A question for the immortals...

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Is there a difference between faith in God and gullibility? If you believe in God, not out of faith but out of gullibility, do you still qualify for the ultimate life insurance, or will your claim be rejected at the time of final judgment? I wrote this question for people that believe in any of the three major monotheistic religions and beyond. Replace the word God with whatever you like. There are no wrong answers as far as I'm concerned.

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I'm sure there are plenty of salesmen who can sell you whatever insurance you'd like, for a specific, annual fee. I don't know...does it even matter in the end?

There is only one true God - My father. I am the Son of Zeus!😏

I think it's just what we believe in, what we like to do

I do believe in Eternal Power, we all worship to God but that all God is one which is that eternal power. And now death is the ultimate truth, we all will die some sooner and some later. Why to think about it, you can think about what good deeds you have done in your life.