How An Empty Macrohard Hub Will Go On To Succeed And Sustain Itself In 6-months.

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How will the Macrohard Hub begin to sustain itself and become successful in 6-months starting out empty? This is an interesting question.

Very coincidentally, i intend to start this hub 'empty' i.e i will not wait to have things like chairs and fanciful stuff in it, neither will i wait to have people in it before i start out in it. Once i have accrued enough money for '6-months rent of a hub-space', i am going to rent it, then go into it.

At the outset, i will be visiting the hub myself. In it, i will sit, ponder, build and evolve. I will also evolve the hub with physical props modeled to incite visitors to 'evolve their human'.

My major investment at the outset will be on 'solid internet'. There you go...'solid internet, an empty hub-space and well, me'.

Speaking of 'buys', the immediate things i will like to buy within the first few days of starting the hub and where there is means are these things (in this order):

  • One good desktop, likely a RYZEN with 8GB RAM and a 4GB GTX1650 Video card.
  • 25mbps WIFI.
  • Wireless camera mic.
  • Studio lights
  • Where possible, a Logitech BRIO Webcam.

I will be going to the hub each day, while i ensue buying these things. It is very likely that i will be the only one in this hub in the first few weeks. (Note, that i am aspiring that the hub starts to gain success at month 3.) This means, that i will focus the ‘first 2-months’ on gathering as many people in this hub as possible. I will measure “success” in the first month based on how many people have stepped foot into the hub. Thus, in this month, i will create venture after venture that invites visitors into the hub, starting with a food-party or party-party.

Each resulting human presence must count! Starting out simple, we will fill up an empty book with their contacts. For evolution sake, each attendee will enter in a ulogacy into our ‘book’ too (‘book’ here can refer to a dedicated PC, with a short entry-form that invites ‘data collection’)

Anyone that steps foot into this hub must leave a mark somehow, meaning that i must create the sand-shore.

I want this entire process to be testimonial and be replicatable by others. So i will document the entire enterprise model on the go, for others to model after.

Imagine investing in an empty hub in a bid to make this hub successful even in terms of generating revenue. It is very easy!

Where we have had up to ‘300 people’ pass through this hub within the first 45-days, that is success.

In these 45 days too, i will be willing to invest in catering to people e.g people who visit the hub, will have food, snacks etc. Well, they may have to cook it, while i provide the ingredients.

We will capture each moment in video-recordings and play within each moment. Recall that there will be strong internet, meaning that people will be able to access internet during their times in the hub .e.g watch Netflix if there is Netflix, network with others if there are others, play games if there is a game-TV etc. Whatever the case is, even each ‘play’ will be ‘directional play’ this time, modeled in such a way that there is underlying ‘human evolution’. This resulting ‘human evolution’ will become tangible in the later life of our hub.

At the very least, within each playful activity, participants will ulog or something. At the very least, we will ulog each moment.

Again, i will evolve the hub with an entire curriculum that incites ‘evolution in humans’; the reason why i will have visited ‘an empty hub’ from the outset. This particular curriculum is called ‘legitimate illiteracy’.

From their very first ulogacy-entry into our books, i will have began the motion of creating a ‘solid network of brothers/sisters’ spanning across all industries. This will come in handy in the later-life of the hub, at month 3.

Note: where i am able to record say ‘150 unique hub-videos’ within the first 2-months, each featuring humans, that we will consider success too! This particular breed of media will be very important in scheme of our success. There will ‘ UloggersTV’ to capture each of these human ventures.

Note also that I will passively incorporate a tiny income-stream ‘within the first 45-days’. I will play this incorporation out, using a curriculum involving ‘fashion’. Besides constituting ‘an impending revenue-stream for the hub, this ‘fashion’ will inculcate in our hub-participants ‘valuable elements of human’ e.g ‘swag, presence, being etc’, while creating a network-effect that organically markets our hub on the outside.

So instead of say ‘branded tee-shirts’, i will start out a fashion-line also called ‘Macrohard’ crafted with African-print and in its price, i will incorporate our hub-fees. Assuming the capital-cost of the attire is ‘500 PHP’, we could sell it to our participants for ‘800 PHP’ and release a new line each month. To attend the hub thus and avail of all the love within it, you just need to have a copy of our attire.

