Remembering Skateboarding Tricks #3 - Nollie Full Cab

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Here's are some of my old clips shooted in 2018 filmed by one of my crewmates. This trick called Nollie Full Cab but unlike the other Full Cab, my Full Cab doesn't have a pop I just stud the of my front trucks on the ground and just I rotated my body in 360 spins. This trick is one of my favorites to do on a game of skate not just on a game of skate I can also drop this trick on a sidewalk. We filmed that video 2 years ago on summer days at one of my crew places luckily I can still do that trick perfectly.

Unlike before I can play skateboarding one to two times a week but now was an age before I can play skateboarding and because of the pandemic. I think I won't able to skate in the whole year of 2020 because of the Covid-19 and I hope in 2021 everything is back to normal.

Stay safe, Stay home.

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eheh. paborito rin ni kiray yan eh, hahah. Lalo na yung mga bigspin.😀

Hahahha basta pre mga paikot-ikot paborito ni kiray.

shit bro, you haven't skated all year? That sucks...
Isn't there a safe and quite place to practice some flatground near you?

Yeah, you're right men that sucks... Unfortunately, it is hard to find a safe place or a fat ground here because it's very crowded.