What Have You Been Doing to Keep you Busy in Quarantine? (TV Shows, Books, Podcasts Recommendations?)

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I was wanting to know what others have been watching, reading, or listening to during this quarantine. It seems like I have a little more time to improve myself and was wondering what recommendations others may have? (Can be pure entertainment recommendations as well)

TV Shows


I watched the first few seasons of Community and then I don't know what happens, but I've been enjoying watching the show again on Netflix as it was added recently.


Bosch is a police detective series I've been enjoying and excited to see that Season 6 is now out for me to watch.


Bosch has been a good show so far about a "star lawyer" falling from grace into alcoholism. Starring Billy Bob Thorton, it's definitely a show worth watching if you enjoy underdog type shows.


Disney +

I never really got into The Clone Wars animated series on TV, but when I could binge-watch it on Netflix made it through all the seasons. Now that it has made it's way onto Disney+ the show is wrapping up with the final season.



One series I hope to get back into is the HALO series. I loved reading the first 2 books and then couldn't find books 3 and 4 for the longest time. Now that we've moved and mostly unpacked I found all the books I own so far in the series and hope to start reading them again.


Some books I have recently started are Skin in the Game and Think and Grow Rich. Skin in the Game was a book recommended by @dan on Twitter. Skin in the Game is a book I've had for a while and just now getting around to reading.

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Think and Grow Rich
Skin in the Game

YouTube and Podcasts

Most are YouTube links, but I think you can find most (except for the first link) on most Podcast channels or applications.

Magic the Gathering and Investing Themed Channel

Mainly Bitcoin Podcast

Bigger Pockets is a Great Resource on Real Estate and Finances in General


Screenshot_2020-04-30 last kingdom at DuckDuckGo.png

Season Four began on Sunday

Nice. What's it about, the wife and I were considering starting it and saw that last night actually.

Its a historical drama, definitely for adults only, set in England at the time of Alfred the Great with the Viking invasions. The Last Saxon Kingdom was Wessex. Lots of swords, blood and sex a perfect Viking versus Saxon drama.

Amazing show!

I usually work 8 hours after that Reading books, playing with my kid and watching movies.

Yeah, I have to get the work grind and time with friends and family in as well before I can move on to this stuff :D

TV shows: Billions, Banshee, Peaky Blinders

Books: Saxon Tales (The Last Kingdom tv show is based on this book series), The Expanse book series (Sci Fi, last book comes out in a few months)

Peaky Blinders is a great show, but haven't heard of any of the others and the books are definitely something that sounds like I'd be interested in!

Another two that have blown me away completely are The Expanse (a truly remarkable sci fi show - the fourth season looks like Nolan's Interstellar) and La Casa De Papel!

I've not watch much Rudy these days. Been in my own little bubble.