Planting More Trees

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Hello Hivers and creative community

Now that I have seen a few entries for the Digital Drawing Contest of @dzoji, I am running out of ideas to draw. Ideas that are a bit different from what I saw and already presented by fellow participants and friends. Maybe taking care of the planet Earth in the most basic way like planting trees will be nice. I had to show that gesture from up there outside the earth's atmosphere just so we can have a nice view of the planet and would tell us that this tree planting activity can be done worldwide by every inhabitant including the animals like a bird. A fruit bat or a bird for example help propagate by distributing seeds. That's the idea 🦇🐦💖👀

How I Made It

I started with a very rough line Drawing. It helps me prepare the canvas what and where specific detail will be placed and how it will help the other. I have no clearer direction at this point but the line drawing get me right on track

Background or the environment. Fun to make and the easiest in my opinion because here you can do almost anything you want. Your imagination is your limit. Sometimes I jump right into creating the background when I feel bored or lazy or uninspired. This will help trick my brain somehow and give it a fresh perspective

Base Colors. I chose subdued colors and rough lines I think that is in keeping with my subject which is a kid. I want the imperfect strokes the raw details made by a crooked line something like a children's art. Again in keeping with my focal point

That's it guys hope you like it. Hive On


😍 I love your idea 😊
This reminds me of a childhood book...
Thank you for sharing and supporting 😊

I thought the same thing. The Little Prince, right?

Yes 😊

Very cool concept! The drawing is really sweet and beautiful. Well done!

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