If you were given $100,000 to invest in something for three years before being able to sell, what would it be?

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A chance to go down in blockchain history as the person who told us so, or picked an absolute stinker.


According to Charles Fuchs, aka @stackin, everything is going to shit in the not too distant future, although he does mention the USD as a potential safe haven. Is there something else though, that you would like to own $100,000 worth of today, in the hope that it could stand you in good stead through the next few years, which are touted by many to be total shockers?

Reading around, the five main asset classes are: Cash, fixed-interest investments, property, shares, and Commodities. I'm obviously going add Cryptocurrencies to the list, but am also interesting in hearing about other investments such as Paintings, cheese (smells like a bad one), and Peer-to-peer lending.

I don't really have a strong opinion on what might turn out to be the best option, although I wouldn't go with property or share funds over a 3 year time-frame. My bet, cause it is a gamble, would be Bitcoin. Boring huh?

You could go wild though and throw the lot in something like Hive or Tesla?

Pick us a winner!



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Oh Boy! This is so much down my alley, that it is making my eyes water! So tell me how much details you want me to put in here?

Ok, then with that, I will edit this comment and beef it up. There are many ways to answer it. A real honest answer will be 'yourself', and your health. But it is hard to put $100K into your health, so I won't try that cheeky route.

Before I start, let me put a popular market cycle chart:


There are many out there, but I like this one because of the comments are hilarious and I like the colors too. First, this chart is applicable to all markets, and at all time-scales. So it is a true fractal. Second, it is important to note the inset chart to see the color scale on where the point of max opportunity lies. From my experience, it is very difficult to buy in the red, and sell in the green. Only lucky people can do that. Personally I don't put my investment to luck, so throughout my life, I tend to focus blues to buy in stages, and sell throughout green and yellow in stages. Also look to short sell in the yellows for kick :)

That's a long intro: getting to the point...Deflation is not a fear. Inflation probably is. Central bankers know and studied Japan's deflationary history in detail, and they won't allow it. USD is still the king, and will be throughout my working life (15 years, I am hoping, 10 if I am lucky!!) Not because it is good, but because there is no other game in town. No, BTC is not a currency; it's a reserve.

One asset class, eh? Difficult... You want to hear crypto. I can tell from my personal portfolio, it is not heavy on crypto. It is heavy on physical real estate. Try buying a house Ash. Add money into the down payment. That is still the best option for someone who doesn't own a house. For someone who does, putting $100K in S&P500 Index (or any broad index) is still the simplest option. As it will outperform BTC with a lower risk profile. With a higher risk profile, crypto is possible, but timing becomes paramount. BTC at $3000 was a great deal. So was Hive at 10 cents :)

Don't know about BTC, but hoping I can see 10 cent hive again as Koreans unload.

I don't know if I answered anything at all, but hey, I tried :)

Well, I'm glad you asked as in the original post (before I dragged an image in and it cleared the lot), I was clearer in stating you are allowed one asset class, and preferably one asset.

Saved you some time hopefully!

Edit due to your epic edit!

Thanks for the effort here, some interesting stuff that will hopefully guide more than just myself.

I have seen that chart around, but perhaps not quite so verbose. It's everyone's goal to buy low and sell high, but even with this chart as a guide, many (including me) seem to be missing the sweet spots.

Also look to short sell in the yellows for kicks :)

Naughty, but all part of the game!

Central bankers know and studied Japan's deflationary history in detail, and they won't allow it. USD is still the king, and will be throughout my working life ... Not because it is good, but because there is no other game in town.

This is an interesting statement, I would like to see you write about this topic in a post.

I think you've covered everything, all i need is that magical 100k and I will get some over-priced property and be happy I have my own roof :)

People can tell you the story about the journey to the top of the mountain and describe the view from the top vividly... but that’s incomplete. Nothing can beat your own experience about the journey.

I have a lot to learn, the 5 hindrances..... I recognize those.

Thanks for sharing this :)

I am absolutely rubbish in investing in anything, truth be told. I'm naive, and idealistic. But - in an ideal world, you know, the one where i had 100 k to invest, I'd think - what if we all invested into something different - not the obvious stock market/real estate blah blah, but something that could really change the world as we know it? Because those things are far higher risk, BUT if we threw everything we had at it, because ultimately we believed in a better way of doing things, then that faith could translate into something really amazing. I'm not saying I know what that is.

Either that or Tesla sounds good.

You speak the crazy talk :P Well yes, that would be awesome, but this 100k is to make you massive profits, so you can sit in a castle and call everyone else losers.

