Will HIVE integrate CSS in future hard fork? Is there really a chance?

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CSS + HIVE = Better UI

What is CSS?

  • CSS is a language that describes the style of an HTML document.

What does CSS do?

  • Text size, color, style, typeface.
  • Change background color of post.
  • Link color and style.
  • Control Image & video size.
  • Table size, shading, borders, and alignment.
  • Do some basic animation.

The Problem

Yesterday I pursue an interest in changing the color of my font text while commenting other posts. I tried some inline CSS style attribute. But it doesn't work. Because CSS is not recognizable on Hive blog posts or comments. We only do basic formatting using HTML or HIVE in-build markdown feature.

My question is why doesn’t Hive implement CSS to take it whole new level experience on blog posting?

Put your thoughts in comments about CSS integration.

Thanks for reading.

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Simple markdown works or use peakd.com as front-end and do the formatting in the editor

I know markdown works, but with css I can do better styling such as changing font color, adding shadows, colorful table and so on.

This is a thing for the front ends. Not the blockchain level.

Then I think this will be more easy to integrat.

I came to peakd just now, hoping I could integrate pages with simple css bar graphs, like this, but peakd markdown is too limited to make these simple bars. Even simple harmless css would be a great boost.
Now I am doubting how I will do this, make a page elsewhere and link to it in peakd with images from the css bars?
The benefit is that search engines (like google or inside peakd) will pick up on the words of the graphs which won't be done with images..