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I chose this photo for this blog because I know most of us missed the beach already. Due to the lockdown that is being implemented, we can't go to the beach to unwind and relax. We won't be able to see our children happily playing in the water. As kids, they need to experience these things for them to grow completely.

photo credit I created the photoloop

The photograph reminds me of our family going together to the beach and made some fun there. Every family members have their own tasks to accomplish. There were tasks to do the preparation of things, cooking of food, arranging for the transportation, and other tasks that my father may assign. During the planning stage, everyone is excited and diligently doing their tasks.

I always ask my mother to buy me an inflated rubber ball to be used when swimming. I always brought with me my sony walkman to satisfy my music happy ears. My father won't allow me to do tasks regarding the preparation. What I will do was wait for the time to go there. We usually went to the beach for 2 days and a night.

We rented a cottage that was big that can accommodate at least 50 people. As we arrived there, the people in-charge of cooking will start to prepare to cook roasted pork, milkfish and tilapia fish. My father bought kinds of seafood like big tuna fishes, shrimps, oysters, and crabs.

We ate our lunch first before we took a plunge in the seawater. We really want to make sure that we enjoy our lunch because the food was what we all want that's why we came aside from swimming. Eating with all the family members was fun and I enjoyed being with my grandparents, uncle and aunties and my cousins.

My mother and I, usually went together to swim. My father was drinking with my uncles. We enjoyed the sand and the seashells. We were looking for small animals hiding below the sand. We were trying to catch small fishes and put it in a small bottle. We dug holes in the sand, while my cousins were putting sands to their bodies.

During the night, my elder cousins put up a bonfire and most of us seat there in circles. They told scary stories until midnight. We shouted for fear and sometimes we laugh. There were horror jokes they told us. We plunge again to the water before we finally go to bed for the next day.

My father in the morning asked us to do roaming using boats. They will contact nearby fishermen who owned boats and my father rented two boats to tour us in the area. It was really fun riding a boat as the sea wind slaps my face, I really enjoy being with nature.

After the tour of the sea, we ate our lunch and go for the swim again. We know that departure was near and we were busy taking photographs to serve as our memory of the fun that we had. During that time my father used his SLR camera with film. We had it developed when we got to the business center, he'll get it the next day.

We do family outing yearly. It also served as a yearly reunion for all of us because almost every one of us don't have work and class.

I really missed those memories of the past. When My father died we didn't have such a family outing together,

I hope you like my beach story. Enjoy blogging my friends.

Picture speaks a thousand words, memories remains forever.


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