It's a very good point though, although I suspect you will be the only one thinking this way, which is while I have given you the seal of a goodun' today :)

Aw, thanks for my seal. xxx

Calling everyone else losers? I'd be more likely to invite them over for dinner and give all my money away.

Omg, we ordered pies from Pie Minister this week, don't know why, but I thought of you.

haha, yes, yes you would :D

Pies? And you thought of me? Is that because you know I'm not a fan of pastry enclosed whatevers!?

WHAT!!!! How is that possible!!! I just thought they'd go well with your beers....

How can you not like pies????

Hi @abh12345. With my $100,000 I'd invest in a laboratory whose primary goal is to test possible treatments for COVID-19 as it relates to it's affect on Diabetes patients. I have Type 2 Diabetes. With this underlying condition, I'm at an increased risk for infection from this virus.

I know the purpose is to make money from your investment. However, I feel that if I can somehow help in finding a possible solution for myself and other Diabetics, I would be rich in mind and spirit if I can someone live through this health crisis and come out on the other side.

Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts on this.

Have a great rest of your week if possible.

That sounds like an excellent use of the funds. It is a pressing time for all of us but those at risk must have extra concerns. I hope you have family/friends who are supplying you with what you need.

Be safe, and have a good week too :)

Yes, I have great family support. My children understand the need to keep the social distancing guidelines when it pertains to visiting me since they are still out there in the workforce.

Myself, I've been staying in and others provide for my needs, i.e. picking up my meds and shopping for groceries. We're doing this as a family.

I have several family members in other cities who have been infected. It's a trying time for everyone right now.

Somehow, I just can't think about wealth when so many lives are at risk who have underlying conditions. The outlook is bleak for them.

Thanks for your engagement on this issue. Stay safe.

3 years is a very short duration. So my portfolio would be like 25% Top Crypto, 25% Equities, 25% Debt Nd then 25% Gold. Why I have chosen this because 50% will be protected in terms of Debt and Gold whereas other 50% would be a real game changer.

You know, I'd finished this post and then tried to drag an image in and everything was lost. I had originally (and forgot on the re-type) to state you had to go all in on something. That sounds like a fair approach, but if you had to choose one of those?

Yeah for crypto-traders yes 3 years is a fair time. But since I am not a crypto-trader so I went into the conventional route. If I had to go all in one of those then I will choose Equities for a Company like Tesla or something similar.

3 years is a very short duration.

Crypto traders do not agree. :P

I thought that was a fair time-frame to pick something sit on it. 3 years til next crypto moon, could be?

My patience is running thin. :(

All in good time, still some milk next door to collect :)

Splinterlands cards / booster packs???? Not that I'm biased or anything...

They are looking rather cheap right now so the entry point looks good. Promising to hear you have (at least) 3 years in mind for the the cards. Good luck with our investment :D

Proof of trying to lure someone, anyone! from the interwebs..

I'd use the 100k to finance a portion of the purchase of an apartment for my daughter who is studying in a different city. We're currently spending a monthly fortune on rent.

She should be finished with her studies anyway in 3 years, so the timeline fits :)

That is a solid plan I reckon. If it had an extra room, she could get a mate in and cover some of the bills too. My daughter is likely heading to Uni in 4 years time and it would be sweet to get a mortgage on a place. Unlikely though unless something amazeballs happens here!

Is a 10x on BTC from here (just like the 2017 eoy play) to much to ask?

I mean, can happen right? With halvening coming up and all that. Fuck lambos, real estate is where it's at💪

Would be nice, although I don't own a full one, yet.

Real Estate is a solid long-term play but bricks had a crazy last decade and I'm not sure over the next three years - there could be a glut of office space going after many adopt working from home?

You'll be fine with Hive :) only a matter of time before it hits $10

I thought you weren't going to shill some sh... oh, alright then, $10 it is!

Bad habits die hard

Or is this a wrong answer and should I shill some shitcoin here?

haha, naa, stick with this one - solid approach!

Well let me see, 3 years, I'll actually buy a landed property. Cryptocurrency might just be too volatile.

Here in the UK property has been on a good run for a decade and looks high. Not sure if that's the case where you are?

No, in my country landed property can be for sell and for lease as well and also affordable to sell too

Then land and property sounds like a wise choice :)

3 years is a long time and things will be drastically different. Over that time, we can expect the stock market to run since people will lose confidence in government moving away from bonds.

Real estate is going to have issues.

You picked mine, I would drop $100K into Tesla.

In fact, I am looking for an entry point to load up on that out of a retirement account.

