After HF24…a first update…

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Hi all!

Well, as I wrote yesterday, the HF24 forked us very hard in the **s
Nodes are still doing whatever they want, whenever they feel for it and sometimes, just sometimes, one is lucky enough to post successfully.
Right now I’m watching a couple of different nodes and… it’s horrible. I even see posts from before the HF passing by not once, not twice but different times during the day. As if the author was posting the same post multiple times daily… 😒

So I’m still busy rewriting my bots, a hell of a job, and it’s still too early to restart the Daily Dice Roll.
But I think I succeeded to relaunch my completely rewritten re-hive bot!
As far as I can see, it works well (for now) but I would like to have some feedback from you guys.

If you were on my rehive-list before the HF, and your posts are not re-hived from now on, leave me a comment. I’m not talking about the contest winners, but all the others, you know, the usual suspects 😊

I think all is going well, but of course I can’t check all re-hived posts all day long… I have other bots to rewrite too… 😉

So, leave me your feedback if you think there’s something wrong…

That’s it for now, I just hope this post will make it through the node hiccups…

KEEP on HIVING! (or just try to…)

PS: My friend @sandymeyer created this nice “delegate-bar” in case you want to support this account. All HP that this account earns through curating is shared among the delegators.

50 HP|100 HP|250 HP|500 HP|750 HP|1000 HP|2000 HP|5000 HP|10000 HP

If you enjoy my upvotes, don’t forget to pay my delegators a little visit to show your appreciation…
Right now, they are :



i wasn't able to comment post the fork :D at least some things are working fine now.
good luck working on the bot.

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saw this on Mancave and checked it out, great initiative and see you get around that's for sure. *nice post
I could wax poetic on the hardfork but I won't :)

Yay!!! Great to hear! ;)

 last month 

My last post was not re-hived, but hey... with all the confusion since the Hardfork was deployed, I'm not terribly concerned about it. I really appreciate all the reblogs from the past three years I've been here! 😊

GOOD LUCK recoding the bots!


8 know you will have it all working exactly the way you want! And I do hope we are back to normal very soon!
Sending you an Ecency boost!

Hmmm. Maybe boosts aren't working yet either!

Hello ❤ @pixresteemer! My last post might be helpful to
some for how to change nodes ! :-)
Thank you for all you do! 🍻


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It always seems to take a week for hard forks to settle in. At least we did not come to a full-on stop of the chain. I imagine things will be fully back to normal by the end of this week. In the meantime a lot of users are learning how to switch nodes around to get around what ever the current daily glitch is.