How do we get new users to stay active on Hive?

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Getting a new user to join Hive is a difficult task. If you are able to leap over that first hurdle, you will find out that there is still much of the race left. How do we continue to assist these new users so that they will remain active on this blockchain?


Why would they leave such an awesome place?

Plain and simple, it is difficult to gain consistent visibility on such a busy social platform. Sure a well-crafted #introduceyourself post is bound to have some traction. What comes after that though? Especially if you have someone holding your hand through that first post. What if that person just lets you loose afterwards? How would you ever stand a chance?

The answer is far from simple, but I like to think that consistency and true effort will go quite a long way. Asking questions is by far the best method to receive an answer. Staying silent and growing frustrated is most likely the number one path towards dwindling off of Hive. The Hive Beginner Tips community is a great place to inspect regularly. The same can be said for the Peak FAQ Project community. Must not we forget the official and the Ask the Hive communities.

Watch my video

In this one I talk a bit about a few users that I have recently onboarded to Hive (@doctorlockdown & @flowerbaby / @flowersaur). I also discuss why females may have a head start when it comes to gaining a following here. Plus I mention the fact that you could be a full time Hive blogger as soon as tomorrow, if you have the cojones.

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@daltono I think it's important for those who have been on hive and have good reputation to guide the new comers and assist them in gaining their ground. All the rules should be explained in a manner they will understand and Rules like No plagiarism should be the first thing to tell them.

Also, those members who have good standing and reputation should assist by following the new comers. Some new comers will be on hive for months and no followers but they keep following all the big and known members.

I am also a new comer here and I must say that I am not finding it easy at all.


You are correct. I think reblogs are also HUGE!

Yes that's right. I hardly see the big members reblog the new comers or member with small reputation. Mostly I see the big members support one another in all forms but not new members.

I think by giving them the support they need.

When you write an article of 500 words upward and see 0.01 upvote on it, it kills every zeal to want to do more.

While this is a busy space, i think more needs to be done to encourage genuine writers who are consistent in writing good post daily.

As a support, the big guys can help them rehive articles they think deserve to be seen.

Even if it is 1$ on their post, they will stay and keep pushing until it increases gradually.

You are right

I think you’re very right, any amount of money on a post is enough to make somebody realize that it is way more than they have received from other social media platforms such as Instagram/Facebook/Twitter.

Getting money for doing what you usually (Posting things on social media) do for free sounds like a good motivation if you ask me :D

I wonder if hive would ever become social media type of project or will it stay as a blog?

Sounds like it would be easy to get a new user to remain. With Hive, anything is possible.

Thats probably the reason for the most people here. Earning some pocket money

The trick to being successful and staying on Hive ? - getting connected and having something to say. People who come only for the $$ are on the back foot already. People who connect with a community early, gain a following, post almost every day AND have something interesting-meaningful to say? That's who stays on Hive. I just published my @3speak AMA on this topic today - about proactively seeking out new Hivers who HAVE something to say, which is SO MUCH easier and more effective than propping up people with little to say.

Tell me what you think? Better yet? Post a response on @3speak!

Yes I agree, having something to say is vital to establishing true connections. I am one of the people who genuinely enjoys creating, the $$ is a bonus. Consistent is very important.

I think your video was great! I was just talking to my lady @flowerbaby today about Thailand. The sounds of nature in your video make me want to visit Chiang Mai.

You and your LADY (😂 sorry about that) should come to Northern Thailand - Burma - Laos - Cambodia sometime - it's breath-taking and yes, the birds even in our rice farming village are out of control. Today we have some grand-daddy of a bullfrog making his presence heard - he literally sounds like a cow! 😆

Let me know when to put the kettle on... I speak Thai so we have LOADS of super-local non-touristy connections after 17 years here.

It’s fine, we got a good giggle out of it.

Wow that’s quite the invite. I will always keep that in mind if I’m ever lucky enough to get out of USA again. Being tied down with a job sucks a lot of the time.

you 3 are good, and you gf entry is awesome, so you all are creative, so nice best of luck brother

Thanks a lot! We are just being ourselves. Look out for @flowerbaby's new video releasing in a few hours.

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Interesting point of view hahah

Hey man! great and encouraging post!
I'm new here on Hive and have been trying to figure this thing out. The things you said in the video are exactly what have happened to me: three hours creating a good post or research for a well though out response... nothin' :D I've also noticed that the value of my vote goes down all the time which leads me to believe I'll be casting 100% votes with zero value.

I've found some very insightful posts on the platform, so I'm going to stick with HIVE, plus, doing research for a post helps me structure my thoughts and learn about the things I'm passionate about: music & music business

hope we can be Hive-buddies.

your help is greatly appreciated.

There is much to be figured out if you are new on Hive. It is worth the effort though. Your voting power recharges daily, you can check to see how long it will be until you are back to 100%. If you have more Hive Power your voting power will increase. Your vote value also fluctuates with the market value of HIVE.

Thank you by the way! I just followed you.

