CLOSED-Digital Drawing Contest #5-CLOSED

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Greetings dear artists!

Last week's Digital Drawing Contest #4 is now closed. The winners will be announced within the next few days.



NEWS: Now we have our Digital Drawing community. ->
Jump in if you want.

The theme of the week is: Cartoon Character

If you wish, you can suggest the next theme in the comment section.

  • The Prizes will be from a fund with 150 ESTM points (@esteemapp) and 3 Hive Tokens and awarded to the winners.
  1. Winner: 50 ESTM points and 1 HIVE
  2. Winner: 50 ESTM points and 1 HIVE
  3. Winner: 50 ESTM points and 1 HIVE


  • Only digital drawing.

  • One submission per person.

  • Mention the Digital Drawing Contest somewhere in your post.

  • Try posting directly to the Digital Drawing community (If you use: hive-173545 as your first tag, you posting directly into the Digital Drawing community);
    you can use the #digidraw tag (not mandatory);
    but you have to post your link as a comment in this post to officially enter.

  • The entry window is open for 7 DAYS.

Any upvotes, reposts or donations are welcome!

All the Best and Enjoy

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So cute beast 😊
Thank you for participating 😀 Good luck 🍀

Thank you @dzoji

Well done and cute

thanks @cabalen

Thanks 😊 Good luck 🍀

Drawing is fun. Just haven't come across that .

Yes, you can try draw something 😉

I'll try.

Really creative contest

Thanks, I expect your participation 😀

Unfortunately I’m not artistic

Each of us is an artist. 🙂

Let’s see

Hahahha Very interesting 😀 Crazy Homer 😂
Thanks for entering, good luck 🍀

Thank you for participating 😀 Good luck 🍀

Thank you for your participation @pipa 😊
Good luck 🍀

One of my favorite characters 😀
Thanks for participating and good luck 🍀

Thank you for participating 😀 very cute character 😊 good luck 🍀