Travelling with a bit of home

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Welcome to Djoi's Life Lessons.

My 2-year-old niece, Tiara, teaches me a lot of life lessons, and in this video, I talk about one of such experiences: travelling with a bit of home.

What does it mean to travel with a bit of home?
Why is it best to travel with a bit of home?

This is a lesson I learnt, and I decided to share it with you. I hope you get something and find happiness wherever your heart leads and takes you.

See you later, with the next life lesson.

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Interesting lesson here. Traveling with a bit of home feels like a mature contingency plan, so that your happiness doesn't depend on the mood of others. Thank you Tiara.

Thank you, Pan! For watching and commenting.

Nice video! 😊

Thank you!

Let's talk in a livestream and discuss live, speaking some Yoruba too about Tiara etc. Spotting the spottables in Tiara, that is a gift in itself. Even parents don't pay this much attention and well spotting the spottables is something different. Children are in the intact ones, i wonder where the abrupt switch happens especially in today's world once they set into teenhood. that is why i have highlighted your gift in this regard

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I think the switch comes when the adults present so many,different, labelled boxes and try to make them fit into all of them. It confusing and unnatural. They tend to lose themselves in the process.

I just subscribed on YouTube too. Thank you for watching and for your comment.