Where we're at and where we're headed. Update

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So I guess it's been a little while since we've updated you guys on where we're at currently, and the direction we'll be taking in the next few months. Let's get on with that now. Let's first talk figures, stats and holdings.


Firstly I'd like to talk about how well we're growing at the moment. We've seen a growth of around 3,500 hive in around 28-30 days. We started off with around 500 Hive that I had deposited from my own personal funds, and today we sit at 4,337 Hive of our own. That is tremendous growth. Here is a chart from hivestats to back it up:


Secondly I'd like to speak about our delegations. I was lucky enough to get one private delegation of 68k Hive, and the rest has come from the delegation market. We currently stand strong at around 144k Hive and slowly growing. I'm going to keep these at the same for the moment because we can continue at these prices indefinitely. We are slowly but surely growing at an amazing rate. I also continue to power up whenever and wherever I can.


Currently we own a whale amount in all the tribes. I would like to be able to show you a chart but sadly I can't find any. Not including the dividends paid out we are growing in the tribes at these rates approximately:

Leo: 15 Leo daily (approx)
Neoxag: 500 Neoxag daily (approx)
Pal: 10 Pal daily (approx)

Blurt entry?

I've received some mixed messages with our testing the waters with blurt. We bought and powered up 26,000 Blurt and we currently run a witness node over there. I'm all about open source and freedom of technology, so it can't harm to give it a try, right? See what happens. I used all of my own money because I like a bit of a gamble on new things. I am curating and posting over there too in the aim to share my blurt with you guys in the future. More dividends. Yay!

Bro Holdings.

So far, in its coffers, the Brofund currently owns this - and I will give you the hive equivalent.

  • dCity: 26,000 Hive (at current SIM prices)
  • SPI: 3,303 (6,936 Hive)
  • ARCHONM: 139 (4,934 Hive)
  • LEO: 55,141 (7,836 Hive)
  • Pal: 87,422 (506 Hive)
  • Neoxag: 759,813 (2,218 Hive)
  • Gamer: 11,460,947 (573 Hive)
  • LEOM: 320 (640 Hive)
  • LEOMM: 37 (150 Hive)
  • WorkerBee: 1,699 (1,563 Hive)
  • Hive: 2,941
  • Blurt: 26,519 (1,074 Hive)
  • Offchain: (7,866 Hive)
  • Hive power: 4,347 Hive

Total Hive assets
= 67,584 Hive. (16,293 USD approx)

Where we're headed.

As you all know we have some exciting stuff coming out in the next month or so. I don't have a definite timeline but "soon" is the answer you're looking for. I can't honestly be more succinct than that so bear with me. If you're desperate to know a better answer than I can give you then I'd suggest messaging @ecoinstant over on discord because it's his job to manage the developers. He'd be able to be more precise than I. You can find our discord here: https://discord.gg/qd8J2x3

As for what's being released then I can tell you (as I always do) that it's being built on the second layer and we're looking at heavily increasing usage and adoption. That's all I can say. We think it's going to be hive changing. Time will tell.

As for the social then everything is going well. Our discord is active and people are having fun and (hopefully) enjoying being there!

You should join us in the mancave, buy some Bro too! - here https://hive-engine.com/?p=market&t=BRO


Yes, we are moving forward, and more information available soon - but !BRO - you have done fantastic organizing the @brofund! Keep up the great work Ray!

looking forward to that my man :)

I’m in a pickle right now, trying to buy bro tokens but also trying to invest in dCity. I’m a little late to dCity but I’ve at least got a little bit of income coming from it.

My 2 bro tokens are looking lonely but better than 0!

Good investment portfolio you’ve got here. Can you recommend someone to follow so I can curate tokens like PAL on an alt account? I’m hoping to get some better use out of my tokens I’ve got there.

I'd recommend following our accounts on the tribes. We're rarely at 100%. Our accounts are, @brofund-leo, @brofund-pal, @brofund-ag - hope that helps :)

It does thank you, I appreciate it!

No worries :)

Thanks, I was able to follow your leo account but it's saying that it doesn't exist for pal. Can you create the trail on hive.vote for the pal account? Appreciate when you're able to!

wow 16k USD total estimated assets. That's a lot of BRO fisting power!

tis, I could probably bro-fist you to the moon with that

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But do you payout Dividends?

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Yes, daily! Check my wallet to get an idea (I have 100 bros)

nice, will put this on my to invest list :)

Yup! Dividends paid out in Hive, leo, pal, neoxag, and hopefully blurt once they switch to 50/50 powerup / liquid.

nice, already bought some :)

Awesome! Enjoy :)

Join the discord too. Be a but active and you will be able to throw your posts too in the promo channel for a chance to get some really generous votes !

You explained it well, I liked the way you formatted your context. Would you please tell me one thing that is curating others content a kinda gamble? it so, how? thanks you!! Regards!!

I don't think it's a gamble. It's regular income :D

Thank you bruh

Awesome. Will need to get some Bro.

Please do so :) - feel free!

I have some liquid Hive .... How do I send Hive to Hive-Engine ?

The best option here IMO @offgridlife, is to use LeoDex. The exchange fees from your liquid HIVE to the SWAP.HIVE token needed to buy BRO is 1/4 that of HE. You can also buy BRO on LeoDex.

Any questions or need more info, please feel free to ask!

Could I send you 3 Hive for 1 Bro.... I will start my stack.

Looking good to me!

As regards blurt - I'm doing an experiment over there myself. It's a bit more wad coming in for not too much effort!

It's hardly worth selling at current prices either.

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I agree! I'm not so sure why people are just throwing their blurt away when I'm watching the team, and they are actively busy. I'm giving them a chance at least :)