AskHive: Is this the biggest farming operation on Hive?

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These are honeybee's outgoing votes for the past 7 days.


When honeybee votes, a trail begins that includes (apart from sweetsssj who comes along later) the following names:


Aside from sweetsssj, the voting pie chart of all these accounts looks like the one above.

The total Hive Power of these accounts and sweetsssj is approximately 1.996 million HP.

sweetsssj, honeybee, and healthsquared are fairly early Steem accounts and hold no obvious ties, but it's clear that jawnz is related to fefemz and babyyoda, and likely that liking, clappy, poodles, sooty, and klobu were created by the same person.

The content account receiving the votes are below, and looking at the recovery accounts and creation dates, there is plenty of overlap with them and the voting accounts.


healthsquared and honeybee have a 'reasonable' level of comments (excluding top level posts), but pomeline(7), lockhart(5), meepins(5), higgs(3), lifecoma(2), leguna(0), tonality(0), and hufflepuff(0) have just 22 comments between them.

The pending rewards of the content accounts are as follows:


These accounts have total pending rewards of 2813 Hive on Posts produced in the past 7 days.

Although the lack of vote spread is disappointing, voting for friends (over content) is common. However, there is one other set of data that makes me think that this is mostly a one person operation. Check the timestamps....


Multiple creators, perhaps. One account that collects the loot, probably.

And, not that people are here are probably too concerned, this is happening in pretty much an identical fashion across the road on Steem.

If you can find, or are a part of a bigger farming operation, I'd like to see it!



Nice find, a place to start then.

Made this meme for the situation.



In dungarees as well!

I Remember back in the day, when i would do the same thing but all i had to do was buy votes from Bidbots.🤣🤣 This above seems so complicated. I couldn't do it.

Would you do it for approximately 5500 Hive + 5500 Steem + curation a month?

Dang, that's a lot. I think i would take the time to figure it out.😂

Nice catch. One man band no doubt.

I'm normally a fan!


Damn, I'd pay all my money before he starts playing just for that setup

Should be fun, or a total racket :)

*plays 1 note

*everything breaks and falls apart

As long as they have that big drum attached to one ankle, I'm always a fan!!! :0D

And pants, they would be good also.

Lol. It does look a bit like a mini he is wearing

Looks like it is probably a one-man-show indeed.

Bit of a shame really :(

So, what’s the action item? :)

Well we could just watch and applaud, any other ideas? :)

It's a longstanding set-up, and the owner/s are unlikely to be happy.

Or we can DV :)

70k in here. Just need another 1.93m...

I'm in. Recently we managed to halt haejin here also.

Aren't there groups and downvote trails set up to fight exactly this kind of abuse?

To some extent. It's tougher when it's not self-voting and the content is 'OK'.

i'm starting to power down , to be prepared to skip town

if you find a better decentral social site, let me know, peace


We're only just getting started here! But it's your choice.

I've not found a replacement, haven't really looked to be honest.

i'm just getting ready cause i'm not going to deal with steem 2.0 if this is what happens here

There's no perfect system.

There's gonna be problems in any kind of systems. We can deal with spam and abuse with downvotes.

Be careful, they'll call you racist for calling them out posting stuff that nobody reads.

So many career clickers here. Must look nice on resumes.

Not sure of the ethnicity of the account/s holder/s. The stuff I put through plagiarism checkers returns as 100% unique, decent quality English.

I think the point is, if nobody reads their stuff, is it worth anything?

Hmmmm. Some OK stuff can go without a comment, sadly. Not sure this operation minds, less work in the reply zone.

Do you think anything posted to Hive is read after the initial week? For that matter, how much stuff is read after the upvoting fury of the first five minutes?

Who knows. I can only speak for myself.

I don't go digging for posts unless I'm looking for something. Even for content creators on mainstream media. I don't usually go digging for older stuff unless there's a reason to.

Imagine in every blog page, on the side it displayed 3 random paid-out posts of that user that had 0 comments.
We could title it "Be the conversation starter:" and display those posts under it.

See if @peakd or @blocktrades wanna work with that idea on their frontends.

You can scramble enough to get through a plagiarism checker.

Good work,

Just let me know when the Downvoting party starts.

Will do. Might be never, but let's see....

Will check out their posts, thanks for finding this one!

This is the same group doing what they have continued to do for 4 years. No matter how many times they get caught and "promise" to change behavior, when they think jo one is looking, back to it again...

@sweetsssj - 4th time doing the same now?

Probably weren't the biggest farm a few years ago, but lack of action has boosted the pot. Sigh.

I think they have been among the largest for a very long time, post -vote selling before it was cool of course.


I think it's worth creating a separate Downvote channel for applause to such a farm.

Might happen, or not :)

Everything is possible :)
Suddenly, they will change their minds ...