Cryptocurrency is going to do well over that time, it is just choosing which one. Ethereum and BTC are the safest choices if I had to guess but hard to see how things turn out for each individual crypto.

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I agree with real estate looking one to avoid, it's had a decade long run here in the UK. My company have already pulled plans to buy more office space after seeing that business can run effectively with many working from home.

Tesla look set for a good decade or 5 :)

I would do a 3 way split on gold,silver and Bitcoin! It also depends on how the the cycle works out but im pretty confident you’ll have more than 100k in purchasing power over 3 years with that mix never mind the nominal value of your investment which would be far higher

Metals not looking a bit toppy? Could still break out into new territory though with all the shite flying around. I think BTC, if you get lucky on the 3 year cycle is a decent pick. 100k then, which one?

Good perhaps does have this little vortex it gets stuck in but I think silver has a lot more room to move! I wouldn’t see these as get rich more like not lose

If I my goal was to try and strike it out the park then BTC would be my main pick

Yep, think I'd go with that too for potential to really change your life, drive you to drink and ho's :)

I like silver, I think it will outperform gold in the years to come.

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I'm glad someone picked Silver as I have a block somewhere. It's got room to grow against Gold right now, so could be interesting. Not done much since I bought 5 or so years ago though, oops :)

S&P 500.

Solid historical returns since the creation and think I will be buying at least somewhat of a local low. I'm waiting for it to fall more and can't believe it's still going up with all the negative economic news.

Wasn't the low in around a month ago? I (probably wrongly) the market has news priced in, so even if it takes years to get back on track, it'll be a slow bumpy ride up.

Yeah the low was a month ago, but it's still better than buying in 2 months ago. LOL plus the S&P 500 averages 6 - 8% per year on average since it's creation. Pretty good historical odds it will be higher in 3 years.

I was pretty close to the mark, just didn't have much to put in :)


For a three years period I would go with crypto :)
Some classic diversified portfolio, but with some nice share in HIVE as well.

Longer term I would consider nursing homes, pharma and med, and some new tech that is coming out probably like AI, VR etc ... will need to do more research on those ones ... :)

Crypto has the most potential to fly it seems, but will likely not be the smoothest ride, as we know :)

Nursing homes is an interesting one, my mum has friends that sold one for millions a few years ago. Although, it is reported here that covid-19 has really hit some of these homes hard. Still, there will remain a necessity.

AI, interesting - you might be too early right now though? :)

Maybe I don't understand the post but in my own little way let me explain how my business plan will look like in the next 2 years. Big problem is the capital but let me briefly say it. If I have 4 motorcycles for commercial use since the Lockdown hasn't stopped bikes from movements and by the look of things they can't stop them because without them food cannot be transported to our villages, the price of $3000 for 4 motorcycles will bring me $6000 in two years that's for 4 bikes only. The more bikes the more profit. This is a business I want to look into but lack of capital for 4 bikes. The more bikes the more profit. One thing is under probability in this business, the bike might have an accident but due to the agreement between you and the rider he will have to provide another one which may delay your business or in the case of death which means total lost. That's my automated business plan.

And so with $100,000 USD, you could get a set of bikes, insure them and the drivers and likely make a good profit over the next 3 years. Well good luck with your plan, capital is a tough one and it sounds like you'd need insurance plans too.

I will surely need an insurance with such an amount going into business. That business will be huge! The profit will be something else. Capital will come one day!

I hope so, best of luck!

Thank you!

Well it's obviously property for me! I've got no plans on selling my house, and that's where most of my wealth is, even though I don't count it when I track it.

I think you probably already know how I'm diversified - besides property it's roughly 50% shares, 20% P to P, 15% cash and then 15% crypto, although the crypto is now more like 50% of my wealth, or something like that, It's hard to tell with all these fluctuations.

If I had $100K right now I'd spend...in order of priority...

$60K on some land in Portugal, $10K to kick start a building project.
$10K on crypto of which 40% on Hive and then 50% on - BTC/ ETH/ LTC evenly and probably 10% to max out some of my Splinterlands cards
$7K in the bank just to spend, I'd probably put £1000 on some crazy accumulators once the sport starts back up.
$8K to spread across shares/ commodities/ P2P, although I might hold off buying shares.
$5K to pay someone to professionalize and SEO my Revise blog.

Hands down, it's land as the priority.

I really wish the post didn't blow up on me when I moved that image in, as in the first text I was clearer that you get one asset, not all this very sensible diversification business!

The majority is on land, although not in the UK. I know you are interested in Portugal anyway, but land/property in the UK at present, not looking good on a 3 year time-frame?

