The Man Cave will be the first community to onboard DreamR

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Okay, so I've been given the go ahead to start drip-feeding my community that which we haven't told you. We are close, very close to DreamR Alpha. Which means that when we're ready to test out bugs and fixes, we'll be inviting the Cave in to have a play. We'll ask everyone to play hard to see if anything breaks, and give us feedback.

What's in it for you?


Delicious, yummy, rewards. Oh on top of your Hive, so don't panic about that. The alpha testers will be invited in as the community that tests it out and will be rewarded accordingly.

How will we separate who uses it and who doesn't? That's not going to be an issue. There will be a link in the cave so that everyone that wants to join can take it for a spin.

What kind of HP will it have?

The project will already have a fair bit added to it. The initial delegation will come from Kushed, and that, as far as I'm aware, is in the hundreds of thousands of HP. We will always be on the lookout for fresh delegations.

Is this why I have been focusing on Brofunds HP?

Yes, and No. DreamR will go with the delegation mining model. So whomever delegates in to us will freshly mint new DreamR coins. I will be using our free HP from the Brofund to delegate into DreamR to mint new coins. The curation payout for BRO holders will be higher on this. I'm thinking 80%. However, I will have to discuss this properly with my team. When DreamR divs start, Hive divs will stop.

Didn't we have this discussion in the cave about delegation mining already

Actually, we had thought of this idea many moons ago when we were drawing up an idea of what our project may look like. One thing is for sure is that we will need some decent curation given the amount of people we plan to onboard and the scope of our project. Minting coins for HP is definitely a good way to go for what we plan to achieve.

But won't that devalue the token when whales dump?

Actually, no. No. It shouldn't in essence. There is a lot of finance backing this. This just isn't some project that is grabbing curation because it can't afford any. We can, however with our finances not locked up in HP forever we will be able to do things like buy back and burn our coins from the market.

Yeah, hive engine won't be where we rest at. We're looking at Bittrex, Binance, etc. All the big names. We aren't a penny project.

Content dripfeed

So expect this info as a first installment of a continual snippet release until DreamR is at alpha stage. I'm hoping to get a few out each week for sure! I hope this wets your whistle.


What to go...once again, you said a lot without saying anything.

Politics might be in your future. 😁

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That's exactly what i was thinking

It's a skill haha

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Excelent! I hope I can join the program 😁

If you're in the cave you will be able to :)

Wow this seems cool from what I understood hahaha good stuff!

Looking forward to it :)

When lambo?

Hopefully soon!

so uh where do I delegate to?

I'll announce that when we're open. You'll find out soon enough :)

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