Dice Roller 20200802-23

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Hi all,

It’s that time of the day again and… I go first of course… 😉




I rolled a total of 22 points 

You think you can do better than that? Be my guest, you know what to do...😉


And for those who forgot…

The rules are:

  • The game is open to everybody.
  • By upvoting this post, you automatically take part and your dice will roll based on randomly chosen numbers.
  • Your upvote must be at least 0.001$ worth.
  • You can’t upvote in the first 3 minutes after publishing this post… well, you can…but your vote will be disqualified 😊
  • Your final score is obtained by summing up all your dice + some potential extra points…

Extra points are calculated as follow:

     5 Of A Kind = 20 extra points

     4 Of A Kind = 10 extra points

     3 Of A Kind = 5 extra points

     Full House = 10 extra points

     Large Straight = 15 extra points

     Small Straight = 10 extra points


If you followed the rules above and you beat my score after the dice have rolled, you’ll win a share of the liquid pay-out of this post. Of course your share will be proportional to the value of your upvote compared to the other potential winners…

You like this game but you think you missed a previous post… check the tag #pixdiceroll to see them all…

Good luck and…

KEEP on HIVING…and Rolling 😉

PS: My friend @sandymeyer created this nice “delegate-bar” in case you want to support this account. All HP that this account earns through curating is shared among the delegators.

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If you enjoy my upvotes, don’t forget to pay my delegators a little visit to show your appreciation…
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Something is rotten in the State of Denmark!