Screen Shot 20200510 at 12.20.07 AM.png

Yeah, I try to keep my voting mana (or voting power I guess) above 80-85%, but my vote value at 100%, expressed in HP, gets smaller and smaller.

My 100% vote used to be valued at 0.11 HP a few weeks ago, now it's 0.007HP even though I've powered up all my earnings + STEEM I've sold from my Steem power down.

I was under the impression it's because my account is not growing as fast as other HIVE accounts.

It's because the price of HIVE has decreased in the last few days. It will go back up if the price goes up. So the amount of HIVE your vote is worth isn't really changing, it's the fiat equivalent value that is going up and down.

Trending doesn't appeal as a social media platform.

More like bunch of devs, codes, & Hive-centric posts.

Sad to say that it won't appeal to the masses.

Sure absolutely 100% agree with you. The most upvoted posts are hive-related and mostly whales themselves. New people will think that they can't and don't want to get that far. And the deeper they get into the system they will identify that those posts are mostly upvoted by a circle-jerk like network. Sadly but true

I think that if we had more data that wasn't only rewards-based it would help such as post views and time read. That way you have other metrics of success other than getting stake weighted people to vote on your posts.

Perhaps you wrote a post and a whole lot of minnows enjoyed it you get 10 cent upvote but 100 people read it, that way you know it still has value and will encourage people to create regardless of the number in the bottom corner

Also provides a better incentive to burn tokens to advertise like here on peaked if I know burning one hive gets me 100 views people are more likely to do it

I would LOVE to have “post views” and “shares” counters 😱

Oh yes forgot about that, share counter too that way you can see which authors are bringing valuable traffic to hive sites and I think that should be rewarded for sure

Am I wrong? I could have sworn that there was a post view count on Steemit that was removed at some point.

Yes you are correct it was part of the orginal front end I think they said it wasn’t accurate that’s why they removed it

Thanks. Being new at the time, I used to check it since I rarely got any engagement on my posts back then. It was an indication that at least someone saw the post, which was good in helping me to keep blogging.

I felt the same way lol my first 50 posts on here got $0.00 and I at least held on to the views and comments that weren’t bots! I get some views on medium too but very little comments if ever

Hey good post/video!

In my experience, engagement is the key on any social media platform. Commenting, reblogging, answering with own posts, get on discord and communicate, ... Those are important. Nobody will pop up magically somewhere especially not in trending. It's work like on all other platforms and people who don't understand this will leave the system. That's how it goes on those - compared to centralised media where everyone is signed in - small networks like hive.

The reason why your girl and brother got so much attention is probably because you shared their post on hive and probably on discord with some friends. That's my assumption. Because hundreds of other users don't receive anything except bot comments and votes on their first posts.

Of course a network full of straight guys will interact with a girl more than with a guy. that's how our world is ticking. People are more valuable and more exciting because of their gender. Sad but that's how it is.. it's not mostly about skills and knowledge on social media.

I think your tips are good and important but most of all, people should help people no matter how much they have staked. Bumping posts by our well known whales should be also reduced to have more balanced and realistic rewards. I hate to see that someone received 100hive for a photo and 3 sentences while others are editing 4 hours on a good quality video and receive 10hive and 2 comments from bots. Hive is still stucked in reward hunters and circle jerks. We should be aware of that and tell new users that they can not expect those 100hive upvotes because otherwise they are demotivated and become also greedy like most of our whales.

Rly good and important topic tbh you could make a follow up video with the information of this post to push it out a bit more. I missed those lines in your video. But I personally do not want to create any platform related video anymore. It's just too much content of this on our network and I don't see a value in it anymore except to grab some votes from whales. They will do what they want and we can organize ourselves in communities on discord.


The engagement on this post has been amazing! I thank you for such an awesome comment. Funny thing is I’ve gotten several reblogs and posted it in the proper community. I think both of these things have helped tremendously.
I have working tirelessly building a decent following here for almost 3 years now. It really is paying off when it comes to introducing new users with a reblog from me and my friends here.

You have motivated me even more than I already was. I want to make more videos ASAP!

Diggin ur into / outro! Nice tunes

Thanks a lot! I love that song so much. It’s called “The Heirophant” by Sam Lamar.
You can check out his latest EP here.

Nice! Cheers

I like what you are saying but because of steem .trying to stay liquid I am going to keep 1000 hive powered up. And by the way I have 8000 steem sitting around waiting for that same day you are lol.

Patience lvl 100

Experienced Hive users with large HP should encourage or help new users with small HP or information

The answer is far from simple, but I like to think that consistency and true effort will go quite a long way.

New users do not like long way - if every one dolphin and above votes 50% of their voting value to new users till they get to 500 SP, may be it would help ? A new culture ?

Dear @daltono

I've tried to watch this video but it's just ... there is no sound and all I could see is some "verifying payment" info.,

Cheers, Piotr

Well that’s weird. Everyone else has been able to view just fine. Maybe try watching it here:

It is indeed strange :/

This is what I see when I play that video:


I have no idea why the 3Speak video is doing that.
Any idea @theycallmedan?