Belgian Cup Preview | Club Brugge vs Antwerp

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These are previews from matches involving Belgian Teams with all the latest on team news, player form, injuries along with my personal betting angles, ...

The first match of the season today, usually this is the Super Cup but this year it's the Cup Match of last season that still has to be played. It has been 5 months since the last real betting action so I do plan to slowly ease into it again these next couple of weeks.

Club Brugge vs Antwerp

There are some outside factor that will have quite some influence on this match. it is played on neutral ground as is always the case for a cup final. There will be no fans in the stadion and there currently is somewhat of a heatwave going in Belgium so expect a drink bread around minute 25' and 70'. Since this is a match from last year, new players are not allowed to play which mostly has a negative impact on Antwerp who will be forced to start their 4th Goalkeeper Majijas who never played an official match. Antwerp is also building again and has a new coach (Leko who used to coach Club Brugge) Club Brugge pretty much will play with the exact team that made them the Champion with some players who are just back out of injury without much match rhythm and some who were a bit sick during the week (Dennis/Mechele) but should be ready to play. Antwerp plays for a direct European Ticket while Club Brugge can take a historic triple. Looking at the latest practice matches, Club Brugge won convinced against Lille with 2-0 while Antwerp got 0-3 behind against Lyon which was the first real match of their new goalkeeper. Overall Club Brugge looks way more ready for this match and they are the deserved favorites. I'm not comfortable taking a pre-game favorite bet in this match though given the fact that there are still a lot unknowns. My Lean is on Club Brugge 1H -0.25 @ 1.80 and once the first goal comes, more should follow in this match. All betting in this match will be done Live. No pre-Game Bets

Late info might change my view on what is written in these previews. I will cover these matches live in our SBC Discord Channel.

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