What Keeps You Coming Back to Hive?

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There are times that I won't log on for a week or a few months and then there are times I try and write a post every day.


I think it has been the different ways to interact on the platform. Splinterlands piqued my interest, Steem-engine, and now I've been enjoying APPICS (hoping someone makes something similar on HIVE), and the Ask Hive community.

The fact that the HIVE blockchain is so much more than just a blogging platform is what keeps me coming back and engaging with the community.

If you can come up with a thoughtful comment (besides money) in the comments, I'll leave you an upvote.


All the cool people and stuff going on. So many are wanting to build things and go out make something. It's exciting.

I also made it a habit. Quite a hard one to break. I just keep coming back for more.

Haha I try and make it a habit, but I seem to start and stop in streaks.

I'm definitely enjoying more communities

Coming back to Hive?
It's not long ago since I saw Hive for the first time, so I've literally just been enjoying the ride. The "honeymoon" period feels awesome. It feels like a very refreshing, new and welcome start.

Definitely still enjoying that "new car smell" as well.

Being part of a global community. The dApps. Easy name recognition/ transaction platform.

I definitely enjoy reading all perspectives from a global community.

I'll be honest, it's the people asking questions in the AskHive community. I've wanted something like this for a while now.

I'm not going to lie, I didn't think I would enjoy something like this, but the fact that I can come and read some short questions and then interact with people has been quite enjoyable the past few days!

We need something similar to APPICS here on hive, but better managed and more stable.

OMG it's been so painful. I've only started using it in the past week or so and it's almost unbearable.

I do like how easy it is just to take a photo and share and just having a photography community doesn't really compete, but as unstable it is I'm leaning towards just participating in a photography community.

The vast culture it brings with it along with so many intellectual people where I learn from them every day.

I have learned a lot with all the knowledge that others share.

Same here, and it's always good for us.

A miner's persperctive:

The fact that HIVE has a blogging platform, makes it so much more than just a blockchain; is what keeps me coming back... 🙂

Sounds like we have very similar reasons for enjoying the platform!

Because I need to start getting my Twitter game stronger and be more active. I would love more followers on Twitter!

I actually came along with hive, not came back 😀🤓

I meant, what keeps you logging on every day and commenting and posting? Doesn't matter if you came back or just came along.

Well, I am not posting every day for sure, so I just log in every day to curate some posts to get some curation rewards. In the process, I discover some new people.

Curation rewards definitely help to keep me active as well!

The random ideas that strike.