What's your favorite dapp or community that has moved to hive?

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If this has been asked before I can delete, but what's your favorite dapp, site, community that has made the transition to Hive?

Here are a few of mine below in no particular order.

  1. https://blocktrades.us/en/trade -> I lied, this is by far my favorite project that has moved to HIVE. As long as they exist there is a good chance I'll move my HIVE in out and through Blocktrades.
  2. https://hive-engine.com/ -> I have not spent a lot of time on here recently. I need to spend some more time looking around, but I wish there were more good projects and liquidity.
  3. https://hive.dlease.io/ -> Great way to earn some passive income.
  4. https://hivebuzz.me/ranking -> Love that this moved over to track my rankings.
  5. https://hive.vote/dash.php -> Great free project to set-up auto voting and curation trails.
  6. https://dblog.org/ -> used to be engrave.website, a cool way to start your own blockchain-based blog.


  1. Operation Curation Delegation -> OCD has its own community and is supporting several other communities.
  2. SteemLeo -> Now LeoFinance, glad to watch them continue to spread their wings.
  3. Neoxian City

Once again anything you notice I'm missing let me know in the comments below.


I'm very happy that some kind souls converted Steemworld to beeme.icu. I regularly use both tools to manage my account so whoever helped there, thank you.

I guess for community I would obviously pick SportsTalkSocial but if I wasn't able to pick that then it would be LEO.

Nice, forgot about sportstalksocial.

Forgot about steemworld as well! Thanks for the comment.

Hoping some others chime in that see my post on twitter. If they post anything good on Twitter and not here I'll be sure to make the comments below.

I feel dumb as I made this post on Peakd and didn't even think to credit them in the post. Sorry guys.

Yeah, definitely peakd.com for me. :)

Hive.blog for the SimpleUI, and AskHive for increasing the engagement.