What are the chances of people joining Hive who lost jobs because of corona?

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Millions of people lost their jobs because of coronavirus and we still don't know how many more jobs will be lost in the coming months. Those people will obviously be looking for ways to earn money to feed their families and right now getting a new job is next to impossible.

With that said, the jobless people will be in search of something that can help them financially. Do you think there is a slight chance that these people will join Hive to earn some money?


There are already some old users coming back to Hive. There is a strong possibility that more old users will be coming back to blog on Hive. But how can we make sure that every jobless person on planet earth knows that there is a platform that can help?
A Twitter campaign, maybe!

Just imagine, even if less than 5% of the jobless people join Hive, that could still land us millions of new users.

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I think this presents a good idea for a twitter campaign. Lots of people have been laid off already and more people are closer to their phones and computers. If we could somehow attract them here, it might become a good alternative for them to earn money.

I'm an old user and I recently just returned because I've got a lot more free time now.

Yeah right.
We have already done a good job promoting Hive on Twitter. We just need to push a bit more.

Yeah, I know you. I guess you were active in 2017-18.
User retention is a problem and if we can solve that only, we will still have good number of users.

we need a campaign once the onboarding is better, as @roomservice is working on that right now. A campaign is needed for sure.

Yeah, maybe many people will join Hive in coming months but before that we need to ready to handle huge incoming traffic.
I just saw an update from @hiveonboard and it looks like @roomservice is doing a good job and I am sure onboarding will be better than ever now.

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