website post on "Unrest over George Floyd killing: 'Is this the end of the American dream?'"

And ...

The courage and the will to face this anarchy and lawlessness squarely and end it. In whatever way that is necessary. As quickly as possible.

Very sorry to say that, at least so far, it is a very sad spectacle to many, many Americans that "we" (collectively) seem to lack both. While political "points" can be and are being made that there are only "pockets" of this activity, in areas controlled by Democrats, I cannot imagine that is of any consolation whatsoever to my fellow Americans damaged by "our" refusal to deal with it quickly and decisively - no matter where it occurs!


Sadly, our human nature tends to focus on self preservation and "what is in it for us." If we wake up in the morning and all around us appears to be normal, what is our motivation to deal with issues like this one?

Does our affluence have any bearing on how we view this, i.e. as some form or buffer of protection? If that thought even enters our minds, what value does our money have if the world around us is burned to the ground?

Does it delay the inevitable? Yes, maybe. "Save" us, though? No ...

So ... What to do?

Source: Creator StockSnap on Pixabay

Here is one answer. For those who may seriously question whether the message on this well-intentioned protestor's sign is true?

Source: Creator geralt on Pixabay

For those so inclined, as I am, here is another!


The events of the next 6 weeks or so here in America are likely to be written about for many years afterwards, as to the effect they will subsequently have on the course of our nation into the future. And there will be "war" in determining who prevails in determining what that is going to be.

And what will be written?

The old saying, "History is Written By the Victors" has been attributed to Winston Churchill, the famed leader of Britain, at a time of their great national peril and the existential threats they faced in World War II. Who preceded Churchill in power? The infamous Nelville Chamberlain, who will forever be linked to his efforts to appease Adolf Hitler.

My point? Just think about it ...


While referring above to the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg as untimely, as others are already doing, I also questioned that assessment. I will close by saying a different way to look at this major event is that God has ordained it. I do not believe in "chance" or any derivative of the same idea. As this is not a faith-based post, I will leave it at that ...

In whatever manner one wishes to view the origins of this news, it is now right in front of us. And there is no escaping its impact on us all. Day-by-day we will experience what now unfolds, as a result, and together find out what it will come to represent for our future.

I’d love to hear any feedback you may be inspired to provide.

Until "next time," all the best to you for a better tomorrow, as we all work together to build up our Hive Communities and add increasing value to our Hive blockchain! 👍 😊

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P.S. I used the #america2020 tag on my associated American Elections 2020, Voter Fraud and Blockchain Technology post published on July 30th. I will use it again with this post and perhaps others may wish to use it as well.


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In UK we have the separation of powers where the judiciary is independent from the legislature and executive. Our supreme court judges are officially appointed by the Queen but on advise of the Prime Minister, but as far as I'm aware the separation of powers is still firmly upheld. It seems like it's totally different in the States, and appointing a Supreme judge has become part of a political agenda. How does that impact Supreme court decision making in future particularly where politics is involved?

"... supreme court judges are officially appointed by the Queen ..."

Yes, well my good friend, we fought a war to get away from that ... 😉

"... and appointing a Supreme judge has become part of a political agenda. How does that impact Supreme court decision making in future particularly where politics is involved?"

Yes, sadly this can hardly be disputed @livinguktaiwan. From my philosophical base and system of belief, I believe this started when the "Progressive" Left was successful in appointing judges who subsequently began to "legislate from the bench" vs. simply interpret the law, as originally empowered by the U. S. Constitution (put in place after we fought a war with someone somewhere, to get away from them ... 😉).

For many, the classic example of this was the (in)famous Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion. The legal "gymnastics" the Supreme Court Justices cited, in 1973, to try and pretend this was somehow based on the U. S. Constitution still is hotly contested. And will almost certainly be "front and center" in the confirmation hearings for whoever Trumps selects to replace RBG (the iconic reference made to Ruth Bader Ginsburg).

Your reference to the "separation of powers" is very important and a cornerstone of what many of us "originalists" believe was embodied by the U. S. Constitution better than any other governing document on the planet. It is essential to follow that statement up though with the wisdom of our forefathers talking about what preserving our liberties under that document would entail. Today, we are far removed from it. With many of our people actively working to destroy it ...

Will this political nightmare ever end and get back to the way it was originally intended? Only God knows ...