Good luck with your set-up :)

If I didn't have a house already, I'd probably hold off for a little while. I can imagine prices would go down in the medium term.

If we get inflation and interest rate rises, that's a sure sign to wait!

With all the uncertainty, even more of it, coming, I'd definitely use that $100K to buy something that gives me some stability - land, a well, a house, some food, wifi, sorted!

I'm still waiting, 20 years now :)

You could get all that for 100k in Portugal?

@eco-alex has been quoting figures of £3-£7K for basic land in the central region.

Very cheap sounding. Would like to be a bit further south though, or it might end up feeling too much like home :)

Not at all - I've had my eye on the region for ages - Penamcor region - there was a Permaculture community around there I was looking at heading out too, funnily enough called 'The Hive' - it's since folded but now by extreme coincidence there's Hive people moving out there and settling - lots of little plots of land for sale by the locals - building regs might be an issue of course, but I think it's the only region where a low impact living strategy is going to be feasible for a very low price.

it is very British/ looking, but a bit dustier and with olive trees, and enough rain. Given what I want to do, crucial. And good internet too, apparently.

A strange coincidence indeed, could be a sign!

Olive trees and good wifi, now we are talking :)

I’d look at value stocks in the blue chip pharmaceutical areas of the stock market. I’d look at good valuations with a decent yield.

Sounds wise and could fit the time-frame quite nicely. I see Astra Zeneca (FTSE) is going great and will likely continue.

This is a cool huge sum of money. But considering the blockchain will not be a bad idea. One thing l would really consider is investing in lands. Land really sells here in Ghana. L may buy some more lands and sell them off later after a year or two. There's always an increase every year. Building houses and giving out for rent will not be a bad idea as well. But thanks for this sir @abh12345

I hadn't really thought about peoples locations having an effect on their decision. Land/property has really done well in the UK the last decade but that looks set to change very soon. If the market is still young over in Ghana, it sounds like a wise choice :)

Nice question, I don't like betting on one horse, so I'd divide the amount over a few different things that have the potential to be worth more in 3 years :p
Not sure about the amounts/percentages but probably the biggest part will be used to buy property/land, next biggest part is probably going to be in BTC and then a car. Of course some money on the bank to spend as well, maybe some silver too.. This way it's not locked in one place and spreading the risk would make me feel more comfortable.

Spreading the risk would sit better with me. On the original post (before I messed up and it got wiped), I was clearer on stating you have one asset class (or asset) to pick.

Sounds like it would be property/land, where are you based?

Ok one asset uhm, probably I'd go all in on bitcoin then..
Not comfy enough to reveal where I live honestly, but if it was supposed to be spend on property/land I would go hunting for a country where it's good weather year round and decide if it should be land only or maybe better an old house for good price to renovate to something good. Depends on what country that would be, weather is big factor for me if I ever buy a house or land in the future. I don't know much about that atm as it's not something I can do atm..

But who knows if BTC booms and I get to put 100k in there, I could have both in the end!

I would love to invest 60% on gold. 30 % on bitcoin and 10% on HIVE.

10,000 on HIVE, that's quite a lot :D

Gold has done really well lately, but that doesn't mean it couldn't go further as the global economy struggles in the near future.

I hope 10,000 investment on HIVE will bring more investor on this amazing platform. In my opinion gold is one of the safest investment. Bitcoin can do wonder for you any time. So i weighted them 30%. Anyway it's my opinion and I am not an expert.

Hive crypto of course.

Saw your reply on Twitter :)

All in on HIVE with $100,000? That's a gamble and a half!

Yep.... and Powerup 100% ....

I'm the worst investor ever, but I would say ETH or an apartment/house with ocean view in Spain/Greece, I'm guessing you can find cheap houses and apartments in these hard times 😷

If all else fails, go for the apartment with the ocean view :)

I suspect the housing market isn't so strong there, and could well get weaker soon enough 😷

Yes you are probably correct, Man I would die for an ocean view apartment 🏖️

I'd invest in technology. Particularly, genetics (DNA next-generation sequencing market). In the future I believe that this technology will be integrated in all hospitals, betting on personalized medicine :)

Interesting one. Sounds like you have some (inside?) knowledge on this subject?

Just give me 100k$ in BTC already 😭

haha yeah, that's my pick too!

If you hold 100$ in BTC will you be a millionaire one day?

Asking for a friend.

A friend told me, yes!

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Simple answer I would use the 100K to pay down my house debt. Once you are free of debt it’s easier to put your money else where.

Yep, can't argue with that. Being debt free sounds idyllic.

