What Time Should You Post?

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What time is the best time to post your blog/video on #Hive?


A question many ask, but few answer.

Watch the video and then reply your opinion on when you think is the best time to post to receive the most engagement. Remember to use UTC time with your answer.

Thanks for checking out my video 😎🤝🙏

Remember to leave a reply so the community can figure out the answer(s) to this question.



I actually looked into this back when I had a blog on Blogger. It really depends on who you're trying to reach, and for most, that means America.

The general consensus is that since over half of America lives in just 9 States, the best time to post is 11am eastern time (3 pm UTC)

I blogged about the best time to post a few years ago and included a map showing the nine most populous States.

In 2017 I was in Germany (which is 6 hours ahead of NY time), so I would try to upload at 5pm local German time.

That way, I hit Germany-UK getting off from work, 11am in New York and the 8am crowd getting ready for work in California.

Something odd though. I began testing late-night posts. I found a little spike at 11:15pm and for some strange reason, more Whale activity between midnight and 3am, odd right?

I can see India and Asia overnight, followed by Brazil coming online in the morning.

So, no matter which time you post, someone will be awake to see it, just depends who you want to reach...

This is what I’m talking about right here. I’m going to do a deep dive on that post you linked. Sounds like you have figured some things out.
Although it does seem there still is no perfect time.

I have noticed whale activity at the most odd of times. Doesn’t seem to be something that is consistent either. Each day is different. So I just trust that my content will be viewed by who is supposed to see it.

Now if only I had an app that would send me a notification whenever large stake holders were actively curating. I guess that was kind of possible with Steemify. That was not brought over to Hive though.

You're going through the same thing I did in 2010. I had plenty of time to research and found that the answers were all over the place.

After checking the recommendations of many, many sites and distilling everything down, the thoughts were:

  • You wanna hit America
  • Cali 40 million people, Texas 30 million. Majority packed east of the Mississippi in 7 States, so eastern time zone.
  • Most tech sites were beginning to publish between 6-9am, average being 7-8am to hit those in the east getting ready for work.
  • 8am eastern, is 5am Cali, too early for them.
  • Post at 9am ET and you hit Cali just waking up, Texas is having breakfast.
  • That leaves anywhere between a 9am-noon (east coast) posting time to hit all 3 regions, with 11am being the average.
  • Women make the purchasing decisions in most households in the US, so keep that in mind.
  • Ever wonder why smart YouTubers caption their videos? Employees like to sneak views on the job with the sound off so they don't get caught.

I even looked into which days to post, same thing, answers all over the place. Tuesday, better than Monday as workers catching up on weekend work. Thursday's, good day to post movie reviews, as that's when decisions are made about what to watch for the weekend. See how deep down the rabbithole you can go?

Taking all of that (and much more) in, I wanted to find out when most people were on the Blockchain. Steemit couldn't tell me, but I still think it's US, then Europe you want to keep in mind first. As for the midnight-3am Whale activity, I can only presume that's when early curating was going on.

Test what works for you.

Wow! You have a plethora of information at hand. I think it would make sense for me to start posting around 10am-noon eastern time. That’s what it’s looking like my new slot is going to be. Of course I may still post during other times if I post more than once a day. It happens often. However my goal is to have my minimum of one daily post be early in the day (for me) rather than late in the evening.

I’ll see if I notice much of a difference after a week or so.

It is a very complicated issue and one that I've actually wondered about for a long time. Personally, I post in the early morning, so I can have the rest of the day to lazy about and promote the post. Also, timezones is also an issue, and you have to consider the location of the people that regularly engage your content.

So what time (UTC) do you post? Your morning is surely a different time than my morning.
For instance I posted this video at 12:37 UTC, but it was actually 8:37 AM for me. I typically have been posting around 0:00 UTC which is 8 PM EST

I'm UTC +1 I think and most times I post around 8am, so that's like 7am UTC.

Ok I see. Have you ever attempted posting at a different time?

Well sometimes I test out posting later in the day, say around 3pm UTC and the engagement is largely the same

Okay thanks for your input. I am trying to compile as many different answers as possible to see if I can determine more closely which time would be the best for me.

Yeah glad I could contribute.

You took my question 🙂 anyhow the question is itself a mystery....few say there is no time and few belive there are speicified time to post. For me..it is anytime....whenever feel good 👍

I know some YouTubers post at the exact same time always. I wonder if that time was determined due to the fact that it was convenient for them. Or did the metrics inside of their creator studio help them determine an ideal time to increase their initial engagement?

Earlier In India it was trending to post around US timing as most of the whales were active...still they were failed to get any much attention as they kind of ignore any outsider....later many leave the practice and also the platform....

I figured that is the case for some individuals around the world. USA does have a tendency to be a huge factor on social media and life in general.

Not only social media it has impact on many economies too...the super power has his own say around the world

It doesn't matter if you have a autovotes, hahaha.
No Just kidding... I think you should ask to @peakd webmasters... They surely have some interesting peakd-website analytics (unique visitors, bounce, countries, time, where are users coming from, etc. etc.) ;-)
Would be great to have those data and not only blockchain stats (@penguinpablo, @arcange).

Hugs from Switzerland
Steemitri The Mannequin

This mannequin has jokes 😂
I figure analytics that I am not seeing could tell me a proper answer to this question. I just do not know where to look. Perhaps the webmasters that you speak of could chime in with some useful data. Thanks for tagging some individuals who may be able to come up with an answer.

I discovered that posting in the morning, specifically 8.00 UTC brings more engagement to me. I have posted twice by 21.00 UTC and there was not even reasonable engagement with the post.

Perhaps the time was the reason. It could have also been that you did not post in a community. Did you?
Also, do you share your posts on Twitter? I find I always get an extra boost from staying somewhat active with the Hive Twitter community.

This is complicated but I usually post in the night because Some of my friends are wake up at that time, it's like -04:00 UTC. Nice lol dance very funny 😂🥴

This is a very complicated decision indeed.
Also I like to include some humor and my favorite music in my videos. I'm glad that you got a good laugh out of it 🤪

I have the timezones in my computer because some constest or Livestream have an specific hour and is very different to my timezone.

you are so funny hahaha.

hey @daltono!

I really liked the comment of @evernoticethat and I went to gave a look to his post and I sawed this comment


there's a "hive activity"???


this post had many useful things compiled but not something like "hive activity" that could be great to build your audience!

altough, my friend @sidwrites is sharing a lot of great information that could help us to catch audience too!

good vibes!

That comment looks like what I am seeking. However when I attempt to view https://joticajulian.github.io/steem-activity/ it never loads.
Plus that is for Steem and like you mentioned I do not think there is a Hive equivalent yet. By the looks of @jga's profile it seems as though he is unsure about Hive and Steem both.

I just followed @jacobpeacock and had recently followed @sidwrites alerady.

I thank you for the feedback!

Look here under Hive Tools. There are several sites that do those things for Hive accounts. This is an updated version of that Hive Survival Guide that you referred to.

Cheers and Hive On!

That is the grand list of Hive things. However none of those tools (from what I experimented with just now) were able to tell me when users are online. Sure I can see the transactions, but that could be automated for all I know. Not a good way to know if somebody is actually active. Do you have any specific recommendations when it comes to the tools?

Ahhh. Nope to the best of my knowledge there is no tool that does that.