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'Lost alone on an island', there's a lot of fictions, tv shows and movies on this concept. I have seen a lot of comments, what would people do when they are left alone on an island, I found some really funny and also practical thoughts of others. But most people just tried to answer these question like, they love to be alone and they will love to stay on an island forever where no one was.


Even in that late-night shows celebrities also answer these questions like this, they also wanted to be alone. They also hate society, not their fans, only society. I don't know how their fans differ from society. Every boring guy hates society, they have a lot in mind to blame society. Even politicians reply to complex questions by putting blame on society.

I really couldn't understand how can one blame society, when they are even ready to change. A society is a group of individuals, it included me and you. We are not ready to change, we want the others to change first. Every individual thinks that way it goes on.

Coming back to our island scenario, I don't know what will happen in reality, but I think that If I was in some kind of that scenario, all I want would be going home. I'm saying this from how my life now, I don't is that will change after happening or worse incidents to come.

We all can say that we love to be alone, the funny fact is that even for saying that dialogue we need some listeners. Some listeners to clap on our boring philosophies. Most of the people I've seen who says he wanted to be alone is just because of some bad incidents happened with few people. After that, they generalise all the society in that category. They don't want to get hurt again, so they stay away from everyone.

It's like running away, it's just fear. To hide that fear people call themselves introverts. 'Introvert' became a common word now. There's also another side to it, there are really some introvert people, who have clinical depression and consulting doctors. But they are a few.

I still don't understand why people say they want to live alone if they want to live alone why they are here on this planet, surrounded by people. I don't say 'love' is everything. But I can say that it's enough to have a good life. Happiness and all the other things come through it, loving one another and standing for one another is something is what we are really here for.

I don't think it's easy to love everyone. There are really good and bad people, according to our perspectives. So what we could even do is loving the good, ignoring the bad. They are a lot of fights between people, even friends, at the mind level. All of us are selfish in the core, and it's acceptable. But we could reduce that selfishness and put some real changes around. We may not be Gandhi's, but we could really help others within our limitations.

Nowadays society we most of us at living in, helping someone can be done in very simple manners. There is no need for buying clothes or buying foods in most of the scenarios, nowadays it's more like understanding others dreams and perspectives. Everyone had their own philosophies and dreams, most people lack even a listener. Being a listener could help to make a big change.


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