In due time, a small space within the hub will be allocated to at least ‘one sewing machine outlet’. People can step into this outlet to oust excerpts of their human evolution, in form of ‘creations’ that will turn out ‘fresh, unique and down-to-earthy. 

We will continue to create such outlets in a variety of industries, maximizing each tiny segment (i.e space) of the hub. Starting out, we will have a small music-related studio, a small video-studio area and a small kitchen area, where people can create their meals. 

Having 3 high-end computers for a start, i will partner with companies like ‘Remotasks’, a company that outsources in the Philippines. Companies like this require ‘high-end PCs’ of its participants; assets that many people hardly possess. We can offer them these PCs to train on, ‘earn their first month of income’ on, enabling them to purchase these PCs for themselves and continue on empowered on their own.

Reminder: You will be able to avail of each aspect of our hub each month by purchasing an apparel from our monthly fashion-line.

Whatever innovation stems from within our hub, will turn out ‘a down-to-earth innovation’. This is where i come in! 

In formulating ‘each algorithm’ making up ‘each nook and cranny’ of our hub, i will incorporate ‘down-to-earth paradigms’. 

Quick note: A major under-used resource even by world standards is ‘space’. My constant reiteration of the phrase ‘empty space’ within this publication, goes to highlight our conscious intention to reveal more testimonial use for space. Highlighting the beauty of the ‘down-to-earth space of Mama Earth’ by propagating a curriculum called ‘Legitimate Illiteracy’ using the ‘rendezvous space’ our hub offers, we will inculcate a mentality that incites people to leave outer-space; returning down-to-earth.

By means of this tiny Macrohard hub, we intend to ‘return value to humans’.

See this space-discussed video:

Alas, eventually you will be able to make use the Macrohard hub for 'cheaper than free'. We have created an enterprise-model that enables this. Even so, our hub will be able to sustain itself. How so?

Let's go on to lay out our plans for month 3 and 4 in the life our 'Macrohard hub' at which stage, we will look more intently into our enterprise model and its business.

Month 3 & 4

Going on to month 3 (the premise for this portion of our publication), our target will be to build a solid network of 'brother talents/un(dis)talents' (e.g brother-programmers, brother-enterprenuers, brother-designers, brother-videographers etc.)

Starting at this month, we will also incorporate fully an entire curriculum called 'legitimate illiteracy' into the inner-workings of our hub. Using fun 'directional activities' (modeled to incite participants to 'mine their human'), we will inculcate a 'brother paradigm' in our visitors.

A primary directional activity that we will invite participation in from our visitors is the 'art of ulogging'. (See what a ulog is!)

Speaking of 'brother talents/un(dis)talents', our primary industry of focus at the start will be 'programming'. Where we have established a solid network made up '3 brother-programmers' at the end of month 3, that is success!

To inculcate the 'brother paradigm' into their 'art of programming', i will allow them to contribute code to my start-up projects namely ',,', allowing flaws. Within this period, they will experiment also with a 'Macrohard model of programming' that i have created. (The Macrohard model of programming has a 'brother paradigm'.)

This will enable them develop our projects up gradually, while honing their expertise. Underlyingly, they be tapping into their 'brother' aspect as they learn to build projects even free on behalf of a brother or to play a role in historical history as part of a brother's dream.

Note: Eventually, this 'network of brothers' will form the base of our hub. Together we will help many projects build their start-ups, especially those of project-owners that do not know programming. We will also offer a unique consultancy service that caters to an aspect of the 'programming world' that hasn't been touched yet. Stay tuned!

Altogether, the efforts of these brothers in 'building our projects' will not be entirely 'for free', for our ecosystem and the 'Teardrops digital currency' powering it, will seek to reward even 'their past deeds'.

In the mix, we will also begin to build a solid network of 'brothers' (includes sisters) in a wide span of industries (e.g graphic-design, enterpreneurship, videography, artistry etc.).

Through our first 4-months, i will gradually be filling the hub up with gadgets 'e.g high-level computers, a video-studio, a music-studio, an interview-space, a fashion area, a cooking area etc', with most of our revenue. While our visitors can use these human-hacking structures almost free, we derive additional value from these purchases, where we are able to capture these world-adjusting (testimonial) human-ventures in quality ulog-style media, which we will serve onto the internet, organically marketing our enterprise rapidly.

My approach to innovation is dynamic and it is important to highlight this at this stage. A major paradigm integrated into each enterprise model that i innovate is 'a ulog paradigm'. This spells dynamism.

