Ask the Hive: what do you expect from the upcoming hard fork?

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Welcome to my ATH (Ask the Hive) weekly series that I created to increase the engagement level on Hive (or at least among my followers).

In the last round, we had a very interesting and prolific debate about whether you prefer outdoor workout or regular gym that eventually generated as many as 32 comments - thanks for your contribution guys! I hope we will have a lot of engagement in this round too :)

The question for this round is: what do you expect from the upcoming hard fork?


As you probably know, the official final date of the next Hive hard fork has been announced - it will happen on October 6. I am not a techie and I haven´t read all of the posts dedicated to the upcoming hard fork (its name is Eclipse btw) but I have some ideas of what it should bring or change.

With that being said, I figured it could be interesting to ask you guys what your personal expectations from this event are. I am excited to check out what you will have to say about it in the comment section below ;)

As usually, I will try to upvote all relevant comments.

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HF24 / Eclipse is primarily a technical update. Most users may not even notice that a fork has occurred.
However, what is very important is the fact that the blockchain ID will change and Steemit will remain a thing of the past. This is especially important for application developers.
I would like to write a short post about HF in Czech. We'll see how it goes with time.
I will upgrade my witness server today and from the evening I should confirm the blocks with version 1.24.2

However, I'd like to stick out Eclipse, which is a great, concise and in a way funny name;)

Thanks for this little insight into the actual content of the hard fork :) The definitive disconnection from Steem sounds great. Fingers crossed so that everything goes smoothly.

I believe the HF will be done smoothly. The devs are doing great job.

Btw. My witness server is running Eclipse now. I wait for time around 19:20 CET for signing the next block with this version. Then the 1.24.2 will be shown. for my witness.

Sinceramente espero que este nuevo hard fork sea para mejorar la plataforma y no como en casos anteriores que desmejoran los beneficios para los creadores de contenido, aunque creo que ya se está sintiendo el eclipse porque no están valorando mucho los post y cuando lo hacen el valor que dan es sumamente bajo, cosa que entristece y desanima muchísimo porque no es justo.

No te preocupes, que yo sepa, el próximo hard fork no tendrán nada que ver con la distribución de recompensas. Gracias por tu contribución :)

i expect it to work and not notice that it happened :D

it is all technical stuff, end users would only notice if it goes really wrong, or they could notice that things work a bit faster.

That´s pretty much what I heard too :) Hopefully it will be a smooth one. Thanks for stopping by man.

Good afternoon. For me personally, this is a very difficult question. Thanks for the nice post. Good luck to you

Well, hard forks are pretty big things in the world of blockchains but this particular one shouldn´t be a big deal for us, ordinary users ;) Thanks for joining this round man, have a nice weekend.

Thank you for responding to my comment. Have a good evening.

I expecting after hardfork the price of Hive will be up. So anything must be do inside the HF, just like modification and change about Powerdown less than 13 weeks. 😁

Some kind of price pump would be nice, that´s for sure. I know there is an ongoing debate about the optimal length of the power down process but this hard fork will have nothing to do with it. Thanks for your feedback ;)

Okay 😁