Ask the Hive: what is the best movie you have seen lately?

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Welcome to my ATH (Ask the Hive) weekly series that I created to increase the engagement level on Hive (or at least among my followers).

In the last round, we had an interesting and prolific debate about introversion and extroversion that eventually generated as many as 31 comments - thanks for your contribution guys! I hope we will have a lot of engagement in this round too :)

The question for this round is: what is the best movie you have seen lately?


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Yep. Nothing overly deep or complicated today. I would just like to get some cool movie tips from you. Any genre is fine but good thrillers, horrors, psychological dramas, mystery movies and road movies will be especially appreciated ;)

As usually, I will try to upvote all relevant comments.

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Yesterday I watched a fantastic recommendable Thriller. ----> "Before I Go To Sleep"

Awesome, sounds good :) Thanks!

Good day. I watched the film "The Master and Margarita" based on Bulgakov's book. Although I read the book several times, I liked the movie. Thanks for the good question. I wish you success and all the best.

Cool, thank you :) You mean this one?

Yes, that's right. I meant this book. Thank you for responding to my comment.

Avatar is without a doubt one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. I'm looking forward to the second part of next year's release.

Oh I didn´t even know there will be Avatar 2... I liked the first movie. Thanks for your contribution to the debate :)

Look here:

Wow, looks awesome :)

Můžu doporučit český film Šarlatán, drama o léčiteli z první poloviny dvacátého století s I. Trojanem v hlavní roli.
Právě běží v kinech.

Jo na tenhle snímek se chystám :) Díky za tip. Jak se vám to líbilo?

Líbilo. Silný příběh zajímavého člověka. Řekl bych, že to byl dost kvalitní film. Jsou tam nějaké drsnější či homosexuální scény, ale dá se to přežít :-)
Není to přesně podle života toho léčitele, je tam dost fikce.
Konec není úplně uzavřený, každopádně je logicky odvoditelné, jak to dopadlo.
Není to film, který bych už nechtěl vidět znova.
Za mě tak 80 % ;-)

Tak super, zní to velmi dobře. Už se těším :)

;-) Dej pak vědět, jak se ti to líbilo.

Jasně :) Včera jsem na to slyšel od známých další pozitivní recenze...


The two best movies I´ve seen in the past year was Joker and Knives Out. Since yesterday I´m watching a series about Super Heroes called The Boys, I can highly recommend to watch it.

Oh I really liked Joker too. Need to check out Knives Out and the super hero series :) Thanks for the tips!

I really loved POKÉMON Detective Pikachu even if it's not a recent one :D

Wow, never heard of that movie, let me check it out :D

I watched TENET last Saturday. It was really good. Would watch it again

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Oh I have heard a lot about Tenet, mostly positive reviews. Thanks for yours :)