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As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It will carry us to all days work. It is only fitting to load on carbohydrates in our first meal.

This morning I prepared pancake for my family. My kids love pancake because it looks good and it tastes good. The soft feeling inside your mouth and the easiness to chew will entice you to eat more. The taste of caramel and small amount of honey makes it sweet. The taste of the butter make it more fantastic.

The preparation is easy to make. Frying it in a pan is much exciting to do. There are ready made mixture available in the supermarket but if you want to do it with love you can make your own original mixture. It will be very satisfying to see that your family eats what you had prepared. Once their happy you'll be most likely happy too.

I just make a bit fancy preparation, for them appreciate it more. How I presented it in a plate makes it more appealing and makes them more hungrier.

With my kid's schooling not yet decided by the Government. There is no real plans yet and the quarantine still in effect, most probably they'll be staying home for long and cooking for them would makes me happy every day. I really enjoy preparing food for them as my wife don't have skills in cooking, I do it most of the time.

I remember when I was young, my mother made pancakes for a living. She put up a mini-store selling pancakes in the street in-front of our house to earn some money to help my father. I accompany her and help her cook the pancakes. She's the one frying it in a pan and I was the one putting margarine and table sugar on the top. I gave the pancake to our customer in a banana leaves, and they carried and ate it. I placed the payment in a small plastic container and counted it after we sell all our pancakes.

That's how I learned how to make my own pancake mixture. My mother taught me how to do it. She trained me to become a salesman even at a young age. I never thought of it until I was already working as a salesman.

Sometimes we only realize the goodness of things later in our lives. That's it for my ulogs! Let's ulog everyone.


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Wow masarap yan. Tapos may chocolate toppings saka honey syrup

Interesting story and I am too a pancake fan!!!

Thanks that you liked my story and pancake too. I hope you post a pancake story too. Thanks for dropping by.