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RE: Introducing My Next Adventure: BRO SILVER

in The Man Cave8 months ago

Interesting!! Whatever, I already bought 100 of this. I have a question.

Bro Silver will be divided into three parts. 10% profits to @brofund, 30% profits to me, 40% to investors, and 10% to coin growth.

As mentioned above 10+30+40+10 = 90 so where does rest 10% goes?

Also, why putting only 10% to coin growth and 30% to yourself?

Good Luck in your endeavors.


I actually meant 20% to coin growth.

Also - this will take up a lot of my time. Like a lot of my time - and I don't work for free :P - so 30% to me is a reasonable amount don't you think? :)

30% seems good enough. I was just curious if there is something behind the curtains.
More power to Bro and Hive.