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RE: Introducing My Next Adventure: BRO SILVER

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Tokenizing your digital marketing company, interesting idea, i like!

What niches are the 4 websites in and what's the CPM for each?


Okay, so far I have a Jobs website, an Internet Marketing website, a dropshipping company, and I've ordered an amazon affiliate site too. More on the way. It'll take me probably a couple of weeks to get everything running smoothly, but we'll get there.

Also, you asked about Cost Per Mile (cpm) earlier - I won't be planning on making money through advertising much. Facebook and Google have cornered that market. I'm not too sure I like the idea of ads.

HOWEVER! I might look into adding a high CPC Google adsense site to our list if I can get one in a niche I have knowledge about :) - those are like if you get 100 visitors and 10 people click on your ads - then it might be $2 per click.