Our hub should ever-incessantly emanate 'down-to-earth innovations' and this will be the case. I will put in the grind and to this effect, i will formulate per day 'fresh unique engaging activities' as part of our curriculum that is modeled to incite 'participants' to 'mine their human'.

Integrating a 'ulog paradigm' into each activity stemming from the hub, we will remove ordinariness from 'once ordinary activities'. Each activity we emanate by virtue of our hub, will help you tap into or exercise your human virtues or incite you to exert or explore your human senses.

For instance, if you ate while in the hub, it will not be 'just another meal'. Our formulated table-parameters (our table could have fun-props that direct matters) may have subconsciously enabled you to apply your sense of taste in new ways etc. Or say we told you to cook your meal instead and provided your with ingredients, we may put some hassle into your cooking-formula, highlights to aspects of your spirit that you have applied in the that you may swallow your morsels in more defined ways.

See this directional food play:

In the early stages of month 4, we will have began to introduce the 'school of legitimate illiteracy' to our participants. An aspect of this curriculum will also teach 'programming' but 'a new breed of programming' called 'Macrohard' (i.e 'brother-programming),in a bid to abate 'the rarity in the brother-programmers industry'.
(I have already created the Macrohard programming base-model!)

Special note: In every industry and their respective innovation(s), till date, a major paradigm that has been missing is the 'brother paradigm'. How so? "The world is still very novice to the true state of the world." @surpassinggoogle

At this stage, to participate in the 'school of legitimate illiteracy', we will offer to take a fee with the option of "cheaper than free". For instance, assuming you paid a monthly-fee of '2000 PHP (50 USD)', we will offer to return '3000 PHP (60 USD)', if you are able to follow a regimen of 'mining the human' activities (constituting part of our 'legitimate illiteracy' curriculum) over the course of the 30-days (e.g simple activities like ulogging, interviews, graphic-design, off-key singing, experimental cooking etc.), otherwise, you will have forfeited the refund.

I will discuss how i intend to accrue this refunds in the later part of this publication. Stay tuned!

Month 5 & 6

This portion of our publication will cover the premise of 'month 5 and 6' and look into the future.

Note that Macrohard is one of the core enterprises under 'Teardrops ecosystem' (an ecosystem that will eventually use a digital currency called TEARDROPS)....

Our Macrohard hub is a physical venture compliment our entire ecos

En-route building our respective projects, there have been issues with seed-funding especially in the face of my illness. (I have been able to build two of our three main projects so far 'i.e and' until their alpha-stage on my limited financial/health capacity.)

Our third primary enterprise is '', an enterprise focusing on enabling 'everyone' to become capable on their own of building a noble dream, by creating a programming protocol in which 'everyone' can suddenly 'code with swag'.

Instead of starting out '' as an online venture (as was intended), i have decided to start out Macrohard in an empty physical hub (in the Philippines), in a bid to fix my 'seed-funding limitations' and that of others.

One reason for setting up a hub thus, is to fix this issue of "seed-funding" once and for all, for my projects and for myriads of others (especially 'project-owners who are non-programmers').

To accomplish the aforementioned, we will need to emanate a solid network of 'brother talents/un(dis)talents', those who can learn to contribute to the success of a fellow brother's dream, even for free, for the sake of playing a role in historical history.

There is a rarity in the 'brother-programmer' industry. Well, there is also a rarity when it comes to 'down-to-earth paradigms in the world of innovation. The world at large is still very novice to the true state of the world, limiting innovation. Where we can emanate a solid 'network of brothers' across every industry, we can fix many things.

At month 5, we will have a flourishing school called 'Legitimate Illiteracy' and one of its courses will be 'brother programming'. At this stage however, our programmers will have evolved in their 'brother-programming' expertise and we will become more aggressive in completing the development of our online ventures 'i.e,,', setting them into full-blown life.

  • — to propagate a form of content called Ulogs into the world and emanate uloggers globally.

  • — to create an ecosystem of freelancers & dream-builders, whereupon “everyone has something to offer”.

  • - a traditional blockchain-based social media platform that targets the masses, starting with Africa, in a bid to introduce the globe to our primary projects 'i.e, and'.

This also means that 'TEARDROPS', the digital currency that will power our economy, will attain life.

Having our online ventures up and solidly running, we will now have a solid-base of say '500 true fans' stemming from our physical hub, backing our online enterprises. This will directly impact my ability to recover in my health, which is very important.

