DCITY AGENDA #10 - Political Discourse SUNDAY!

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Taxes are down! SIM market price is up and resilient! Gerber is teasing a new edition announcement! I am still having so much fun being your president citizens, promoting and playing, encouraging and engaging.

Join us in the DCITY Discord if you haven't already!


Today we found ourselves engaged in a lively discussion in the Politics Discord! This is, after all, a social game, and to understand and discuss the rules and options, make opinions and share strategies is part of the game.

After up and comer TheGolitahhh pooped on our War Tax policy for a strong DCity, the BEST DCity, user KevinLi came in to challenge the prevailing winds that War Tax is Bad Tax, and some how Basic Tax is Good Tax.


Even as we discuss these technicalities of inter-game market operations, the price of SIM has shown tremendous resilience. We are thrilled to see the INCOME tax burden fall, yielding a higher ROI for players in their calculations.


When I look at the SIM market, it seems like the three day scale that the INCOME tax uses, belies a more steady longer term pattern. SIM seems to range between 0.004 and 0.005.

This is just the information we have, historical SIM information. Should you consider to buy SIM when it is close to 0.004, you may also consider to sell SIM when it is close to 0.005. In this way, market making on SIM price is one part of the game.


Very much apart from the nuanced details and mathematical extrapolations, we want to emphasize our good work as president as a nexus, reaching out on twitter and discord, connecting those that do interesting things with those that like interesting things.

This world that we occupy in DCity is very much a mental world, and as such it is in a very real sense, as much as we make it.

When you POST ABOUT DCITY, make sure to use the #dcity tag (as well as #battle and #archon and if you are talking about the financial aspect of the game, then #leofinance is a must as well), and drop the link in the discord channel #post-about-dcity - in this way those of us who wish to promote have a feed of content with which to do so.


Some users have asked 'with what or whom are we at war', and I have at one point in time said 'minerals', and I think that these profits generated may indeed be comparable to some mineral mine, but it should serve to instate my case that the Military industrial complex is a great card, the BEST card, with which a small city can grow and hedge the impact on any level of taxes. It is important to remember that the WAR TAX comes post tax, and that if for any reason there were ever 100% taxes, the Military Industrial Complex owners would be the only ones getting paid!

With this card, a single card, can produce enough SIM, currently 98.5 roughly amount of war tax. But additionally, they also produce 20 Income pre tax.

Calculate your ROI and pick up a Military Industrial Complex card if it fits your strategy. I have offered to sell for 7000 sim off market, but currently there are cheaper options on the market. So there is no complaining about too little too late. Join in today and see the cleverer side of tax accounting!


If a player does not like this type of scheme in real life, it may be of note that perhaps we are exposing something by reflection, not action, since our digital cards may well be said to be at war with inflation as to be at war with anybody in particular.

All Participation is Valid!

This is gaming, come play along! Learning, questioning, disagreeing, trading, market making, buying, selling, eventing, mining, arguing, debating, formulating, strategizing, not everybody games in the same way.

Have fun! Freedom and Friendship!


Interesting tax info on the MIC.

Thank you @ecoinstant, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

I will have to keep the MIC strategy in mind when I reach the point of being able to afford one. Thanks for the suggestion.

@ecoinstant Great clarification and offer of sale on the military complex, are things that I did not know well, because when I go to the city of another player placed that it was less amount of SIM.

That’s an interesting view on the mic. I might have to pick up some more of them.