What Game Would you Like to See the Next Version Made?

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Specifically, I'm looking for what is one game that was made that never had a part 2 but should have. If you can think of a series that is now dead that is acceptable as well as that's all I can think of right now.

Power Stone 1 and Power Stone 2 on Sega Dreamcast were amazing. I would love to see a Power Stone 3 at some future date. It was a unique fighting game and then Power Stone 2 added in the ability to craft new in-game items. Probably the most time I've ever put into a fighting game. I think Power Stone 2 also took it from a 2 player game to a 4 player game.


Gauntlet Legends was also another super fun game. I played Gauntlet Legends until I pretty much had everything maxed out and unlocked and then my brother saved over my character and don't think I ever played the game again.



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My answer use to be Mount & Blade. They finally got around to releasing Mount & Blade: Bannerlord in beta.

I don’t have any at this time. Just too many games out there not enough time.

Yeah I know what you mean. My list of Steam games will never be completed.

Oh I remember spending countless hours playing Gauntlet Legends in the basement with my two sons.

Yeah, it was definitely fun grinding on that game with my brothers. We put a lot of hours into that game that's for sure.