This is My Last Post.... Time for a Change

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When I created this account years back I had all intentions of My Wife and I sharing the account. Sounds a little weird but when you are married you share everything... well almost everything. The first account I made, I lost the password... oops my bad. The. I created this one. As time went on I realized that wasn’t gonna happen and could get really confusing, so I just rolled with this account name @jlsplatts. J - Being the first letter in my name Jeff and L being the first letter in my wife’s name Leah, and of course Splatts the family nickname that has been around for generations. Mainly because people didn’t want to say the whole thing. Nor did the little ones want to say, “Let’s go to Grandma and Grandpa Splattstoesser’s house.” Nope just Splatts


Call me weird but the whole jl in front of Splatts got to be annoying... For real, check it out for yourself, type Splatts on the keyboard. It just flows doesn’t it? Now add jl in front... okay I am weird I know but aren’t we all a little weird in our own way?... Right?!?

It’s Getting Cold, Laughing Keeps You Warm

Then came the account @splatts that I used to avoid auto-votes while posting on Appics. Short stupid videos and random photos didn’t deserve the auto-votes I was getting on this account. I kept this account as my “blogging” account and used @splatts as my “shit-posting” account of you will. Then along came Hive... I attempted to keep it this was but it didn’t work out like that. Posting using 2 accounts felt like I was milking rewards. I have a guilty conscience what can I say. Even though I rarely, if ever posted on each account on the same day I still felt that way. Plus, I have enough on my plate as it is and don’t need to juggle 2 accounts.


The back of my sports jerseys never said Splattstoesser it was always Splatts. Probably because it wouldn’t fit and if they made it fit it would just look like a line across the back from a distance. Being a big sports family growing up, my 3 older brothers and I were just knows as the Splatts Boys

3157223006D34E3FADBA31D359765041.jpegNot too often you get this group of Riff-Raff Together in one place
oldest to youngest - right to left

Oh ya if you are wondering how to say it, just sound it out....

Splatts - Toes - Sir

Wow, Did this post turn in some weird direction??? I just planned on saying I wasn’t going to be posting from this account anymore and instead will be posting from my @splatts account. Then it turned in to some Splattstoesser history-nickname-Family stuff... How much coffee have I had this morning??? Daaaang

I have been called Splatts my whole life and being called jlsplatts on Hive just ain’t jivin’. Even my autocorrect on my phone gets messed up. I try and write Splatts and it suggests jlsplatts. This madness has to stop. When your autocorrect gets confused then you know there is some serious issues... 🤔🤔

I have been slowly following people with @splatts in order to get my feed dialed in. @jlsplatts will follow all @splatts manual votes including those on comments. I will continue to reblog @splatts posts with @jlsplatts for a bit but that will soon stop. So if you would like to continue to see the non-sense I post, head over to @splatts and give me a follow.


Well I better get these 2 tri-tips seasoned up for some good ol’ bbq action tonight.


Until Next Time...

Hive On

Catch you on
The Splatts Side

Join us in the Mancave!


I created a couple alt accounts for specific purposes, but found keeping on top of multiple posts and replies to be a PITA. I'll make sure I'm following the other account!

PITA is exactly it!


Thanks for the support!!

jlsplatts who?



type Splatts on the keyboard. It just flows doesn’t it? Now add jl in front...

That's funny.

All those directions about your name, your new name, what you didn't call yourself, and yet you failed to mention they called you that cuz they couldn't spell the whole thing.

Dude, if I knew how to type all the ways people have attempted to say my last name it would blow you away. Here is one I remember... Splattentosser... Splatemistosser... don’t ask me where the m or the n is coming from?? 🤔🤔 One look and people get overwhelmed. It’s really simple, just sound it out. You know like they taught you in 1st grade... 🤔😜

Hey, @jlsplatts, @splatts and whatever other aliases you have. :)

Okay, so when I first saw this, I thought, oh, great, another longtime STEEM/HIVE pal is throwing in the towel completely. With the added bonus of being within a day's driving distance of my house.

So, good on you getting my attention with the clickbait title, dude.

I am, of course, glad to see that you are still hanging around, and only changing which account you will be working with primarily.

I should have known better. In fact, it really didn't compute, since you've been managing to find the time to do a lot of things here on HIVE despite the busy schedule of work, family and so forth.

You've kept it together longer than I have been able to with not as many things on my plate compared to yours, so I I should have realized it was something like this.

Anyway. Keep up the good work and I will go back into my corner of HIVE and be happy in the knowledge I didn't just lose another one. :)

Gotcha!. Lol. I am not as active around here as before. There are other things in life that take priority over looking at a screen and what not. It was time to simplify and going with the nickname I have had since birth works for me.

So if I follow you at the splatt's account will you be posting appic's stuff there also?....I tend to boycott appic's because you are right, not only does it violate rules in place that has gotten a whole lot of other people in trouble for, what they post isn't worth the rewards they get.

No I haven’t posting one Appics some Hive arrived. Though I did really like the ability to post a short video without having to go through 3speak and d.tubes whole process. Maybe could allow that someday.

I rather enjoyed the explanation, getting some history on the Splattstoesser family, that is for sure a mouthful, 14 letters in all, was fun to read about. The family picture was nice to see. If the brother standing next to you had some hair and was a little taller, he'd be a spitting image of the splatts I know.

The funny thing is that when we opened our first account we did the same thing. Both of us were planning to blog under one title. That is the reason for both Robin and Bob appearing on the page when you open up thebigsweed. Needless to say, that didn't work and @farm-mom opened up her own account.

Robin has been bugging me to change both the picture and the Robin and Bob found on the cover page.
It may be time for me to change that, especially after she reads this post.

At first, I thought you were taking a break from #hive altogether, I'm glad that's not the case.

Growing up all of our Aunts, Uncles... a lot of relatives alway got us mixed up. Shoot even at his wedding people started congratulating me. After having a couple doses of liquid courage I began just telling them thank you and how happy I was that they could come. Most of the people I didn't even know. LOL

When I became of age to hit the bar, I would have random people come up to me and say, "You're a Splatts Huh?" I am like... "Ya..." "I went to school with your brother" "Right on... which one?"

The easiest way to change the profile photo and other stuff is on It is the only app I use to access the chain. You can do everything on it. Not sure if you are using it but I suggest you give it a go. Plus you can create templates for your posts and it auto saves them so you can go back later and finish up. Witness voting, wallet transactions, posting permissions... everything.

This is probably before your time, but back in the day, there was a TV show, called The Patty Duke Show. It was about two sisters that people could not tell apart. Some of the things the sisters got themselves in because of their likenesses was LOL.
You going around during your brother's wedding, thanking people for coming reminded me of this show.

Thanks for the info jlsplatts @splatts, I've been using Peakd for a while now and I'm somewhat familiar with it.
Hey, how do you like that cross-out thing, pretty cool ha. So many people use it, and just yesterday our buddy @dandays set me straight.
I did some fooling around yesterday with my profile and changed the whole thing.
Robin and Bob no longer, just Beef.

Thanks for looking out!

Ok, I got it @splatts, already following.

Nice picture of you and your brothers, my kind of family, trouble all the way.😉

The church better be thankful that a wrestling match didn't break out. 😉

Good luck

This just popped into my head...


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