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Hi fellow Hiveians,

Today here with some more work at the lake house. Check out what we had going on below!

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So it’s been pretty nice to have almost all the big work done. We still have some other larger components to take care of but the quantity is far less.


So my wife @ssiena had found this awesome Fakebook group called ‘Buy Nothing (town name [apparently every town in the US has one]) and found someone giving away a shit load of free sand! We’ve been doing some work to clean up the sand area anyways so we had purchased a few bags from Home Depot and that came out nice but it’s not cheap to do it. This great family hooked us up by giving away about 200$ worth of sand! Score!

They had it just sitting in their driveway and since we don’t have a truck, I figured what the hell let’s test the Subaru to see how well it does! It looked a little silly putting it in bags but I didn’t care, we make due with what we’ve got!


Ok maybe that does look a little bit like body bags filled with parts...

I had to take it in two trips there was so much. I think it was about 2,000 pounds worth of sand! I had filled 5 bags each trip and I think they each held about 200 pounds without ripping. It was thankfully easier to dump it then it was to collect it lol just dumped it on the ground with my little mini shovel (a fireplace shovel actually lol). Thankfully the little man was there every second with us using the shovel and just having fun. We actually saw one of the neighbors that said our son is a little machine from what they’ve seen, he’s always helping us and working right alongside us and they love it. Future contractor on our hands for sure!


That whole area below is now filled with sand! It was full of weeds and junk before we started but I weeded while the wife and son raked the pine cones and stuff up. Took a few hours but we were glad that we did it because it’s better to rip them out then just cut them and they grow back, making the sand look dirty again. I also moved that big pile of sticks and leaves between the two of them, over to the larger pile on the side of the property where it isn’t as noticeable.


Our little hang out spot when we sit with her uncle. It’s nice because you get to see and chat with people walking by so we’ve gotten to know some of them.

That spot there closest to the pavement we filled with sand we purchased but 8 bags just did that 5 foot wide by 8 foot long section! This whole area would’ve probably cost about 20 or 30 bags of sand! The savings we had on that alone was awesome.


This is what the sand kind of looked like before we did the work. Lots of pine needles and stuff, just a bit of a mess. Didn’t have an issue with getting that all cleaned up!


It was actually kind of funny, her uncle had some friends over and they almost didn’t recognize the place! It’s been years since he’s been able to do this type of work to it, as evidence in the previous editions of these posts. He’s very thankful that we’ve been helping him and he’s always telling us to stop but I love doing the work and it gets our son out of the house, getting confident working with his hands and that’s the biggest win in my opinion! We’ve taught him lots of different things from the tools, how to move the sand easier, bugs he sees, animals, trees and all kinds of stuff. It’s the best summer we’ve ever had with him and I’m hoping he remembers these days, we definitely will!

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Ok maybe that does look a little bit like body bags filled with parts...
Hahaha! Indeed!

Great work and idea man! I bet your son loves running on the sand as much as he loved helping you! Doing DIY stuff with your family MUST feel awesome!

Thanks for checking it out dude! Looking at the picture on my laptop, it totally looks like body bags lol oh well hehe.

Thanks man, the property was very frustrating because it wasn't kept up, people were assholes and broke a lot of glass bottles all over the place so we are constantly picking up glass it's very frustrating. We cleaned the front area heavily and put down the fresh sand so our son gets to, for the first time, play in the sand without his shoes! He absolutely loves it. It's bullshit though, he has to wear shoes in the water because people suck, but we are thankfully getting cleaner every day.

He's a little rockstar with helping lol we have to be careful to make sure we take breaks because he doesn't want to stop! I can work for hours without a break but he tries to as well and gets hangry if we don't take a break and get him some water and food every hour or so. It does feel great though to be able to include everyone in the DIY. My wife enjoys it, she loves using the clippers and cutting shit down lol so I let her do that since she enjoys it. Our son likes to do whatever we are doing so it's a big win to get him out there instead of watching TV or using an iPad like some of our friends do for their kids.

Lol $200 worth of free sand and 2 bucks in crypto not bad for a days work! Now just to actually sort the lawn out for free and you're good to go! I didn't know about these free groups, I wonder if we have them here too

I would totally check them out dude! It's called "Buy Nothing Boston" for example, but obviously it's different in many areas. I'm sure there are probably ones in major cities throughout the world so I don't know how far you live from Cape Town but there would hopefully be one for you!

We got our sons bike that way, the free sand and we still are waiting for a bunch of cobblestones that some lady is pulling up. I'll take that shit!

Thanks for checking it out bruh!

Wow, so interesting!! :) it was a very great work.

!discovery 20

Thanks for checking it out! It was a lot of fun to do the work. Some people don't find it fun but I love it every time I get to do it! I appreciate the support!

Not everyone likes to get their hands dirty, but I think it gives satisfaction to see the final result! 😊

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Thanks, I appreciate the support and exposure!

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