Ask the Hive: does the full moon affect your sleep?

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

Welcome to my ATH (Ask the Hive) weekly series that I created to increase the engagement level on Hive (or at least among my followers).

Apparently, looking back at my blog, I have skipped a few rounds of the series for various reasons (such as the post hard fork bugs etc.) and I am sorry about that but today, I am coming with another question for you guys and the question is:

Does the full moon affect your sleep?


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For me, poor sleep is always one of the first and most noticeable signs that something is wrong with me, usually with my psychological well-being so I really try to pay attention to my sleep and work on the issues that might have a bad effect on it.

In the recent years, however, I have noticed another very interesting thing. My sleep is significantly worse during the full moon (and sometimes also one or two days before and after it) than it is during the rest of the month. I cannot fall asleep and once I do, I wake up very often and I also have really bizarre dreams and/or nightmares.

There have been several studies that confirmed that many people actually have the same symptoms during the full moon, yet it hasn´t really been explained what exactly causes them.

How about you guys? Does the full moon affect your sleep too? If so, in what way? Let me know in the comment section below, I am really curious to see what you have to say about this topic.

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I should wait for the next fullmoon to properly observe whether it has any influence on my sleep quality cos I never really took any notice about it 😊.
However I generally have the luck to never have any problem with sleeping, no matter how serious the problem I have.
It seems that I inherited this from my Mom LOL.
We can always sleep in any kind of circumstance 😁.

Good for you, having no problems with sleep, no matter what the circumstances are, is a real blessing these days :) I might have actually inherited the sleep issues from my mom too, she suffers from it quite a lot.

Interesting. I'm different. The full moon doest affect my sleep at all because I can't see anything once I close my eyes. 🤣 However, l love watching the full moon , especially in remote area or countryside you can see the big full moon. I think I have good feeling and find it peaceful everytime watching full moon. 🙂

Looks like another happy sleeper here, good for you! :) But yeah, I like to watch the full moon too, especially the big ones (super moons etc.)

It's interesting. I would say pretty much the same, my sleep becomes worse and dreams weirder. I also observed this before the full moon is complete. Nice to hear, I am not the only one with this issue 😁 good post!

Thank you very much for your feedback and likewise - it feels good to really know that there are people out there with the same experience ;)

Obávám se, že úplněk na můj spánek vliv nemá. Můj spánek teď ovlivňuje naše sluníčko :D


Tak u vás je to teď jasné :D Ať vás sluníčko nechá občas aspoň trochu vyspat ;)

Děkujeme :)

Spím pořád stejně tvrdě :-). Ovšem ve dnech kolem úplňku pociťuji v bdělém stavu jistý neklid.
A také potkávám na cestách více "šílenců".

Zajímavé. Čekal jsem, že právě ty (coby mimořádně citlivý a vnímavý člověk) budeš jeden z těch, kteří tu tajemnou sílu úplňku v noci pociťují :) Dobře pro tebe. Už se mi párkrát stalo, že jsem při úplňku "zabral" až kolem šesté ranní... Následující den pak taky podle toho vypadal :D :/

V noci spím úplněk neúplněk :-) Podle ženušky prý neklidně, ale nic o tom nevím :-)


Ono se to má tak. Doma jsme obloženi "nákladem" křišťálu a křemene, takže vnější vlivy jsou do jisté míry utlumeny :-D

Že bych to teda taky zkusil? Stačí třeba jeden kamínek na noční stolek? :)

Křišťál je "univerzální čistič" a křemen "čistí" prostor. Pokud chceš klidný spánek, pořiď si růženín. Při úplňku radši dva :-D

Super, díky za tip :)

Over here it's being said that those who can't sleep during the full moon have a sensitive way of being. But even though I consider myself being sensitive I never had problems with my sleep during the full moon, haha.

Anyway, I look at the full moon differently, as it's been years since something special and important it happens in my life every single time it's a full moon on the sky. :)

That´s interesting... Maybe you are tougher than you think haha :))

Wow so for you, full moons are even signs of important events... I will pay more attention to this from now on to find out if it applies to me too :)

The the only way the full moon effects my sleep is by me not getting enough sleep on a full moon because i stay up making more love and more love did i say more love to my beautiful wife it must be that Italian blood...hehe...some how i get even more romantic and after making all that love i sleep like a baby 😁♥️😊♥️🤣♥️😁

Hahaha that was nice :))) The very best effect the full moon can have on people I think :D

Haha , very true well i hope it has the same effect on you at some stage 😊

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