Please note: over the years, we have already accrued some '5,000 online users' across the internet who await the fruition of our projects, meaning that our online ventures will begin to succeed from the outset.

See where they are gathered:

Beginning to really move together, we will displace mount Kilimanjaro by 50km at 50km/hr.

At month 6, we will start to build '' and more rapidly so, as we will have had three 'already well-developed online-platforms' that we can replicate. will form a social media platform for 'brother programmers'. It will help and support project-owners, especially those who are 'non-programmers' to build their projects. Having a solid network of 'brother-programmers' at this stage (stemming from our physical hub), we will be able to offer consultancy services as well for 'project-owners', that helps them build their projects even in the face of 'seed-funding limitations'. In many cases, we will look to fund the development of their projects using the TEARDROPS digital currency.

As we attain 'one stable self-sustaining hub', we will have an established 'grey-print' to replicate our success repeatedly and this 'grey-print' will be documented and public. At this stage, we will start to contact mayors across the Philippines, proposing to them our ability to impact the nations, that they may support us in setting up several Macrohard annexes across the Philippines. Then, we will begin to venture into setting up Macrohard annexes across the globe.

Besides, directly revenue-stream from the hub, we will derive a revenue-stream tangible for the sustenance and evolution of our hub from our online ventures. Investing some of our proceedings in our digital currency (i.e TEARDROPS) and into renown social-based digital currency, we will be able to fund the 'refund-structure' that we mentioned at the earlier part of this publication, that allows participants of 'our school of legitimate illiteracy' to school at a rate that is 'cheaper than free'.

After month 6, i will be able go onto attaining a full-recovery/health-rehabilitation lasting at least 6-months long. This way i can become a better son to my dad, a better brother to my sisters and 'your boy terry' to the world at large. Most importantly, i can become a better son to our father Jehovah.


Learning further from all these proceedings, Macrohard will begin to create a programming language called 'Macrohard'. I have started a prototype of this already. By this means, we will begin to 'gather the nations to code with swag'.

Note that our Macrohard hub will emanate 'down-to-earth innovations' dynamically. Filled with humans (brothers) who are in a state of incessant evolution, we will stem forth 'innovations of revelations', innovations untold to today's painted world yet tangible to its collective evolution, innovations that propagate 'breakthrough in human'. From this hub, we will emanate generation-fixers, abating hand-to-mouthism and half-humanism.

Read more about the beauty of Macrohard and the down-to-earth innovations it will look to dynamically emanate!

Your Boy Terry, whether bulls or bears.


Kindly Support My Cause To Setup A Hub In The Philippines Called 'Macrohard'.

This is a proposal to appeal to you to help me kick-start ‘the setup of a physical hub in the Philippines called MACROHARD’. This hub will look to gather people from all industries, especially ‘programmers’ hailing from the Philippines. Together we will create a strong network of ‘brother’ programmers, entrepreneurs and innovators who will contribute to the development and progress of many noble dreams, with especial focus on helping project-owners who aren’t programmers build projects. MACROHARD will dynamically emanate ‘down-to-earth’ innovations, projects and initiatives’ modeled to return value to humans.

Long term, MACROHARD will have hubs in various locations across the Philippines, after which it will begin to have hubs in various locations around the globe.

So far, i have gathered some of the basic items required to start the hub. What i seek currently is ‘funding’ to rent a hub for a period of 6-months and start out MACROHARD.

Value Proposition For Donors:

Where we have a accrued a solid base of ‘100–500 Hub members’ consisting of ‘brother-programmers, brother-enterpreneurs, brother-experts’, we will look to help build and promote noble projects/initiatives on behalf of our contributors at a minimal cost or for free e.g we can dedicate 50-videos from 50-brothers/sisters to shouting out your cause or have someone code your tool or have a brother/sister create your brand-graphics etc.

Note: One easy way to contribute now is by buying a shirt. You can buy a shirt/shirts on our Teespring apparel store.

Proceeds from sales, will also go towards the setup of our Macrohard hub.

If you are located in the Philippines, it is better to buy our shirt/shirts from this store (coming soon!) instead as it ships from within the Philippines.

You Can Also Support Me I Other Ways.

Contact Me:

  • Email:
  • Telegram: @surpassinggoogle
  • Discord: surpassinggoogle#1660

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