Power UP to the max - 80k combined HP and counting! 2021 goal list

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I still dream of influencing something in the right direction here. I am powering up, and getting our ducks in a row for 2021. There are a lot of projects I have my hands in, but thankfully we have 24 hours in a day to dedicate to them!

I continue to claw back gains on hive-engine, this time mostly from some splinterlands cards, btcmyk and the final days of pegged SIM sales.

Let's take a look at where we stand:



65,800 HP! This is huge, and I am still impressed at how many tokens I still have left to work with. Let's take a look at @ecoinstats which gets powered up each day from the dcity ranking gains (where we are now in 3rd place....but seriously hunting those homeless citizen cards)



In total that means we are looking at 81,700 HP! This is a serious idea, we could have decided to turn these into bitcoins but we have some goals to reach and lots of building to do on hive yet.

2021 project to-do list

There is a lot to do in the upcoming year, and I want to make some comments on these projects and how they are doing:

Ecobanker: Hive4Timber

This project is still on! We ran into the end of the year and have not been able to schedule a survey run, but we have continued to negotiate and talk and look for the right lease on the right land with the right paperwork. There will be an update in January

Ecobanker - Let's buy some land

We have come to an agreement to buy some land (pictured above). There is still some paperwork to do, we will move 50 acres into a shared business with a local partner. The goal will be to subdivide the land into a 'sustainable subdivision' project.

No tokens have been sold yet. I would like to sell some part of this land to token holders and use that money to build a hotel or hostel, which would operate like a timeshare for token holders, something like what JAHM failed to achieve.

There are several levels of legal permissions to achieve the whole dream, and this year we have gotten the first step approved, and that is enough municipal water for '100 families' based on the local regulations.


Unfortunately we were not able to get DREAMR off the ground in 2020, and I really tried hard. My arms are so tired from all the whip emoji I had to use this year.


But we have a serious MVP build nearly ready to launch, an app for the BRO/MANCAVE community and several communities now waiting in the wings to jump on in ALPHA phase, after our proof of concept MVP can work all the bugs out. Look for a soft launch here in early 2021, there won't be any more official announcements until that takes place.


ARCHON logo contest live right now! with huge prizes, I might add.

ARCHON and sister project DHEDGE have a lot going for them. Hopefully in 2021 I can continue to improve on being the top shill and publish tons of posts about the roadmap and the upcoming ideas we have. Even since my last post there has been a revolutionary development (code snippets) with the ARCHON proposal system.

I have been looting our ecoinstats.net codebase for ARCHON services, and I still have a few left like steem-hive gateway code, that I think are low hanging fruit to expand ARCHON services next year as well.

Early in 2021 the DHEDGE trading bot should be live as a service too. This will really expand the @dhedge-drips pool, which makes me excited to continue to hang on to the DHEDGE tokens, and even buy a few more at the right price.

Lootkit.witness Hive Witness

Vote for @lootkit.witness as witness. I am approachable, a builder, I use my own name, and work to help people understand better wherever I am. Plus, @thecrazygm does all the hard work behind the console.


We will continue to check out local real estate and I will continue in 2021 to try to figure out when is the right time to convert crypto into cash to buy real estate. There will be more pictures of properties and speculations.

I will necessarily talk about tokens and when is the right time to trade them for other tokens. I will continue to try to buy low and sell high.


And finally, it is one of my top goals to document everything, to keep posting each day and even multiple times per day. I have successfully installed internet on our farm, and the only thing remaining is I move back there when our renters term ends, and then I could be doing weekly farm videos or even more frequently as well.

I wish you a wonderful 2021 full of whatever you dream of. Let's leave the elites behind and just build a better world right under their noses, while they collapse into meaninglessness.

Freedom and Friendship!


Great 2020! Looking forward to your growth in 2021

have some !wine

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I love hearing about your exciting projects! And I love seeing @seckorama 's Archon contest entry banner in your post!

I wish I could have the financial stability to power up as I should be but we'll get there hopefully. Keep it up champ!

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Only at 1630 Hive Power at the moment but I love powering up and see my account grow slowly but steadily.

Best of luck with your Hive goals.

I salute your efforts!

One of the things that needs to be done first is to attract more people. We have very good ideas in the community like this one for example

No tokens have been sold yet. I would like to sell some part of this land to token holders and use that money to build a hotel or hostel, which would operate like a timeshare for token holders, something like what JAHM failed to achieve.

But we don't have that many people support all those ideas, at least that my humble opinion from the almost 4 years that i am on these platforms. For instance this idea for is fucking awesome!

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