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One thing I have toyed with recently is saddling up with those folks that talk about men, and are directly involved with helping men on a social and physical level. You know? The social media influencers that love to get the word out there about the struggles of manliness. Part of our core aims are very much on the social too. Providing a place for men to just be.. well, men. Whatever that may look like.

Interestingly I struggled with the concept of exclusivity versus inclusivity initially. Whether or not that the Man Cave should be "men only" or to just let anyone that wanted to join in, be themselves. It's something that @aggroed asked me when I was last on his show.

I think this distinction is a very important one because when we take exclusivity to the point that no matter what you do, you can't join, like for example our club would be "based on sex," something you can't change, then we alienate a lot of people that want to take part. Take YouTube for example, a big portion of the Manosphere are in fact women that want to advance the male cause. I think we have seen similar in our own Discord also by the many women in there that feel comfortable amongst a pile of sweaty men.

So I think for the social side of our project at least I'm going to try and open the flood gates to The Man Cave. Whether that's grabbing our thousands of Facebook followers, or taking it out to twitter into the ether of men talking about manly stuff. I have to approach this with caution though, because when the flood-gates open we don't only attract the good, we also attract the bad.

Thinking ahead from that though, when our app is fully functional and ready to take the world by storm then perhaps the influx of bad and good is something that we will have to contend with anyway. We seem to have built a little tight nit community already, but for how long? One thing that we'll have to get used to is the massive flow to hive (and crypto in general) when the season is in full flow. Just take a look at my analytics chart when Bitcoin hit $20k in 2018:

The above chart is Google's search interest for Bitcoin over the last 16 years. Just look at that 2018 spike. It way overshadows it's predecessor spike in 2013. What do you think it will be like for the next craze? Mahoosive. For sure. Interest will be higher than ever, and we may even see actual big corporations setting up cryptocurrency divisions. I think the next spike will be like the dot com boom. We will see the rise and fall of millionaires. We will see Joe Bloggs and his five children trying to make it work for them. I think the next spike will be the one that makes us all. It's coming, oh yes. We're still here early.

However we can't ignore the bad. In 2017 we saw the countless rise and fall of scam coins. We seen people lose their houses, and their self-respect over what they thought was a sure thing. Everyone that remains in crypto has a scam story to tell, even myself. So not only will we be here to reap the rewards but we'll have to be careful of what we sink our investments into.

Brofund will still be here. Through rain, wind, snow & bear markets. We'll ride it all out. Our plan is to get as much hive as we possibly can and power that shit up. As much as we can, when we can.

In all these thoughts I was thinking about catching them early. So we don't have an avalanche of people joining our discord server asking what our coin is about and what we do. I don't think all of us here could deal with that emotional downpour. So if I start now, and perhaps at least make ourselves known in some mainstream way, whether that's through twitter of facebook then it would be half the battle in the long run. We should start converting them early.

What does this mean for us? Well, I'm going to take to twitter and get actively involved with the outer world. In the coming weeks I'm going to start trying to engage with prominent people over twitter, youtube, and facebook and promote what we do here at hive. I'm not thinking purely Man Cave here, but moreso maybe a few YouTubers might find happiness over at @threespeak, or some disengaged tweeters may find better happiness in hive blogging. It's worth a try though because they're going to find us eventually. Trust me on that.

But the thing we have to remember is that we aren't Political. The world has had a strange way of Politicising sex and gender. It's a strange situation to be in especially when our spectrum seems to be completely split in half. You can't say certain things without being dogpiled on for having different views. You can't come to the cave and expect us to all agree. We're a wide variety of men spanned across all views and ideas, and we can respectfully disagree without having a coronary.

We will try and support the wider community of men in whatever they want to do. Whether that's make some nice cash on the side or develop their skills. Lots to see and do over here, I want to fan those flames.


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Very nicely said here. It’s about being able to put away differences and talk about and engage with things that are about being men. Whether you are a man or a woman, political views, it doesn’t matter. Mowing the grass, fixing things, watching sports, fishing, hiking and so many other things are what lots of guys enjoy doing regardless of all that other noise. Women enjoy all of it too and they can talk about all of it but just a place where people can shoot the shit without division and shit. That’s what it’s about!

Crypto gets stronger and stronger with each wave. It will be interesting to see where we end up when this next wave peaks and comes down. Who will make the good investments? Who will make the bad ones? We can only hope to be on the good side of that but there’s no guarantee. I think hive is a safe bet because of what’s happening for ramping up to mass adoption. Can we roll out SMT’s in time to perfectly capitalize on the influx?

Time will tell. I'm hoping to make some smart decisions myself. But yes, the cave is a place for everyone. People that like the idea will join, others that don't, then they wont. All is well :)

I think you just nailed it, I also believe brofund will take it place in the market just like BTC is doing, I believe everyone has story to tell, for me had gotten myself into scam more than I can remember now, but I know couple of good platforms out there, I believe brofund would be listed on CMC soon.

@brofund would suggest a Twitter or social media campaign for more visibility beyond blockchain.

Congratulations @brofund!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

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Nicely put! I want to make my face known in the Mancave and BRO community. I frequently use the hashtag!

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