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My wife has been disturbing me for several days asking me to take a photo of her favorite SUNFLOWER from her garden. She asked me to take a picture before it wither.

I never told her that I already captured it several hours back. When I showed her the pictures, she was very happy with the result. She wants me to have it printed and put it in her flower album. She's keeping a collection of photos of flowers that I have taken.

I hope you like what I shared to you today. I dedicate this to @dswigle because she really loves flower. Hi @dswigle I hope you'll like it.


Picture speaks a thousand words, memories remains forever.
This picture is mine taken using Nikon D3100 camera.


The Photohiver



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It's beautiful! Sunflowers can be hard to grow and look nice. They are easy to grow, but, many times, they don't look so pretty.

Well done on her part. I like that she keeps a book of all of her beauties! What a wonderful idea. It is a good thing she has a husband that is a good photographer! :)

Thank you for posting it so I get to share it! Have a most wonderful day!

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Thanks @dswigle for the appreciation. I still have to learn a lot about photography, but at least I improve everyday. Thanks again.

I totally understand that. I think I learn something new every day. You are welcome. Always. Enjoy your day!

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It is always my pleasure!

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how are you dear friend @picsart good afternoon
How kind you have been with your wife, you had already taken the pictures and saved them to surprise her. Congratulations.
What a beautiful shot you have made, I love the color of the image
Thank you very much for introducing us to this beautiful photography, without a doubt it will be to the liking of our dear friend @dswigle

Have a happy dream dear friend

Thanks @jlufer for the appreciation. I am trying to contribute to this platform with my humble photography. Its nice to know somebody like you visit my lowly post. Its really a great honor. I hope you always visit my post.

Ms. @dswigle is so nice and very accommodating to newbies like me and I thank you people for doing that. Enjoy your day.

You have nothing to thank dear friend @picsart I really liked your pictures, I love the bright colors, we also love sunflowers, my granddaughter plants a seed and now we have a beautiful plant
Thank you very much for showing us your image
Have a beautiful afternoon