The @backscratcher trail had over a million SP at one point and only votes members. It’s still active on Hive but I don’t know if it’s still updating it’s trail.

Is that a delegate for vote deal? Not great!

No. Once you join the trail, the trail autovotes your posts. The amount initially upvoted is determined and by the member’s VP. It’s a giant circle jerk

Sounds terrible!

I looked at pomeline. Big votes from various people, but practically no engagement. Last comment by them was a month ago. I think it's justified to adjust their rewards downwards.

I had a go on that one too. Zero engagement, huge rewards :/

Time for people to use those free downvotes they have sitting idle.

Is there a community involved in this apparent upvote farm?

A community is a little bit like an upvote farm. A successful community will have a few large accounts and other supporting accounts all upvoting each others post.

If it isn't a community, does it look like they are using the same hashtag?

Some of the content has been found to be stolen, but I didnt really focus on that too much.

Hey, @abh12345.

Until many things change, some of them which will have deep and perhaps long lasting effects on all of us, I don't see any of this being knocked down. And anything less than a total overhaul, including regularly downvoting these folks, will only be arbitrary and little more than a bandaid.

I think they should be called out for what they are, so I'm not trying to kill the messenger. Keep fighting the good fight. :)

I had more to say, but I scrapped it. Short form is in. :)

Short form is in :)

Well, some stolen work has been found and so it is likely there is more hidden away. If so, there could be reasonable votes to the negative flying around, at least to start.

Honestly, the importance of someone farming few hundred dollars a month on shitposts or upvoting their friends a bit more then its kosher kind of fell down the toilet after the most recent developments with the DAO funding.

It’s about 5k US a month with HIVE at 40 cents.

It would have been about a 3rd of that but someone got us listed on multiple exchanges.

Yes, we got ourselves listed. Aint that awesome what the community can do.

Thousands of projects in crypto with known names heading them, people with decades of experience, with rock solid CVs, with major connections working tirelessly could not achieve what we have in 1 month.

There is only one reason for that. The community. Anyone can do the secretary work.

Thank you for your part in multiplying my investment.

Well thx for appreciating. Thank you for your part in multiplying my investment as well.

yep almost can't tell which one is worse

we need a dao proposal for hbd to rent hive power so we can tackle this crap in style. It will literally benefit every honest person on Hive.

Perhaps, but we have ample HP when combined, it’s less than 1% PF accounts that use their DVs. Just need to rally the troops and provide clear cut cases - I wouldn’t say this is clear cut but there’s plenty of reason to disagree with what’s going on.

I agree, perhaps just creating a few well managed dv trails would be better. People can then follow the trails that suit their level of BS tolerance from the enthusiastic "I downvote" crowd to the "only blatant cheaters" crowd.

Hi. We need a community for post like this one, community where everyone will be able to share findings about plagiarism, farming etc.. so others can take action and downvote bad actors

That sounds like a good idea, or I should have used #abuse. I wanted to let the community decide though, even though I disagree with what is happening.

The community is always divided 😁 Some will agree, some not.

I totally agree with this. I was hoping though there could be some publicly downloadable csv file for all 7-day transactions happening in Hive. Can't afford SQL :O

Logically speaking, Jess "doesn't post anymore". YEAH RIGHT. If she's not posting under her main, there's a very high likelihood she's earning from a pyramid, or is the pyramid.

She muted me early in my Steem career for calling her out as a newb. Even as a little guppy, I could easily sense something was way off.

Or maybe she's been traveling on a jungle expedition for a few years without cell reception...

PS - I'd love to know where her delegation comes from now that Ned is gone.

Yup, although I doubt she’s ever been at the keyboard and her manager/friend is doing the work.

hendrikdegrote367,846.193 HP2017-12-13
systema25315,533.736 HP2017-11-15
temet-nosce113,755.776 HP2017-10-31

This will require author rewards to pay for. honeybee likes to wire out the odd encrypted memo.

This deserve a soft fork..🍴

Hmm, or maybe they change approach?

or a series of downvotes from the community, whatever is doable.

good day sir

This makes me so sad!
We struggle honestly to make a way for our charity and when I see this it really hurts.
A bit depressing isn't it?

It is hugely disappointing to present this. I don't enjoy the work but feel it needs pointing out.

Great of you to do it and I am surprised that the cleaners didn't point it out.
Maybe they should make you the chief investigator.

Our battle is the Covid virus, as it has left many more people destitute and hungry over here.
Remember that we are a charity and we work in poor areas.

So I was forced to start a powerdown to help them and now we face a battle.
I am trying to equal the powerdown amount with my posts, so that our HP stays stable.

That's why this scam sucks so much, as we will do no scamming to increase our efforts, even if it is not for our own pockets.