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Okay lads and lasses, Raymondspeaks here, bringing you some most awesome updates about BRO SILVER and where we're headed for the future.

Okay, a couple of days ago I gave you the details of what I had planned for the next few months. I told you that I was completely funded and that there was no urgency for people to buy in anymore. I mean I leave them up there just so everyone has a chance to buy in in case they have missed out on BRO.

But here's the deal. You guys just keep buying broag, and large quantities of it. Right now I have nearly 4000 Hive sitting in my hive engine account from the last two days sales. This presented me with a problem. You see I don't just like idle hive, and I don't want to send it to power up or buy any other hive engine coin because this isn't broag's function. We're strictly an Internet Marketing coin. So, what do I do with all this idle hive?

Interestingly enough I was writing a post earlier on my core website about how to sustain yourself online. It was packed full of information and a far sight from the usual rubbish we see on the first page of google. Mostly sign up spam and surveys litter there and it's of no use to anyone trying to feed their family.

Anyway, I realised that I could be using the extra hive that's just sitting there to pump into one of the suggestions I was giving out. Particularly No Risk Match Betting. Now I know a lot of you may be confused by this because as far as I know it's something that's only available in the UK right now. Don't ask me why because I don't know. Perhaps it's something to do with the law. I dunno.

Anyway No Risk Matched Betting is what it says on the tin. There is no risk. The idea is this. You make a bet on Football on a Casino website, and then you bet against your bet on the exchange. Simple right? Well, there isn't much money to be made on just that.. but the money is made when you take up their promotional offers. Here's how it works..

You sign up for £10 free bets when you deposit £10. You take the free bet and lay it off at the exchange. Viola.. £10 to you if you have enough bankroll. Sometimes it can be quite expensive laying it off at the exchange. Now you may be thinking -- yeah that's great and all but that's only one offer. They won't come fast.

The trick is to lose at the casino and win at the exchange. The more you lose at the casino the more they will give you promotions to keep playing. I have tested this out before and it's quite an earner. This will definitely make us money.

So. Looks like our very first month will be profitable after all. I'm going to hire a dev sooner than expected and get them to set up a div account by the 1st Jan. All going well you guys should see a months profits in your accounts.

I'm going to give this a very conservative estimate because I'll probably have a better idea by month #2, but expected income from Decemeber will probably be between £150 - £400.

Just to be clear, if it's the upper tier of those earnings @£400 then that is £200 to investors, £120 to me & £80 to brofund. Like I say. A conservative estimate. It could be less, it could be more. We will see.

I will transfer 100% of earnings into Hive and disperse accordingly :)

I don't plan to null the coin yet. I still want to meet my IM goals first. So you are safe for at least 3 months.

Good luck friends.


congratulations Ray more and more success to you

Never heard of BRO SILVER . I must look deeper

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I think you should do :)

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There is never such a thing as a risk free bet. If the bookmakers find out what you try to do they close you down. But if you are good enough you might slip through. Hoping for the best for you :D

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There is. It's why there are entire sites in the UK dedicated to it.

Yeah where I live aswell. But if you read up a bit more on it you will see that there are many that lose money on this as well. Bookmakers works together to make sure they dont lose :)

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It's 100% legal to place a bet at one bookmarker and lay off that risk at an exchange. The only risk is human error so we better hope Ray makes no mistakes. haha

I know it's legal, but I also know that the book-makers are passing data along each other because they want to find this type of behaviour. Then they can kick you off or limit the betting possiblilties.

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Have you done it before?

Yes, with mixed results. But I don't say that you will make it, just saying that it's never something as "safe-bets" 😊

No risk huge reward! Ray what could go wrong? Is there any unstated risk here?

Please post all about the process and the results either way!

None. It's literally no risk. You bet, and then you bet against your bet. There are calculators to work that stuff all out. I have tried it many times before and banked hard. I'm excited because I will have a bigger bankroll this time :)

I dont get it. Are we getting hookers or something?

And cocaine!

All you need to worry about are the estimates. If the process dicks with your understanding, don't worry about it too much. I've got it covered. I'll keep you guys updated.

It doesn't just messing with you 😂

jokes on you, I'm drafting a post using Travala (and other services) right now to get your banana peeled

That is a very interesting concept. I have never heard of anything like that before. Good luck with everything moving forward. It sounds like you are heading in the right direction with the Bro Silver thing. Like I said, I will probably be kicking myself at some point that I missed the buy in.

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You haven't. It's up there at 2 hive per broag :)

That's thinking outside of the box I love it

It's what I do. Bring different stuff to hive ;)

haha, i never knew you knew about matched betting. There's money to had for sure and the only risk is human error.

I would help but im banned are limited to pennies on pretty much every bookie in the land, even Betfair banned me!! WFT!! not even a bookie. When I got banned from the exchange, I gave up.

People will not understand this until to show them :) I've written a few posts on this subject before. In fact 3 years back, lol. Jesus time goes quick.

Damn man - how did you get banned? I've given it at least a good 3 months :) and all my accounts are intact.

I don't know, but in here we consider betting illegal money. So I don't go with this. You can take others opinion and decide if you want to go for it. Good Luck though.
I'd prefer if you could put it somewhere else other than betting.

Hey man! Up to you. But it's legal here. And you aren't participating in it? So in my eyes it's all good :)

Aha matched betting! A few of my friends have got involved in that managed to make it work for them pretty well so I'm sure you'll do well out of it too!

Just bought a bit more BROAG too before the 3 month cut off :)

Nice! Good luck :)

Now that sounds interesting ...

Yup :)

What's the expected APY?

It's variable. Sometimes we'll do an awesome month, sometimes not as good as the last. This isn't the only thing I'm going into though. It's only on the side.

let's buy our own chicken and enlist it fro chicken-fights :P the possibilities are endless!

Jokes aside i have tried the bet thing when i was younger and worked nicely!

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Nice. I did too :)


different subject i know.. is whale down. or closed completely.. just getting the 522 error come up..

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Look like you are getting lot of ideas. Never in betting but wish you a good luck.

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This was what I used to do before using PvP website and . I usually placed the bet at last moment so that no other person can bet big bringing down the odds .

I did this many years ago (also in UK) and it definitely needs automation coz when you come to place the counter-bet the price will have changed! Good luck with it.

@raymondspeaks, sorry to see you have less Hive Power.
Your level lowered and you are now a Red Fish!

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