Display Difference of HIVE Power on HIVE.BLOG

in Ask the Hive2 months ago (edited)

Hey All;

I noticed that there is a difference between the Vote Weight of HP on HIVE.BLOG as opposed to on the Hiveblocks & Peaked.

Here You can see the difference spotted. On the left side, You see 42026 HP Vote Weight on Hive.blog & Whereas you see 43304 HP Vote Weight on hiveblocks


This is the snapshot from Peakd; here also it shows correctly.


My question is::

Why is there a difference in Vote Weight on hive.blogs and other portals? Also, the difference is not minute there is a clear difference of more than 1K+ HP vote weight.

Did you notice this difference on HP Vote Weight? And what are your thoughts on the same?

Best Regards


May be a sync issue across different nodes ?

I'm not sure about that. But doesn't seem to be a sync issue to me.

Hah yeah I noticed that too.. idk why