Sport Memories (2) : A Vist To Ondo State Sport Centre, Akure.

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PS: This post is the pictorial version of the previous post Sport Memories : Injury, Wound, Beating, Still No Trophy..

I woke up to a call today to come to a place for screening so that I can be eligible for a Federal Government Grant for the covid-19 era. By the time I was through and going back home, I have to pass beside the only sport centre in Ondo State. I actually grew up here, just a street away.


I've explained a lot ofy childhood memories here ^°Childhood Memories^° and being in this stadium today being back memories and also avail me with the chance to support my story with pictures.

The Basketball Court


Back then, this place was a place where we fight to show supremacy of our childhood strength, the fight is called idi, a traditional wrestling.

Then I went to the law tennis courts

Lawn Tennis 🎾 Courts


After that, I went to the swimming pool, back then, this swimming pool wasn't active and there were more two death cases die to drowning of children then which made them to close it down. But it is reopened now.

This new stadium 🏟️ was commissioned by the then governor in 2011, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko.

The Swimming Pool
Though the water was very dirty and greenish in colour, children were still seen in there trying to learn how to swim.

Then unto the stadium itself.



The placed I was referring too as where we could play all day and go back home to get a severe beating from Mom. I was also injured a lot in this place. Either bruising my leg or foot on the cement floor or hitting it against the iron pipe that makes the goal nets.


Then, into our full playing ground, 90 percent of my games came from this same soil. I played till the dead of the night here.




Then unto the table tennis court.


So, that was how my day went.

All pictures in this post were taken by me with my infinix S5 Lite and edited with Adobe Express.

If you have any question or criticism, it's very wealthcome.


A very interesting post. Still can't believe they are swimming in that water as that is not healthy and obviously lacking Chlorine and acid.

The only time they clean the pool is when a competition or fame is about to hold, aside from that, it's can turn to black those guys don't care.

If you move closer,the water is so green and thick that you can use it as a paint