A superhero made of cardboard

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Sometimes it takes very little to make a child happy.
My little baby really likes Captain America.
So I found the captain america mask on the internet, ready to be printed. Once it was printed I attached a rubber band.

then I took a piece of cardboard and drew circles for it, coloring them like Captain America's shield


When my almost 5 year old child saw the mask and shield he immediately wanted to put them on. He abandoned the games he was playing and became Captain America.


This is my superhero



He is adorable. Time well spend with kids makes us happy as well.
Have a lovely week:)

I agree

Bellissimi, ottimo lavoro

Con questi due pezzi di carta si è dimenticato completamente della
Pista delle macchinine che era costata qualche soldo in più!

Le piccole cose, le più semplici sono sempre le più apprezzate