Toys on Hive Contest #3 - I bought the toy because..... - Plush Donald

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Hello guys,

I'm entering the Toy contest Hive. >>>Contest<<<
I have come here to share my partner is with me
since my childhood.


This is my friend Donald.

WhatsApp Image 20210215 at 23.34.03 1.jpeg

He is very old, living with me these 28 years.

WhatsApp Image 20210215 at 23.34.03.jpeg

I didn't get rid of him until today. I have a lot of affection for him

I hope you liked my post.


OMG he is my age he is not old ..
am i not old? or am I old?🤣

Did you never give him a nickname?

hehehehe We are all old.
Donald forever

Oh how beautiful! -