Moms of Hive - What's the Best Mothers Day Gift You Have Received?

in Ask the Hive6 months ago

My wife has already let me know what she wants this year, but I'm looking to get her a small surprise.

I know I can always make her something from the heart, but I'm looking for something more specific.


I know everyone likes something different so something that you like may not be something that she likes, but also looking to help others on Hive that maybe struggling on what to get their mom as well and hoping some good ideas may help get the creative juices flowing for myself and others.

Guys of Hive can answer as well for those that have gotten their mom something they especially enjoyed. My wife found a site with some "pre-packaged" gifts and once I get that site from her I'll share in the comments as well.


The best gift I ever gave her was a trip she always wanted to take. Even today she remembers it with enthusiasm and emotion. Sure, if the economy in Venezuela improves, I will be able to take her again. She deserves all the best gifts in the world ;)

THat is a great idea. We've talked about doing a trip for our anniversary and 1 for Christmas (both are about 6 months apart), I might start planning for the trip now (it's my turn), and give her some snippets of what I have planned for our anniversary trip.

Thanks for sharing and should be pretty easy to do for my wife during the quarintine.