Ten tricks for a tenner episode 2

in SkateHive2 months ago

This is another episode of ten tricks for a tenner where I pick 5 tricks and the alien picks 5 and I see what I can land . Then donate ten pounds to the Walthamstow indoor park fund to help them get an indoor park.

Music all done by me


That's a lot of dedication for something an alien told you to do😂
BS pressure flip looks so nice and fun to try! Maybe i should start practising some pressures

The alien knows best dont ask questions especially if you doing it to donate money . Thanks alot mate hope you good

Haha I would have counted soo many of those that you re did. That was awesome man, I love the concept!

Thanks man will be doing these once a month appreciate the comment

no problem! I enjoyed the watch. It's a great idea. I'd love to do something similar but my flatground skating is limited to like 3 tricks 😂

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