I think for me for today, it would be HIVE token. If I was given it I would use it to improve the retention on Hive Block Chain. Even if that meant selling out and buying witnesses and paying developers to fix the broken witness retention/selection system, and the down vote system. I think getting those two things fixed and actually usable in a decentralized state would put HIVE token increase over the three year span greater than any growth of Bitcoin percentage.

There are very few investments one can actually actively improve return on investment chances. Real estate used to be one, but for a three year growth cycle it is pretty risky unless one get lucky on location choice and price growth potential.

35% Crypto (for obvious reasons I presume)
35% in a spread of companies in the pharmaceutical industry (due to Covid)
28% in (those fucking) Banks, because no matter if the whole system collapses, they will be bailed out (with our money) anyway
2% in BEER, because if any of the above succeed (and especially if they don't), I'm gonna be drunk for at least a month.

That's going to be a wild month man, $2000 on beer and you wont know where the other 98% went! :D

Never been really that lucky with investments in the past, so I already consider that $2000 the best one I will ever gonna make.

I will definely go for landed propertys,in Nigeria. It will appreciate to a good level before considering selling it.

I have a couple of members say land, from African countries also. It sounds like the most sensible option in this part of the world.

That's right @abh12345 that's one of the best investment here in Nigeria. Sometimes people sell X3 of the amount they bought the land which depends on location, distance to main road, plain land and so on.

Can I pick myself? Using that 100k for my education would be so helpful. No need to worry about needing to earn money while learning. I'm sure I'd do so much better if I had no financial worries, and thus come out with skills that I can use to get a job/freelance with.

I guess I'm selling myself (skillset) out to the highest bidder in 3 years :).

Hive will be in the plan and so will bitcoin. I will also invest in gold and oil.

 6 months ago 

I'm already nicely diversified in crypto; so I'm going with silver.

haha :)

Feels like a should have bought crap-roll instead of some silver 5 years ago. Hoping it will do better over the next 5!


you could probably get a hill of bananas for 100.000$

Man. That decimal in the middle confuses the hell outta me every time. LOL!

How much for a mountain?

not sure what are the rules for that. here we always wrote it 100.000,00$ so that is 100K. and i am not sure about the rules :D

i am not in the bananas business but i am sure you could get like 500 Tons for that money. now is 500 tons of bananas a mountain? probably not

In Canada it would be $100000.00 We used to use a comma like this $100,000.00 and sometimes still do. So basically one of us is backwards but we don't know who.

Man... The things I could do with 500 tons of bananas.

Living the dream!

I'm good with either of those, but $100.000, that's a hundred dollars in my book.

That confusion would most certainly hold up a few lines at the bank.

And at this point you hold the place up, with a banana, obvs.

In 2 weeks, that's going to be one big hill of mush - milkshakes all round.

Three years... do you like flies?

The whole plan was to start a fly farm, catch the flies, sell the meat to McDonald's. It was a loophole in your plan. A way to make money during the waiting period. Smart.

not sure are we talking it is all shit and what to invest to survive. if we are than agriculture land in my country would not be a bad thing. you can get maybe 30 acres (around 13 hectares, not sure did i do it right). and currently you could get around 3500eur a year on that if you do nothing just "rent" it. yes it is shitty, but no one will build more land and people need to eat, so you will not lose money when you need to sell.

if we are talking you will have millions in 3 years, crypto is maybe the best bet, but also you could have nothing in 3 years. so it is pretty important could you afford to loss that 100.000.

If i know i would be a millionaire now :D

I'd invest it into the game i'm making. Three years is about the right timeline as well.

Land. Sommium space and or decentraland. If you buy enough, you could become a VR farmer. Buy a VR tractor and pick some VR oranges haha

Somnium, a brand name for the drug lorazepam ? :O

Land in Oz is expensive, but will likely just keep going up and up?


yeah most cites are expensive, heaps of places still cheap though. like the 'in the middle bits of Australia' :)

Hey Asher!
Most of my stuff is in crypto ;-)
I would buy more...
60k crypto
30k Pharma stocks
9.9k invest in myself: education (but not traditional education)
0.1k toilet paper


Hello friend :D

And if you had to pick one asset class, would it be toilet paper or Crypto?


$100K!?! Dollars?

Is that like 400 quid? ;0)

I would stick it all in bitcoin. Three years time buy an island.

Gold. Currently $1672.97 USD at time of posting.

Thanks for current price, if we are still kicking about I'll get back to this one in 3 years to commend/laugh :)

Does this still work...

@remind-me in 1080 days