P.S. Little known, but vitally important fact to this American: The actual name of "Jane Roe" in that (in)famous decision was Norma McCorvey. MSM has succeeded in largely burying her later testimony about all that took place, to get her to serve as the "emotional crowbar" used to break down those legal barriers in 1973. Based on her claim to having been raped and conceiving a child she did not wish to carry. Later she admitted that was a lie. Never mind about all those details ... She had served her purpose and was "discarded" ...

Waiting to see #metoo and the frat party accusations for Barrett...

Yeah @joshman, I've read other opinions that because his pick will be a woman that she is "safe" from what Kavanaugh had to endure.

I could hardly disagree more. Not only will she not be "safe," I will be stunned if new lows are not set. I don't think these soulless hypocrites have any boundaries they are not willing to cross.

God help her and her family. If Trump remains true to form, beginning with the announcement of who he has chosen Monday morning.

Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Senior @roleerob, Are you a democrat? hmm, arnold insisted that Trump would be successful in reelection. I may have misunderstood your writings, but I want to tell you what I think.

Currently, the United States is strongly demanding China's openness and modernization. If China's democratization develops to the Russian level, the United States will be able to gain greater profits.

In my personal opinion, Trump is in good control of China right now. The more Trump puts pressure on China's economy, the more it will help Korea.

Thank you!

No @goldgrifin007 ...

"Are you a democrat?"

... I am not. In the foolishness of my youth, I placed my very first vote for a Democrat. That was long time ago ... My one and only vote for a Democrat. I have not voted for one since.

They have only gotten "worse" over time, as to their philosophy and what they represent for America's future. In the year 2020, their "race in the wrong direction" has only intensified ...

"... arnold insisted that Trump would be successful in reelection. I may have misunderstood your writings, but I want to tell you what I think."

Arnold or any other American citizen can express their opinions all they want. There is no guarantee of anything ...

Trump may certainly win reelection. It is, of course, possible. It will most assuredly not, however, be easy ... If you are so inclined, you and others there in Korea may want to pray for Trump's reelection. I would not want to be in Korea or anywhere close to China, if Trump loses ...

As stated in this post, the struggle for his reelection is now going to another level, in my opinion. If Trump remains true to form, it will begin tomorrow morning. With his announcement of whoever he has chosen to replace Ginsburg ...

As written, God help the woman named and her family. Through whatever the Democrats will come up with in their attempts to destroy her ...

Thank you for stopping by and expressing your views from Korea! 👋

I can't believe how everybody is threatening to go straight to civil war if a replacement is appointed.

Let alone I do believe the law states very clearly that upon their death another one is appointed.

There isn't anything about specific waiting and so forth.

Get these courts in action and taking care of the people

You will get no argument from me @ganjafarmer! Given how poorly we have handled all of the violent protest so far this summer, can you imagine what is coming? I think we are already hearing threats of more violence, in the face of what this event represents about the balance of power ...

The courage and will to do what is right ... Has it ever been worse? God help the poor woman selected, if the Republicans follow through. And God help the rest of the country, wherever the almost inevitable "violence as a form of protest" idiots show up ...

You have had a "front row seat" to what that involves there in Portland. I hope you and yours have managed to stay safe in the face of it.

So far this summer I have watched an armed mob rob somebody in broad daylight in downtown Portland.

I've seen arson attacks in the middle of wildfire.

I've seen 3 months of absolute anarchy and criminal behavior.

I have also seen the community come together in ways that makes those pitiful protests and criminal behavior pale in comparison.

I've seen the absolute heart of Oregon and I know that there is hope.

And I have a feeling that there's going to be some monumental changes coming up shortly.

Thanks for sharing those insights @ganjafarmer. I have some shocking "news" for you. We didn't hear anything about ...

"I have also seen the community come together in ways that makes those pitiful protests and criminal behavior pale in comparison."

... this at all. The "news" doesn't find it beneficial to provide us any hope. Their agenda is very different, at least as far as I am concerned, from anything associated with that word ...

"And I have a feeling that there's going to be some monumental changes coming up shortly."

We've already experienced an "unprecedented" number of events in 2020. Guess we'll find out soon enough what the balance of the year has in store for us. And whether we can look back and be encouraged about 2021. I certainly hope that will be the case. But if it happens, I believe the cost is going to be very high.

We'll see!

Yes we will the common people have made up their mind and they will take whatever action they deem necessary.

Personally I'm not involved in politics I'll just stay out of it and watch from a distance

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